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Comment Re:No complaints here (Score 2) 363

You forgot:

- Loss of approx. 50% of all living species substantially over next few hundred years.
- Ocean acidification and loss of shellfish and reefs.
- Movement of Earth's desert zones by 5 or 10 degrees in latitude due to expanded thermal energy and size of the north and south hemispheric atmosphere cycles by which hot equatorial air rises, dries out in upper atmosphere, moves north (or south respectively) then moves down to dry out the land below at a certain latitude range.

Comment Re:There's nothing harder about self-awareness (Score 1) 178

Encode information about environment
- Into an associative memory with abstraction (including event/situation abstraction) and probabilities encoding and
- meta-knowledge tagging such as estimate of belief strength, knowledge completeness about different general and specific topics & situations.

-Have model of my generic and specific needs/wants / avoids / i.e. desired and undesired environment state/evolution patterns.
-process environment state/history/projection model (including generated counterfactual hypotheticals based on suppositions or modeled actions/interventions) against model of desired and undesired environment state/evolution patterns and emotion-tag environment model parts with varying-strength tags representing fear, anger, pain, happiness/pleasure, surprise etc) - tags influence relative recallability in the associative memory, so that more extreme and more probable good and bad situation determining factors are recalled first to enable urgent problem and opportunity based thinking and action planning.

Meta-reason to diagnose good (accurate, functional, reliable, beneficial) models/concepts/specific facts versus less accurate, reliable or useful ones.

Meta-reason about thinking patterns and effectiveness (broad depth first hang out with problem before concluding/acting versus jumping rapidly to very partially supported conclusion sequences and error correcting along the way. In what kinds of situations?

Reason (brood and generalize and imagine hypotheticals) about situations and situation aspect types that have lead to very negative outcomes for self and goals re desired vs undesired states. This includes brooding about and contemplating one's own past real, past should-have-but-didn;t, present and future possible and planned actions on one's environment (social and physical).

Reason about other agents' (humans and predators mostly) actions, motivations, cognition, emotion cause-effect, action cause-effect with a view to avoiding stuff, influencing stuff, amplifying own personal power to influence environment via coralling and aligning others' agreement and effort.

Create model of one's own mind and thinking/action patterns to use as a model of others.

etc. etc.

These are types of information representation and information processing which are starting at least to IMPINGE on the domain we have traditionally called self-awareness, and none of the above is mysterious magic. Just very cleverly designed/evolved information organization and processing.

Comment Re:Universe Quantitized at Low Enough Level (Score 1) 406

True, but some food for thought...

1) With simulation idea, we get the infinite regress problem (it's turtles all the way down - simulations all the way up) which leaves the question: what are the properties of the outer (unsimulated) universe, and how did they come about (other than by simulation)....Unless you can come up with some kind of self-simulating outer beyond-spacetime ether-fabric thingy running in some kind of self-generating loop or recursion or whatever....

2) My intuition is something along the line of: The most fundamental thing is the difference or asymmetry. You need to posit some kind of medium which has no other properties than that it can embody (whatever that means) a whole bunch of unit-differences, which then glom/network together in all possible ways, most of which cannot create emergent structure and stable physical law but some few ways of which CAN.

Comment There's nothing harder about self-awareness (Score 1) 178

compared with perception and semantic understanding of general external environment.

I'm talking about functional self-awareness here (i,e, behaviour indicating self-awareness) not the consciousness hard-problem (qualia).
A "feeling" of self-awareness is not necessary for functional behaviour due self awareness. Whether a feeling would emerge is a separate question, not that important because we can't prove that we ourselves have it. We only assume that other people are not zombies because it's a simpler supposition to assume they are the same'ish in qualia perception to us. That's an assumption, probably correct, but entirely unprovable.

Functional self-awareness behaviour is behaviour of the system caused by information-processing of the relationship of indformation/symbols standing for
- one's physical self (body/parts)
- one's ideas (information-processing explorations of stored information representing the world and abstractions of it)
- one's sequences of focusses of attention
to information/symbols representing things out in the world.
In other words it is second-order (or higher-order) reasoning (aka meta reasoning).

Again, nothing specially harder about implementation of that in computers compared to implementation of learners/reasoners solely about the aspects of the external-to-self world.

Comment Nope: The deployment decision maker (Score 1) 178

The elected politician or judge or senior executive who approved the use of the category of technology in the category of application in which the problem occurred is who ought to be responsible.

Software, specially self-learning AI software, is too complex and unpredictable (in details of operation in every case).
Careful programming and testing cannot cover the range of possibilities, because input data and system state are too (combinatorially) complex.

It's the senior decision maker who ways the risks and benefits and approves or allows, who is responsible.

Comment This is bad for high-performance employees (Score 1) 298

So here we have an exec who has the quiet and privacy of their own closed-door office pontificating that it will be better for the other employees to be jammed shoulder to shoulder in open-plan offices.

That's not going to work for high-performance employees, such as those valuable 10x software-architects/programmers who have vision, focus, craft, and bursts of overdrive-productivity:

Comment Problem defining one robot (Score 1) 392

How much do we "income tax" one robot?
First of all of course, it doesn't make an income.
Secondly, should a robot that replaces 5 peoples' labor because of speed or size be taxed about as much as income tax for one person? or five people?
Third, how many robots do employ, for taxation purposes, if my 100,000 robot arms are controlled by a single integrated deep-learning program instance?

So instead, just have a value-added tax on the economic value of each level of transformation/integration in a production supply chain. Simple.

Ramp the VAT up enough to pay for UBI.

Simple taxes like VAT are harder to dodge than complicated ones like robot tax would have to be.

Comment Re:Republican Freedom (Score 1) 397

Wrong. In the new economy, what one person receives without working for, another AI guided robot must work for without receiving, and one automated-system owner must receive a slightly smaller profit than the insane profit they would have received making lots of valuable things with almost no human employees to pay.

Comment Re:Yes those emails (Score 3, Informative) 397

So they're a felony for Pence then, is what you're saying.

And it's a much worse felony, presumeably, that President Trump communicates about governance related issues using his unsecured Android phone.

Hypocrisy of the highest order.

The whole email affair was a mountain made out of a mole hill to scam gullible people into voting for someone who wants f*cking corporations to have the right to demand genetic testing of employees if it will notch up their profit one notch.

F*ck people are stupid. Is there another planet with intelligent life?

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