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Journal pudge's Journal: Pillow 10

My neck has been hurting recently when I wake up. I need a new pillow. I have no idea where to begin looking. Suggestions?

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  • One of my favorite places to lay my head is my wife's lap. In college I'd fall asleep so often on her lap. Now on Sunday afternoons when we head to the in-laws I'll doze off on her lap while the rest of the people chatter.

    Now, of course I am suggesting you use your own wife's lap, as my wife's lap is for me.

    Otherwise Bed Bath and Beyond have pillows. The normal down pillows, crappy fake stuffing ones, or the memory foam types too iirc.

  • We have the memory foam pillows that came with our Serta memory foam bed. They are very comfortable IMO.

    We got ours at a local bedding shop called Sleep Outfitters. I've no idea if they're a national chain or not.

    • by pudge ( 3605 ) * Works for Slashdot

      Thanks. I've seen several memory foam mentions. Maybe I'll just give it a try.

  • Pudge:

    I have two different (both small) buckwheat-hull pillows. I like them because they stay relatively cool, and they are firm enough to keep a particular shape, rather than just giving instantly and letting one's head keep falling through. To me, the ideal pillow would also feature a pouch for an ice-pack, and perhaps be filled with ball bearings or some other heavy objects, because I don't like how pillows get hot.

  • The where is prolly much less important than the what. I used to wake up in the morning with shooting muscle spasms and stiffness in my neck, in my adulthood, until I figured out what I needed. I have a pillow with rubber-like filling somehow, that exerts too much pressure and I think in my sleep causes my neck muscles to involuntarily push back. Sounds stupid right now, but I can't sleep on that pillow. What I've settled on is a combination of two. I use an old pancake-like pillow from childhood, low and f

  • Not directly pillow related, but but check your posture & ergonomics. It can just happen so gradually, you don't notice. I've got a bum shoulder - torn labrum that I'm ignoring because I don't can't afford the downtime & cost of the surgery. More or less figured out what I can do & what not to do so I don't have problems. But at some point, I tweaked it a little & found a position where it hurt less. Gradually my posture got really bad & it totally killed my neck - couldn't sleep for mor

  • I'm pretty picky about pillows and I abuse mine shamefully, but these days I get the extra-thick "for people who sleep on their side" pillows from Target for about $10, they last me a year or so which is still better than most pillows I've tried.

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