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Comment Energy storage and HVDC transmission (Score 5, Interesting) 275

"Wind and solar are viable, they just don't lessen the needed amount of fossil fuel capacity needed"

I call bullshit. We could put in HVDC transmission lines (Max distance around 3500km or 83% of the width of the contiguous United States) running from east to west and north to south. Those lines are each longer than a weather system is big, so you ship wind power from windy areas to calm areas that need power, and from sunny daylight areas to dark or cloudy areas that need power.

For the rest of the balancing needed, we could, for example, put in one gigantic hydrogen electrolysis and storage and fuel cell generator facility in the geographic center of the country. It would only be 30% round-trip efficient (energy out compared to energy in) however then you just need to install three times the wind and solar you would otherwise need, and Bob's your Uncle. If you don't want to do that, use a bunch of large compressed air storage facilities running at 70% round-trip energy efficient.

And if you still don't want to do very large storage for some reason, then tap into the enormous geothermal energy rersources under the US. Way more than enough energy for the country's needs there. No GHG emissions.

How about a combination of all these strategies. The technology is there. The price is becoming reasonable, and a small and not too punitive carbon tax would make it economical to build all this new infrastructure fast. We just need to get off our asses and do it.

Comment Re: Stop breathing! (Score 1) 559

You mean issues like that everything Trump touches is going to turn to shit?

He's the shit alchemist version of King Midas.

You're going to have healthcare for the rich, stupid-ass trade wars that are no-one's fault but your own and a sinking economy because you're opting out of the rest of the world, and a more messed up environment. Oh well at least the 1% will be laughing all the way to the bank with their new plunder, freed up from those pesky regulations and taxes, so it's not all bad.

Comment Re:Stop breathing! (Score 1) 559

He proposed a lot of good policy, but Republicans vetoed pretty much all of it. They were actively obstructionist, for the sake of messing with both him and everything he stood for. They've developed a truly evil strategy of sabotaging government, as their strategy of winning the next election. You can't blame the lack of progressive government action over his term on Obama. That would be very naive.

Comment Re: Stop breathing! (Score 1) 559

You have perhaps forgotten that virtually every proposed Obama policy and budget was rejected by Republican legislators and thus not implemented. There was one major exception, the ACA.
So the result of Obama's term cannot be judged as a being a result of being what he would have done had he had the power. He did not have the power. The few things he did have direct executive power over, like getting Bin Laden, and regulating CO2 pollution, he did implement and they had some positive impact.
Everything else was blocked by Republican linebackers. What a f*cking waste of opportunity.

Comment Re:All you flight software noobies.. (Score 1) 110

It's really really hard, granted.

In my experience in the systems engineering industry, there was rarely any re-use of design or code from one project to the next similar project. Silo-ism and misaligned incentives.

Imagine if the reliability of this kind of EDL system and its software could be improved by evolution where different space agencies and subcontractors shared and re-used their ideas for improving solutions to the complex problem.

Imagine all the landers... living for today.

Comment Re:Filter or not (Score 1) 110

You want sanity checking (based on physical possibility/impossibility) on individual input data streams to the Kalman filter prior to allowing them to get into the filter's weighted averaging. If a given single measurement stream (the position measurement by integrated acceleration) is indicating impossible changes in position over various near-past time ranges, exclude the whole measurement-type from the averaging immediately.

Comment Sanity checking code (Score 2) 110

So say they're doing some kind of weighted average of an altitude computation from the inertial navigation unit and an altitude computation from the doppler radar altimeter.

They should have some code in there saying: If these two values that we're averaging are wildly off from each other, let's not take the average. Instead, let's go into some exception handling code which uses some kind of heuristic (and a little time perhaps) to determine which of the two instruments should become the solely trusted source of the altitude value.

Sounds like a lack of hazard analysis / fault tree analysis and or fault-tolerant design in the design process.

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