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Comment Re: Not what he said. (Score 1) 594

All the union had to do was approach an existing employee if they wanted to expand its money laundering busin...I mean lobbying business. Why didn't they? Could they not find just one sympathetic employee?

This is very much like a steel vendor sending a planted employee to get hired at a construction company to influence the construction company to buy exclusively from said steel company (except with the special force of legal organized thuggery that unions enjoy).

Comment Re: TRUMP approves! (Score 2) 203

They are regulated by the Feds and by all 50 states* as money transmitters. That isn't cheap nor is it easy to just replicate quickly, let alone overnight.

* I think 1 or 2 states don't require a fee or registration, but there is enormous pressure for all states to regulate money transmitters

Comment Re:Define "Emergency" (Score 1) 109

I've called 911 several times and asked to be transferred to "the local non-emergency police line for town X", and every time they were completely fine with that. Works great when you have a time-sensitive police issue in a town that you don't have the local number for, and it only takes the operator a few seconds to manage.

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