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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 120

Do average users want to, and are they capable of, properly administering an OS like Windows?

Yes. Turn it on. Done. Administered.

Microsoft has dumbed it down to that point for us. Updates? It'll work itself out. Viruses? Just hit the refresh button if it goes tits up and windows defender can't fix it. Backups? You mean your files weren't on Onedrive?

Seriously if you're "administering" a windows machine without being paid a salary to do so then you're doing it very wrong.

We'll have to agree with disagree. My non-technical Windows-using and macOS-using friends get themselves into trouble all the time because taking care of their Windows and macOS systems is far too hard for non-technical users.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 120

why does it have to be windows?

I didn't say it had to be Windows. That's why I said an OS like Windows. For what it's worth, I don't think your average user is even remotely capable of safely and effectively administering Windows, OS X, or desktop Linux.

what is wrong with Linux or chrome if you don't like windows?

I didn't say anything was wrong with ChromeOS. In fact, I think Chromebooks are probably the ideal solution for 95% of average users.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 120

I mean seriously at this point a laptop with similar levels of performance as your phone is a fraction of the price. If you are going to carry around a laptop shell you may as well make it a real laptop that won't have the shit ton of limitations that this is going to have.

Do average users want to, and are they capable of, properly administering an OS like Windows?

Comment Re:What do you gain from this? (Score 1) 120

The only problem with that is my laptop that is around 7 years old is still massively more powerful than the best modern smartphone, hell even my 10 year old one would be preferrable. why would I want such restrictive performance of a phone without the form factor benefits?

How much power does the average user need for their web browsing, email, music, and videos? Is your typical smartphone fast enough for that use case?

Comment Re:Nothing new (Score 2) 235

They used to offer 4GB and 8GB models too, the 16GB was actually the highend model a few years back.
Storage capacities increase, not really news...

I think the news is that it took Apple so long to increase the storage on their entry level iPhones to something resembling reasonable.

Comment Re:median vs average (Score 1) 622

That's nuts. Borrowing money to buy a car? You're already doing it wrong ...

Can you elaborate on this? I borrowed money for a car (1.9% interest rate) and use the money freed up to put extra money toward the principle on my mortgage (5% interest rate).

That's not doing it wrong, is it? (This is an honest question as I may not have figured all the angles correctly.)

Comment Re:Meanwhile... (Score 1) 249 play video ads on /. cause it to fall below 2% readership in the tech news sector.

. Come on whiplash, you can do better. I, and probably most others on here use ad blockers. I happen to be on mobile with no block, and I'm assaulted.

. I admire some of the changes since dice, but this? I have been a member, under varying names since 96 or 97. It may be time to head to ars or soylent news.

To add to this... They didn't really remove auto-refresh, and going to the next page of stories on Mobile Safari, for some bizarre reason, leaves you at the bottom of the new page, rather than the top.

Starting to think all the sweet talk from whiplash was just pillow talk. Sigh.

Comment Re:Playstation 4 (Score 1) 226

Xbox One and even 360 are pretty great streaming devices too.

Had an Xbox 360 for years:

  • Netflix audio lagged video enough to be a problem (no audio lag issue on other devices)
  • Had to pay Microsoft a monthly subscription fee to use Netflix (wtf?)
  • A bit too easy to bump things on Xbox 360 controller causing undesirable results
  • Updates were a pain (very slow downloads, very slow update process, it "wrecked" many evenings)
  • No Blu-ray (I guess because at first MS was backing HD-DVD?)

Done with Microsoft. Wouldn't want another Microsoft console. Fool me once...

Comment Re:Create? (Score 1) 138

Another potential option: Chromebook and a Linux VPS. Of course, that introduces a monthly fee for the VPS. But you can get pretty good ones for as low as 5 or 10 USD these days. (That being said, local development = lower latency = nicer user experience, imo.)

I'm still bummed out that Microsoft successfully killed netbooks (by only selling Windows Starter to netbook makers if the netbooks themselves were spec'd so low as to guarantee a poor user experience). I'm glad Google managed to revive the segment.

I hope your quest is a success because I wouldn't mind, in the future, doing the same thing! (Development on a netbook.)

Comment Re:Create? (Score 1) 138

Is this Native Client?


Can C++ Chrome apps be built directly on the device, or must they be cross-compiled?

They can be built directly on the device using the NaCl Development Environment, available in the Chrome Web Store for free.

Here's the description from the Chrome Web Store:

In-browser development environment for Native Client

Native Client In-browser Development Environment.
Bash, make, git, gcc, python, ruby, lua, in the browser. Online or offline.
Limited arm supported (interpreters, but no compiler).

Disclaimer: I've never used it--it might suck. ;-)

Comment Re:Create? (Score 1) 138

A Chromebook can be used in verified mode or developer mode. Verified mode cannot run user applications written in languages other than JavaScript.

This is not true. Chromebooks can run Chrome applications written, for example, in C++, and compiled to native code.

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