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Comment wow (Score 1) 199

Homeland security expert Michael Greenberger told one CBS station that "My best guest is that when this is all said and done we're going to find out that this was done by a contractor, not by an employee of the CIA."

wow.. I GUESS he wasn't an expert in spelling then :P

Comment Re: RTFA (Score 1) 129

Answer number 2 (now that i am home again!....

OK smartypants, if you think it is an "error," what is the authority on English grammar? Is there a book or something that lists the rules?

maybe these will do the trick.. they are good enough for universities.
or these should suffice
you SEEM to think that "seen" is a perfectly fine and esoteric substitute for "seem"... it's not.
You also seem to be labouring under the misapprehension that you are right under all circumstances even when blatantly wrong.
I also find your utter pretentiousness absolutely hilarious! 100% entertainments from how hard you bite. It's just magical!...
Please tell us all how magical and fabulous you are again!...

Comment Re: RTFA (Score 1) 129

LOL you REALLY bite don't you... As for a book on English grammar.. There are many books to help you with grammar and spelling. Try not to get so worked up you cry or something! MWAH!

Comment Re: RTFA (Score 1) 129

Wow! Please stop trying to legitimise your silly, basic spelling and grammar error and try to pass it off and something other folks are 'too dumb to get' , you are just digging a hole deeper and deeper. :-)

Comment Re:RTFA (Score 0) 129

Surely you mean "a" grammar wagon, as excepting situations of internal conflict grammar is merely a matter of style in English.

Nope, it's one big , singular fucking wagon and you ain't on it!
there's right way and a wrong way and you got it very fucking wrong.

internal conflict


psychological struggle within the mind of a literary or dramatic character, the resolution of which creates the plot's suspense:
Hamlet's inaction is caused by internal conflict.
mental struggle arising from opposing demands or impulses.

So tell me Captain Bollocks... in which manner were you using literary device of "internal conflict" correctly in your mangled sentence eh????
Ooh.... I see, you didn't! dig that hole son, dig that hole!

Comment Re:RTFA (Score 2) 129

Possession of an IP address does not create a "fiduciary responsibility."

You seen to have fell off a meme wagon.

You SEEM to have FALLEN off a meme wagon .. FTFY
you seem to have fallen off the grammar wagon :P

Comment Re: over suspected "hacking" that helped Donald Tr (Score 2, Informative) 312

It is still a shame that Nixon's resignation over shadowed his accomplishments while in office. He got the US military out of Vietnam. He visited China to personally open a diplomatic channel between China and the US. That action on his part kicked off the US's most successful regime operation in history. It brought China into the international trade and financial markets which changed them from a poor and inward looking Communist regime into one of the most capitalistic countries on the planet. China has not been a communist country for a long time no matter what they call their country. Nixon also created the EPA which has been one of the most successful government agencies since it was created.

yeah and that war on drugs he started.. that wasn't a total fiscal black hole at all was it? not a waste of time, energy, money and lives? Nixon was a twat

Comment Re: over suspected "hacking" that helped Donald Tr (Score 2) 312

Actually Nixed did not get ousted for having the re-election team break into DNC Headquarters and plant bugs.

Nixon got ousted for covering up the issue after he learned of it. Nixon did not direct it to happen. Nixon covered it up after the fact.

erm.. there's quite a bit more to it than that and it was very clear he had involvement from inception to execution and over up.. hoisted by his own petard ,his own recording were used as evidence and proved knowledge all the way from the start to the end.

Comment Re:"On Mobile" (Score 1) 61 about a massive over-reaction gone wrong!
you just turned a witty one line quip into something it wasn't!
that popping noise must've been you spitting your dummy out!
let's look at what I typed again shall we?
"some people have a short memory , eh fanboy? ;P"
now, from what i gather when you put the ";P" at the end it indicates a joke,a witty quip.. you get the gist!.. now why don't you remove the pompous, wilful misinterpretation hast off and stick your dummy(comforter) back in that you spat out, looks like you need it buddy!

Comment speaking as the son of an immigrant (Score 1) 354

who came from Italy to start a business in Scotland(yes..yes.. a bloody chip shop!..LOL)
MY father always said.. If you want to go anywhere and take money from people then it's only polite to speak the language
you MUST be able to communicate on a basic level and Uber are just being sphincters as usual...
My father learned the language from scratch when he came here , those who come now should do the same or quite frankly bugger off!

Comment don't need it... I am with Three! (Score 1) 47

So I get to go to use Feel at home with my contract
I am currently in Malta on a quick business trip and my phone works as normal with unlimited data,minutes and texts as per my contract.
So this is nothing I need to bother with ever really as i doubt I will have a reason to travel to any country not on the feel at home list.

Comment Re:Who? (Score 1) 12

Does Razer still require users to make accounts and login to a remote server to use drivers and software for their peripherals?

Yes they do if you want the full functionality of the devices

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