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Comment Re:Blaming the Wrong folks, Probably in Trouble. (Score 1) 284

This is implausible. The world is not like your neighborhood, and a flooded poor country is not like a neighbor down-on-his-luck. Certain countries, such as China, could possibly raise a ruckus in the form of war. Regionally, a neighbor could as well (such as Mexico to the US) in the form of illegal immigration.

And a wall won't work against nukes does it? (or tunnels)
The 1% percent will be fine in there bunkers....for awhile.

Submission + - Researchers Create Undetectable Rootkit That Targets Industrial Equipment

An anonymous reader writes: Two researchers presenting at the Black Hat Europe security conference in London revealed a method of infecting industrial equipment with an undetectable rootkit component that can wreak havoc and disrupt the normal operations of critical infrastructure all over the world.

The attack targets PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), devices that sit between normal computers that run industrial monitoring software and the actual industrial equipment, such as motors, valves, sensors, breakers, alarms, and others.

Researchers say they packed their attack as loadable kernel module (LKM), which makes it both undetectable and reboot persistent. The attack goes after PLC pin configurations, meaning the PLC won't be able to tell which are the actual input and output pins, allowing the attacker full-control to make up bogus sensor data, send fake commands, or block legitimate ones.

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