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Submission + - New browser game to allow REAL spell casting

Izaak writes: Here's something unique. The people at GLACI Inc. are combining the speech recognition capabilities now available in modern web browsers with the Phaser HTML5/Javascript game framework to create a browser game that can be played with voice commands. As far as I can tell, this is the first time anyone has done that. Currently on Kickstarter, their game Words of Power is an old-school dungeon crawler with a focus on spell casting, which makes it a good fit for a voice interface. Voice commands can add some realism to the spell casting while also making the game more accessible to the physically challenged. The project includes the creation of a free, open source framework that will allow others to create similar games.

Comment Re: Corporations (Score 1) 11

Why are you turning this into an attack against me, because I disagree with you?

It makes no sense to allow foreigners to affect the voting process in another country, no matter who does it.

If you can't legally vote in the election, you shouldn't be part of the process. Look up the word "integrity."

Same with corporations. They're money gives yhrm influence over a group of people who are not supposed to favor one group over another because of a political donation. If you believe in the cause, great. Being swayed by ideas is a political process. Making laws because someone gives you money to pay you to do it is graft.

Comment Awesome (Score 2) 3

Yeah, that moronic law student who testified she's spending more than $80 a month on birth control must never have time to study. I think the health department should be looking at these kids for the sake of public health: that much sex with that many partners has GOT to be public health risk!

Also, isn't this why the libs support Planned Parenthood? Don't they provide birth control for FREE??? No, wait, they support PP because they don't want ethnic children born, they want them aborted... my bad.

Comment Re:Experienced only? (Score 2) 948

You're right... his statement was too generic.
Projects you did for an ASSIGNMENT should not count, unless it's "Come up with something new and revolutionary" and there's been no suggestions by the prof.
I agree with you... if you're doing an independent study or research project, and it's something you did all by yourself, it counts.

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