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Comment Re:Vanity Fair (Score 1) 127

I would blame what little success that Theranos enjoyed on Silicon Valley. But when it comes to the failure of Theranos, the culprit is simple: their business model was based on technology that doesn't exist.

I wonder if PT Barnum's family consider their infamous ancestor a failure...

not analogous at all really. lives weren't dependent on the result of the "thrill" people got from viewing Barnum's exhibits.
Lives were most certainly at risk from Holmes' bullshit

Comment Re: Other than Brother... (Score 2) 387

HP's been a zombie company running on inertia for a long time now. There's no quality behind their products, they're just a brand stamped on crap.

I haven't considered buying HP in over a decade.

In Scottish Service Engineering circles we always joked with our new apprentices that when you look at your HP Certification badge.. you'll noticed that there's a sticker on it, and if you peel that, the HP logo comes off and either a canon or ricoh logo was underneath.

Comment Re:Smeg (Score 1) 153

I couldn't watch it after the first part.

You either keep someone up year after year or you leave it alone after a hiatus. Coming back after so many years was a mistake, it didn't work.

Now if they CAN get back into the flow for two entire series, well done. But I've never seen it happen on any series ever.

Same with all the other recent BBC remakes - we can't make anything original (without selling it off to Channel 4 apparently), so we'll just bring back actors from 20 years ago and re-try what we did back then. Everything from Open All Hours to Only Fools and Horses, Yes Minister to Porridge. They've all been "re-visited" recently.

Strange, because the primary complaint about those programs is that the re-runs are shown ENDLESSLY on other channels. I guarantee I could watch one of them right now if I was to channel-surf.

Red Dwarf was great. Correct tense.

Red Dwarf 9 - back to earth was totally shite.
Red Dwarf 10 wasn't so shite but not brilliant.. passable
Red Dwarf 11 has a budget and it shows AND it's very funny. I quite enjoyed the first episode and if you know where to look you can find it! and see for yourself ;)
you'll find that this was brought back due to popular demand by the fans.

Comment Re:and then block porn / 3rd party candidates / fr (Score 1) 194

You're the cuntface that started throwing words like 'bile' around and using capitals in response to a factual, calm and constructive comment.

Having firmly established your intellectual credentials at the level of 'dehydrated slug' you really expect me to take your points apart one by one?

No. Go lick a cow, it's about your level.

and there we have it!
as for licking cows... only portions when cooked :-)

Comment Re: Crazy (Score 1) 136

as X IP numbers connected = amount of shares

Which is really stupid, when you think about it. If you upload 0.1% of a file to 1,000 different peers, that's one copy shared, not 1,000. And if they all do the same (within the group) that's 1,000 copies created, not 1,000,000. But the studios manage to get away with suing 1,000 peers for 1,000 copies each, which is far more than the potential revenues even if one very generously assumes that every peer who obtains a copy of the file represents a lost sale, even before you throw in nonsense like statutory damages.

The correct liability for a single peer with a share ratio of 1.00 or less (cumulative upload less than or equal to the file size) is no more than perhaps three times the standard retail value of the work. Not $450 or $1,500 or $150,000 or $21M, no matter how many other peers were involved.

and you are absolutely correct,spot on , accurate and reasonable in what you say.... now tell me.. when did that get in the way of the copyright industry's legal stance? they are of course gonna try and hump you for every cent they have... this is a new side industry for them that rakes in millions.

Comment Re:and then block porn / 3rd party candidates / fr (Score 1) 194

and THERE we have it from Cederic! the unionist bilge and spite pouring out!
t was just a matter of time before someone came and spaffed over the keyboard with their
As fro Sturgeon being scared? why would that be? are you sure? really sure? because you know... she/they may well be putting together a sound legal case instead of, much like yourself... opening the mouth and letting the belly rumble

The SNP have more representation in Westminster per vote than any other party. Maybe more than every other party ever. So no, getting more votes in Scotland than everybody else counts for fuck all. It's still not democratic.

it's not democratic??? Cederic.. I am fairly sure they are the only party, expecially of those with any power in the whole of these islands with a positive approval rating, the won 56 out of 59 seats in West and are the govt.. again.. third term in Scotland with the majority of elected representatives there being SNP.
Now you can spit and froth and foam but that doesn't change a thing.
as for losing the vote?.. yup, we did and it was close.. VERY close 45 to 55% BUT.. here the thing.... especially with the fact that ALL the promises made by the note no side(extra powers yadda yadda yadda for Scotland by November 2015) ... well NONE appeared by November 2015 and a lot of people are not very happy about that and they are not due for some time yet.. then there's the DEMOCRATIC deficit which has been shown time and time again..... even though Scotland voted solidly to stay in the EU.. England are dragging us out of it. and that actually does bring us to democratic deficit.. whereby it really doesn't matter what way Scotland votes or Ireland or Wales....the sheer numbers England has compared to Scotland etc means the what England votes happens really...
Now as for her being scared... really? She appeared on TV and said straight that she and the ministerial team were fully investivating all possibilities including a fresh Independence referendum and .. they legal team especially are still investigating, dotting the I's and crossing the T's as it's a very complex constitutional issue and with their Westminster and Holyrood mandate which you so kindly acknowledge yet dismiss in the same breathe .. however thee plans take time to fully prepare but no... according to you she is crapping herself at the thought.... eh.. hardly....
It just seems to me you are a bitter little man who just doesn't like or acknowledge the SNP and it's achievements .. such as being the only party EVER to get a majority govt at Holyrood where the system was designed to create coalitions and they actually got a majority. again and again...
just bitter anyway .. because they are MASSIVELY AHEAD of the greens , and i mean massively .. you claimed that the SNP were behond the greens....... erm.. Greens have 1 ,yes just ONE seat at Westminster... and the SNP..... 56 ... so how are the greens bigger? The greens have 6 MSP's in Scotland and the SNP... oh yeah they are the Scottish Govt and majority party, so without having any candidates sit outside Scotland they are bigger than the greens by a country mile and I mean MILE,. So you see Cederic.. you're just fuull of hatred, blatant hatred for Sturgeon and the SNP and at a guess Scotland too by extension.
next point please caller!

Comment Re: Crazy (Score 2) 136

Well, sure, but if everyone did this the whole torrent system would completely collapse. So, if they make uploading illegal, and actually manage to really catch people doing it on a large scale, then there won't be any torrents left.

The legal situation in Scotland where i am and also in England coincide here(We have separate and distinct legal systems). It IS already illegal to upload as it's the sharing part that's getting you into trouble for distribution.. the distribution part being key to their case as X IP numbers connected = amount of shares = money lost according to the studio and their agencies.
BUT downloading it.. perfectly fine and not illegal. this is also why many streaming sites like Http:// and it's other addresses are so popular here too. for the end user they are a win win as the distribution is being done before it touches them and they aren't sharing it so it's legal and the onus for the law breaking falls to the website... simple bud

Comment Re: Crazy (Score 1) 136

Torrents upload. People have been punished for that, I believe.

and as long as you are using a torrent that let's you Freeleach then it's all fine NOT to upload.. you can limit the bandwidth you upload tight down to 0 on a decent client. Your argument only works when you are getting torrents from sites that worry about tracker ratios and by far not all do.

Comment Re:and then block porn / 3rd party candidates / fr (Score 1) 194

Well, nationally too. The SNP don't make it into fourth place nationally. They're barely ahead of the Green party ffs.

the changes at Holyrood kinda makes a point that image eh?
2010 's Westminster seats in Scotland
and after the 2015 election the electoral map looked like this
Also... just ahead of the greens?.. quite an achievement considering they only stand for election in Scottish seats and have no need or interest in campaigning in English/Welsh or Irish seats. They have the votes of the vast majority of Scots but i suppose that doesn't count as if it's of any importance eh?

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