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Comment Re: cart before the horse? (Score 3, Interesting) 200

There is a very low bar to entry when becoming an Uber driver, and so I would hazard to say that the vast majority of people who want to drive for Uber are already driving for Uber. So, if Uber were to suddenly drop all the current drivers, there would be no great rush of new drivers trying to fill the void. Just the opposite would happen, actually. The Uber drivers who had just been let go would switch to another service, and the folks who try to hail an Uber will be told there's a 2 hour wait for a car and so will simply take 10 seconds to close their Uber app and open their Lyft app instead. There's no possible way Uber could survive cleaning the slate like that.

Comment Re:Untrue (Score 1) 421

So, this article is also wrong: if this trend continues, getting more women engineers will just degrade the pay of engineering...

That would be due to an increase in supply for workers and a lowering of the demand for those workers - not because uteruses.

Comment Re: Landline call blocking... suggestions? (Score 2) 178

I use Ring Central for one of my businesses, and it does everything you're asking for (except maybe the whitelist, I haven't looked into that because I've never needed it - but people "in the know' can hit an extension number to get through immediately.) My personal extension forwards to an IP phone at my desk and my mobile phone simultaneously.

Comment Re: Let's compare Mike to Hillary (Score 4, Insightful) 445

Sensitive =/= classified.

Remember, Hillary repeatedly justified her use of a private server by claiming she "never sent or received classified material" (later amended to say "never sent classified material", later amended to say "what hard drive backups?")

The FBI investigation into her server did not focus on "sensitive" information, which is not a legal definition. It focused on "classified" information, which is explicitly defined in the statutes she was found to have broken.

Until such evidence that classified information was passed through an unclassified system, this is going to continue to look like the discordant screeching from a panicked and impotent leftist establishment that has been the story du jour of the past few months.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 82

why does it matter if some folks believe something that you don't believe (even if you have compelling evidence to justify your belief?) I mean, *really* matter?

Eventually there comes a point where you just accept that your loved ones have different ideas than you, but you can still choose to love them regardless. Arguing "just to be right" is something one of my in-laws does, and now he's not invited to Thanksgiving or Christmas any more, which is sad and completely unnecessary - if only he'd just pocket his confrontational attitude for a few days a year, we'd all have the same good times we had for years before he started on his insistent badgering that has ended up with him throwing literal fists at the rest of the family on more than one occasion. Cops were even called the last time (which ensured it was the last time.) And it's not like his views are out of the mainstream - other family members share his ideas, but they realize it's not beneficial to be confrontational. They even politely deflect if the conversation steers toward "that" arena.

Comment Re: Not what he said. (Score 1) 594

All the union had to do was approach an existing employee if they wanted to expand its money laundering busin...I mean lobbying business. Why didn't they? Could they not find just one sympathetic employee?

This is very much like a steel vendor sending a planted employee to get hired at a construction company to influence the construction company to buy exclusively from said steel company (except with the special force of legal organized thuggery that unions enjoy).

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