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Comment Not on Apple's fancy new keyboards (Score 1) 56

with close to zero key throw,

I imagine they're whisper silent, almost as if they were just a piece of glass.

Besides people will only be typing short security-unimportant tweets on the damn things anyway, since real long-form documents will be a pain to type.

Comment Re:Economic malthusianism (Score 1) 894

Is that what you would do?

I would try to learn, explore, write, and make, oh and try to build better relationships with my time being now my own and not "the man's".
And I would try to help do and organize solutions to problems the economy forgot, like unsustainability, eco-system destruction, ...

Comment Re:Accept the fact that technology moves on. (Score 2) 894

Your time estimate is way off.

Compare how good AI was 20 years ago with how it is now. Have you talked to google on your phone lately?

Consider how powerful your pocket phone is as a computer and context-aware oracle now compared to 20 years ago.

Consider how good facial recognition technology, and image recognition generally, are now compared to 20 years ago.

And consider that the rate of progress in such technology is not linear. It is accelerating as advances in hardware and software, and different areas of the problem and approaches, combine with each other, and as qualitative quantum leaps in understanding of it must work are made in the R&D.

Consider the strong possibility of quantum computing, with lots of technical challenges still, but almost unfathomable rapid-search capability if it works.

In 10 years the presence of real, general, and decreasingly erroneous AI and adaptable, skillfull robotics will not be an argument, and you will definitely be on the wrong side of the former argument.

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