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Comment Re: TRUMP approves! (Score 2) 203

They are regulated by the Feds and by all 50 states* as money transmitters. That isn't cheap nor is it easy to just replicate quickly, let alone overnight.

* I think 1 or 2 states don't require a fee or registration, but there is enormous pressure for all states to regulate money transmitters

Comment Re:Define "Emergency" (Score 1) 109

I've called 911 several times and asked to be transferred to "the local non-emergency police line for town X", and every time they were completely fine with that. Works great when you have a time-sensitive police issue in a town that you don't have the local number for, and it only takes the operator a few seconds to manage.

Comment Re:I'll get pilloried for saying this but (Score 1) 123

the point is that inventions are valuable - and profit is an excellent motivator for innovation. The statutory balance (as opposed to market-driven licensing, which is its own balancing mechanism) between the interests of the inventor and the interests of the public happens when the patents are granted a reasonable but not indefinite exclusivity to the work.

Yes, progress happens - but without an impetus to the inventor(s), it is not always inevitable - and certainly not within short timeframes.

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