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400 years per year  Monday April 24, 2017 @11:29PM  5, Informative
Re:yeah i've heard of this...  Monday April 24, 2017 @10:17PM  5, Funny
   attached to A Caterpillar May Lead To a 'Plastic Pollution' Solution
Why is this surprising?  Monday April 24, 2017 @12:49PM 2 4, Interesting
   attached to Some of the Biggest Economies Aren't a Big User Of Social Media
Re:Old people will probably say BASIC  Sunday April 23, 2017 @12:02PM  2
Re:Damage from BASIC  Sunday April 23, 2017 @11:54AM 1 2
Re:Fortran  Sunday April 23, 2017 @11:49AM  2
Re:Fortran  Sunday April 23, 2017 @11:41AM 2 2
   attached to Slashdot Asks: What Was Your First Programming Language?
Ironically  Thursday April 20, 2017 @09:07PM 5 4, Interesting
   attached to Subway Sues Canada Network Over Claim Its Chicken Is 50 Percent Soy
Re: series of tubes  Thursday April 20, 2017 @02:44PM 4 5, Insightful
   attached to President Trump Misses 90-Day Deadline To Appoint a Cybersecurity Team After Alleged Russian Hacking
Re:Assessment of 100% renewables studies  Wednesday April 12, 2017 @11:23PM 1 1
   attached to Portland Commits To 100 Percent Renewable Energy By 2050
Re:Go, Poker, Chess, Jeopardy...  Wednesday April 12, 2017 @11:10PM 1 2
grammaro  Wednesday April 12, 2017 @05:40PM  2
Go, Poker, Chess, Jeopardy...  Wednesday April 12, 2017 @05:36PM 4 5, Funny
   attached to AI Wins $290,000 in Chinese Poker Competition
Why aren't there breach of contract lawsuits?  *Tuesday April 11, 2017 @12:27PM 3 3
   attached to Why Do Airlines Overbook?
Re: Wonderful?  *Wednesday April 05, 2017 @07:47PM 1 2
   attached to Canonical Killing Unity For Ubuntu Linux, Will Switch To the Superior GNOME
Re:riiight  *Tuesday March 28, 2017 @08:08PM  2
Re: Why are we around  *Tuesday March 28, 2017 @08:06PM  2
   attached to Evidence That Robots Are Winning the Race for American Jobs
Well it is in one respect  *Monday March 27, 2017 @04:50PM 2 2
Brains are all over the place  *Monday March 27, 2017 @04:45PM  2
   attached to Elon Musk Launches Neuralink To Connect Brains With Computers
Smart but not wise  *Monday March 27, 2017 @03:00PM  2
   attached to Ask Slashdot: What's The Easiest Linux Distro For A Newbie?
You're assuming people chose with knowledge  *Sunday March 26, 2017 @12:56PM  2
People didn't choose this  *Saturday March 25, 2017 @05:06PM 2 2
Now it's like telco selling me to advertisers  *Saturday March 25, 2017 @04:56PM 1 2
   attached to 'Why The US Senate's Vote To Throw Out ISP Privacy Laws Isn't All Bad'
Mr. Turing is that you?  *Sunday March 26, 2017 @01:10PM  2
   attached to Who's Liable For Decisions AI and Robotics Make?

Real Users find the one combination of bizarre input values that shuts down the system for days.