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Comment Re:Pre-orders backlash + Amazon Prime discount (Score 1) 119

First off is the major pre-order backlash that's growing, which was further fueled this year by disappointing releases like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided ...

What didn't you like about Deus Ex: Mankind Divided? I played it and enjoyed it, and thought it was worthwhile even at $60. Steam tells me I played it for 49 hours; I consider a mere $1.22 per hour a good deal.

Comment Re:You missed the point. It's about relativity. (Score 2) 167

Personally, I would rather pay a reasonable fee every year than get hit with a enormous upgrade cost every 4 years.

Windows 10 (retail version) costs about $130. Over 4 years, that works out to $2.71 per month. Maybe you can just drop $3 in your piggy bank the 1st of each month, to help soften the terrible economic blow.

I'd leave Windows if it went to a rental-only model. (For what it's worth, I'm only on Windows Otherwise, I'd be just as happy on macOS or desktop Linux.)

Comment Re:Effective solution (Score 1) 142

I know the government wants to make coding the next blue collar job but it takes a lot of knowledge and practice to perfect the craft.

In the decades I've worked as a software developer, I've almost never had a boss who cared at all for "perfect". OTOH, I can think of many times when I was explicitly ordered to not implement something correctly. Normally, their only concern is getting deliveries to customers, which involves satisfying sales people and customer people who usually have no clue at all about software quality, and are primarily concerned with money issues.

Granted, I have had a few cases where, years after my job was terminated, I received some nice messages saying that nobody had ever found a bug in any of the sofware that I wrote. But this is after the fact; while working they were never particularly interested in high-quality code. And they had no way of judging it except by waiting for years and counting the reported bugs.

So I'd predict that most educators and employers will be pleased by the "hour of code" concept, and will push for its adoption. Then they'll work out the bugs in the approach in the future, as the bugs make themselves known.

Comment Re:battery life a braindead argument (Score 1) 300

Some of this is the fault of HDMI - the HDMI consortium demands that all HDMI cables should have male ends and that's it.

You can buy HDMI cables that are male on one end and female on the other.

And I believe they demand that you can't convert HDMI into anything else.

I use an HDMI to DVI-D cable all the time.

It makes it a huge pain in the ass. HDMI should just be quarantined to home video, and computing should move ahead with DisplayPort. It's better in just about every way, as well as being an open standard.

How is DisplayPort better than HDMI? Cables seem to cost the same. The picture is still 100% digital (should be identical). Can you elaborate on what you're talking about?

I get the feeling you must be confusing HDMI with something else.

Comment Re:I don't understand (Score 1) 131

Apple customers want whatever Apple execs tell them to want.

That might be true of some Apple customers, but I can tell you that I'm an Apple customer, and I assure you that I chose iPhone over Android because, based on my research, I think iPhone has a better security, reliability, and longevity story. When I'm ready to upgrade, I'll reevaluate the smartphone landscape again.

Apple tells them "thin is in!" and Apple customers believe that thinness is the most important thing ever.

Actually, one of the reasons I bought an OtterBox for my iPhone was to fatten it up and make it easier to hold. The other reason being, of course, protection, since the phone was pretty expensive.

You seem kind of unthinking and religious in your hatred of people who choose to buy and use Apple products.

Comment Re:Opera is NOT sane. (Score 1) 766

Opera was sane: it did not reload a tab unless you asked for it. It just reopened everything from cache

No. That is NOT sane, normal, or desired. Webpages are live. ...

Not always. For example, I've been experimenting with portables to see how usable they are for displaying music. (Not playing music; I'm talking about readable "sheet" music".) Scenario: I'm going to an event like a jam session, my phone/tablet/whatever may not have Web access there, so I'd like to pre-load a lot of likely pages that I and a lot of other musical friends have put online.

But when I get there and wake up my gadget, most of the browsers instantly attempt to reload all those pages, find they can't, and display their "not available" message instead of the page they were showing. The buttons showing never include a "show the previous version from cache" choice; the info is just gone. I do a lot of web testing, so I have at least a dozen of the most "popular" browsers loaded on each. So far, the only browser I've found that doesn't fail this way has been Firefox, which just simply wakes up and continues where it was. So it's the only one I use to pre-load things for an event.

I've found it fairly easy to demo this at home. I just load up a few pages into a few browsers, show people that they all work when I switch between the browsers, etc. I suggest that others do the same on their cell phones. Then I invite people to join me on a short walk. When I get about a block away from home, my home wifi is out of range, all the other wifis have passwords, and I show them the screen, which shows an error message rather than the music it had a few seconds earlier. As we walk, the others also show the same thing happening in the browsers on their screens.

The vendors (especially Apple) reply that we should just use their apps, which can be set to not screw up that way. But to test my stuff on all those apps, I'd have to get a whole pile of cell phones and tablets, and also pay for service for all of them, which would cost me more money than I have. So I only test with browsers, which the vendors have (knowingly and with malice aforethought .-) set up to fail this way.

It's weird that Opera also fails this way. You'd think they'd be different. And maybe Opera and/or other browsers have a setting to turn off this automatic reloading. If so, I've never found it. Or, in a couple of cases, I found it in an early release, but it was gone after an upgrade.

Anyone know a general way to turn off this automatic reloading? I do suspect that it's possible with some browsers, but they do a good job of hiding it or renaming it so it isn't very recognizable.

In any case, notice that none of the "pages" I'm talking about are "live". They're just pages of sheet music, that stay the same until edited by a human. So there's no need to reload them at all. And discarding a page because there's no wifi service is inexcusable in any case. It's just pure user-hostility on the part of the vendors.

Comment Re:America hates Hillary Clinton (Score 1) 1069

We're just being bossed around by someone else now.

I agree with that. The problem seems to be that we are either getting bossed around by one group of people or another.

This is why I'm thinking more and more that we should leave more up to the individuals states and less to the federal government.

It's an imperfect solution, but it does give like minded people the opportunity to live together and govern themselves. Maybe then we would have less animosity.

Comment Re:America hates Hillary Clinton (Score 1) 1069

That is democracy isn't it? Better than two wolves and three sheep deciding the wolves should get to decide.

I think that's called "the tyranny of the majority".

This is why I'm increasingly in favor of states' rights. Urban areas shouldn't necessarily get to decide how rural folk should live, and rural folk shouldn't necessarily get to decide how urbanites should live.

It's admittedly an imperfect solution, but I think like minded people should have the right to live together and govern themselves.

Comment Re:America hates Hillary Clinton (Score 4, Insightful) 1069

Yes, only in America can you win by 3 million votes and still somehow lose. Thanks, Electoral College!

I think that's actually the Electoral College working as designed and intended.

Would it really be fair if the population of New York City alone got to boss around the 10 lowest population states? Without the Electoral College, would politicians even bother courting anyone except cities with Population Density Disorder?

I'm starting to become a believer in states' rights and a more limited federal government so that like minded people can live together and govern themselves, rather than urbanites getting to dictate how everyone should be forced to live.

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