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Comment Re:Why the Hell didn't Let's Encrypt register it?! (Score 0) 120

Correction: You can't trademark if the mark is already used "IN TRADE".

The foundation is a non-profit organization providing free certificates under that name. That is not "TRADE" (i.e. business, i.e. involving exchange of money for value).

However, by the same token, the seemingly slimy corporation seeking the trademark should be hard pressed to stop the non-profit's use of the mark for a free service, since that is not competing TRADE since it is not TRADE.

Besides, if it ever came to a case where they tried to prove that the non-profit was causing confusion about Comodo's trademark, it should be easy at that point to argue in court that the non-profit was openly and widely using the mark for their activity prior to Comodo's use of the mark in the conduct of trade. Therefore it was in fact Comodo that caused whatever confusion may have arisen among Comodo's potential customer base. Case dismissed.

Warning: IANAL and tend to hope naively that natural justice will prevail in the justice system, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Comment Re:Nest temperature display is backwards (Score 1) 193

Terrible idea from a human-factors perspective.

Is there ever more than one person in your residence?

If so, how does one person know which way the other person switched the UI configuration to? And when they changed their mind back again?

So as the second or subsequent person in the room, I can't learn what the big central number means, because some dufus keeps changing the meaning on me.

Comment Quadrupling staff in two years??? (Score 1) 193

Sounds like a terrible, terrible idea.
Most of Nest's management "brainpower" would necessarily have gone into managing that growth and re-org'ing projects and departments several times.

Completely BADDDDDD strategy.

Google bought a highly focussed successful startup, and the way the acquisition was managed, it looks like the focus and execution ability was lost and the potential for sane expansion of the product offering and feature set at a sane pace was squandered.

Not sure who was responsible for that disastrous headcount growth rate and overly ambitious speed-of-execution plan but it looks like a predictable clusterf@&k.

Comment The Fort McMurray fire was a sign (Score 0) 327

In case you missed it, Fort McMurray, the small city where those working in the oil-sands industry in Canada live, was just ravaged by a Boreal forest wildfire. The fire is about the size of the smallest Canadian province. The city is evacuated and oil production is still mostly halted, after a month or so now.

Since the frequency and intensity of wildfires at these latitudes is positively correlated with climate change due to increased greenhouse gases, the residents of this city should take it as a sign to retrain for a job in the green energy economy. I'm not saying I wish a fire on them, but they should seriously take it as an opportunity to rethink their trajectory in life.

Comment Re:There is no such thing. (Score 2) 327

Aside from you being wrong that cheap renewable energy is not feasible now,
you are also wrong that the currently still more expensive forms of renewable energy need tax subsidies.

What they do need is for the carbon-emissions of fossil-fuel-based electricity to be taxed with a sin-tax similar to cigarette taxes. That would level the energy economics playing field in a hurry.

Comment Re:what a bunch of bullshit (Score 4, Insightful) 76

So let me get this straight. You are a scientific researcher but you don't want to make your results publicly available?

How exactly is that science that you are doing?

Proper science (with the maximum chance of advancing correctly and rapidly, and the maximum benefit to humanity) is an inherently open information-sharing activity.

Are you working on bio-weapons science or something else really dangerous like that? If not, I don't see your motivation for hiding your results.

If you're doing science just for the money, you're doing it wrong.

Comment Re:Apple is copying...Lenovo? (Score 1) 238

I don't agree with you. The super-thin Macbook keyboard is unusable for long text entry like documents, articles, and code.
The current macbook pro keyboards are about as small a key travel as you can go for adequate tactile feedback.

If Apple replicates the Macbook keyboard to the pro, I would have to seriously look around for what my next serious work computer would be. I really don't want to leave MacOSX and other Apple hardware design features, but they might force me.

Comment Efficiency isn't all-important (Score 1) 630

The Great Elon himself is talking about how it would only take a little square piece of Nevada to power the US with solar. So make 3 little square pieces worth, then use hydrogen for, for example, international aviation and shipping.

Plants are only 2% efficient at photosynthesizing solar energy into usable forms of energy for the plant. They seem to work quite well.

Also, a giant central hydrogen storage facility with electrolysis and fuel cells might very well turn out to be a good way to store a whole country's unneeded night-time wind generation. Ok, so you only get half of the energy back. So what, that's way better than the nothing you get back right now. Right now, in the very definition of insanity, because we don't use something like that, they actually have times in Europe when the price of electricity is negative because there's too much wind power.

They order the wind farms to shut down, and keep the coal fires burning. Isn't that insane? A big hydrogen facility, if you don't have the topography for pumped-hydro, makes a hell of a lot of sense compared to what's going on right now.

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