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Comment Isn't this why many people voted for Trump? (Score 1) 271

Or at least semi-intelligent people?

They knew in their hearts he was kind of incompetent, but they also were so cynical about any establishment politician being able to effect meaningful change that the only way to achieve it was to empower an incompetent with the idea that it would break the system.

Of course, breaking the system has lots of unplanned side effects, too.

Comment Re:Whew! (Score 0) 271

You say that, and yet, despite historically great conditions the French still rose up and killed the aristocracy.

So what you're saying is that you have absolutely no understanding of history. Which is fine. But so long as you stay in that mode, consider keeping your nonsense zipped. You're just embarrassing yourself.

Comment Re:I hate euphemisms.... (Score 1) 137

With the "hook-up" generation, there certainly is no shortage of sex happening, so unplanned families are going to happen regardless of want or need.

That's factually untrue. Maybe you're unaware, but birth control has been around for at least a half-century now, and abortion is cheap and easily available now (meaning chemical abortions), not to mention "day after pills". Obviously, access might be a problem for poor people, but in general, unplanned families should not be a big problem any more, especially for anyone who can afford birth control.

So we can leave having families to rich people and the very poor.

Establishing a retirement plan to fund life after employment or carrying insurance to help pay for the inevitable should never be viewed as a "luxury".

It shouldn't, in your worldview and opinion, but that's not reality. The reality is that this is how it will be, like it or not. (Note, I never said I thought this was a great way to run a society. But no one asked me on how to run this one.)

If that is the attitude of tomorrow, then we shouldn't be surprised when slavery becomes legal again in the name of unending Greed that races to establish the worlds first trillionaires.

I agree completely. I think we shouldn't be surprised when slavery is legalized, and I think it's not unrealistic to envision this.

I just don't see the point in having rosy, unrealistic and idealistic visions of what the future will be. I think we should be realistic and prepared for what it will really be like. And that's trillionaires and slavery. But don't worry, the problem will correct itself eventually, thanks to an extremely low birthrate.

Comment Re:I hate euphemisms.... (Score 1) 137

I'm not talking about specific cases, I'm talking in general: if people, in general, stop having kids, then the stuff mentioned before becomes less of an issue. So that's going to be the general trend for society: not having any kids. Then people won't have to worry much about having siblings to support (more and more people will be only children), and their only worry will be their parents (which may more may not be an issue for some people, depending on their relationship with their parents: i.e., if the parents were shitty to them while growing up, as many parents seem to be, the kids won't bother taking care of them).

And so, in the end, this whole problem in society will fix itself.

Comment Re:Really More Interesting? (Score 1) 137

I disagree. Personally, I wouldn't mind stocking shelves for pay, for a single day. I'd get bored of it pretty quick, of course, but for a single day it'd be fine. By contrast, my regular programming work doesn't get boring that fast, but after a few years, I really get tired of working in the same place and start itching to move. Simple jobs like shelf-stocking are not really different, it just takes a lot less time to get bored with it. If I had a different such job every day, maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

Comment Re:This is the future (Score 1) 137

Oh bullshit. The rest of society (meaning, the older generations) is what set things up so badly in the first place. The Millennials are simply playing the hand they've been dealt, which is a shitty one.

When Western society goes down the tubes, it's the older generations (especially the Boomers) who will be to blame. Personally I'm hoping it happens sooner rather than later so that the Boomers will be alive to see and experience what they've brought about.

Comment Re:I hate euphemisms.... (Score 2) 137

Yeah, unfortunately most folks in the past couple generations never had to see what the "gig" economies of the past were actually like. Back when you'd go to your local town square or down to the docks or whatever, and stand in line waiting for some potential employer to choose you for work FOR THE DAY. And then you'd break your back doing labor for the day, make enough money to feed your kids, and you'd be off again begging for work the next morning. If you hurt your back or got sick or whatever, you and your family were screwed. End of story.

This is easily mitigated these days: don't have a family. Now you only have to worry about making enough money for yourself, and saving enough for yourself on days you don't have any work.

Comment Re:I hate euphemisms.... (Score 1) 137

How exactly is a gig economy going to provide benefits for things like starting a family. How will that family cope when tragedy strikes as no life insurance benefit is offered.

They don't need to start a family. Families are for people who can afford them. Millennials aren't starting families, so they don't need jobs that provide the luxury of having enough money for one.

We need to just leave having families to the ultra-rich.

which is a population outpacing the availability stable employment that provides necessary benefits. And as the parent pointed it, this bullshit is a slippery slope we don't want.

Just because we want something doesn't mean we can have it. I want a secret lair in a hollowed-out volcano on a remote tropical island, but that doesn't mean I'm going to have it.

Instability should never be viewed as a good thing.

It's the best we can do these days. We just need to accept it and get used to it.

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