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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: How to 4Escape the Golden Handcuffs

An anonymous reader writes: I have been a software engineer for about 8 years. I have an advanced computer science degree from a very good university.

I make pretty good money, but I hate my job.

I used to like programming okay, but I never really loved it. I got my degree because I really enjoyed the theory, but didn't end up as an academic.

Now I can't stand to go to work. Siting in front of an IDE for 8 hours a day is torture. I have some experience as a consultant and a product manager, but not nearly as much as I have development experience. I really enjoy working with customers and figuring out how to solve their problems.

The problem is that tons of companies want to hire me as a developer. Few even give me a call back for other roles.

For various reasons, I'll never move to another position in my current company, but I don't want to take a dev job somewhere else with the vague notion that it might lead somewhere else.

For those slashdotters who have made the jump from a technical to a more requirements focused role, how did you do it?

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