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Comment Re:Freedom Not Allowed ! (Score 1) 153

Or if someone has an irritated neighbor, or the police don't like them or...

What you describe, apparently with glowing approval, isn't supposed to happen in a society of laws, not men. We aren't talking about the occasional cop letting something minor slide, but building in the discretion of officers to enforce the law. This is ripe for abuse. The law should be more specific.

Comment Re:Freedom Not Allowed ! (Score 1) 153

That's the risk of not living in a planned covenanted community w/a strong HOA and restrictive CC&Rs. That's a decision you willingly made. In exchange, you have more freedom to paint your house whatever color you want, hang your laundry out to dry, park your RV in your driveway etc.

In most cases, Airbnb guests are not that obnoxious and those few that are, like all Airbnb guests, move on quickly. You've obviously never had the "neighbor from hell" who was a permanent neighbor (or long term renter) and there was nothing you could do about it except move and try to sell your now devalued house (perhaps because the neighbor is exercising their free speech rights and have posted racist or otherwise offensive materials on/around their house -- such as a prominent swastika that doubles as a wind vane and lightning arrester high above their house).

The argument it is about noisy neighbors (or zoning, for that matter) is completely specious. Politicians worldwide seek power so they can get in the way, so they can get paid to get back out of the way.

This is reduced but still present in the US. As with Uber taxis, this is about the entrenched interests being protected. Mouthings of noise or safety are red herrings -- literally the most famous form of memes: ideas that get you to behave in ways that get them to spread, where the idea has nothing to do with why it "wants" to spread, whicb is increased control to protect entrenched interests.

Comment Re:Legal? (Score 3, Funny) 264

Your not wrong per se, but that is about the dumbest contrived example of why I can imagine. Now.... lets stop stroking the marketing pricks ego and admit the real scenario.

Nobody is angle grinding your fucking bike lock. There will almost always be an easier bike to steal and the majority of bike thieves are not walking around with power tools. Look right at the statements of the company: "and can only be released "by trying to cut through it with an angle grinder.

Its "completely safe" because....that is almost never going to happen.

More realistic... you lock up your bike somewhere its not supposed to be, and go inside some place. You get drunk and end up in the hospital with alcohol the city comes by to cut your lock and guess who gets gassed?

Comment Re:IT causes the helpdesk requests for Windows PCs (Score 1) 493

Amen. My department is a software development group (we write C++ for external customers). Back in the day when our computers were locally administrated, we were doing just fine, with a minimum of helpdesk support needed. Then they decided this was unacceptable, and we needed to work with the same systems that the guys in the factory use. Those people work in manufacturing - they build stuff with their hands, and only occasionally read an email on their PCs.

Since that time productivity has dropped sharply in development. We cannot install new tools, nor get them from IT services. We cannot install updates to existing tools either. We cannot even build and test installers, even though that is very much part of our job. We cannot remove icons from the desktop, that requires administrative rights. We cannot use HTTPS. Some internet services work fine when connected to the wired network, others only when connected through the wireless, so all day long I'm switching between the two. Other internet services either don't work at all, or only very slowly, so any interaction with something that is not on a local disk is an exercise in frustration: does it work at all? Is the problem that it's blocked on our end, or is the remote site out? Am I connected to the right network? Do I just need to wait longer?

Opening tickets with the IT services guys is pointless - they are in another country, and consider us to be unimportant. I'm sure it is all incredibly secure. In fact, it's so secure that I'm beginning to re-evaluate whether I want to work there or not...

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