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Comment I don't see the problem.. (Score 1, Insightful) 338

The Republican Party and Democratic Party have all the same rights as the Liberatarian Party the Green Party and the American Nazi Party...

They're "private" parties who allow their registered members to cast a vote for their favorite candidate but ultimately the leaders in the party determine who has the best chance of winning and puts them forward as a presidential candidate.

The confusion here seems to be people thinking that political parties are government operated and that primaries are legitimate pre-voting or something.

People are ignorant, they get their "facts" from Facebook memes and yeah, kids have no idea what capitalism actually is or experience in the real world. You can poll the same kids and ask them "should everyone automatically receive $10,000/week in America" and they'd also say 'yes'.

Comment Re:can't wait to see the game (Score 1) 60

I agree on the error codes, getting the same useless error for all error conditions sucks.

However, the reason pretty much everyone wants to do away with flash (besides all the exploits) is (mostly) because it doesn't support byte range requests. This sounds trivial but it leads to some huge headaches and inefficiencies that HTML5 cures.

Seeking videos in flash requires that the web server understand and act on the start=? parameter (where ? = seconds into a video for MP4, bytes for FLV). This means the server has to have the entire file (this is a huge problem for CDN providers), it has to read and understand the metadata (which may be at the END of the file), it has to then use that metadata to seek as far as the client requested into the video (which it may not have yet), then finally append a new header/metadata and start serving those bits to the client.

With HTML5 the client simply says 'give me this file starting at X bytes' via a HTTP range request. No metadata handling necessary, and no need for massive software infrastructure upgrades to handle new container formats. (For a CDN the range request can be directly passed through and handled by the midtier or origin that actually has the file)

TLDR; Flash makes web servers do stuff they shouldn't be doing, HTML5 video playing fixes that.

Comment Re: What's wrong with GLS (Score 1) 328

The thing is, they don't have to be. A housing unit is built, quality LED bulbs are installed and 20 something years later someone looks up in shock because the light didn't turn on this time.

The incandescent legislation is annoying but necessary. People are generally stupid and won't think 5 minutes ahead no matter how beneficial it is. The people that really want to keep incandescent bulbs for some reason can find them online (and it's not illegal to use/have/buy them, despite the extreme right wing crazies saying it is)

I've installed thousands of LED bulbs in businesses (thanks Xcel energy rebates!) as a side gig. None of them have gone out, nobody can tell they're LED and they've made a huge dent in the electric bills (A/C and raw lighting costs)

Comment Re:Dumb question (Score 2) 243

I completely agree. I grew up making mud pies, eating dirt, playing in the woods and generally living in the opposite of a clean home. The only allergy I have is cat scratches and dander -- my mother hated cats and refused to have any around.

Meanwhile I now live in Minneapolis and we've got all these tards talking about how there's "chemicals" in their food and they're "gluten intolerant" and they use their own and their bubble boy kids immune responses as evidence that they're right.

Comment Re: Well at least they saved the children! (Score 1) 790

They don't have to search for it. Google does a lot of data storage, I'm sure they use deduplication. They have a list of known kiddie porn image hashes from the government which they check the dedup table for. Any accounts with messages matching those hashes would be reported.

Like it or not, they're still not reading your email.

Comment Re:5GHz ? (Score 1) 112

Rain and snow definitely cause a fade in signal strength but if you've properly engineered the link you'll stay within acceptable signal levels. The WISP I worked for in Minnesota had to deal with plenty of rain and snow..

Anyone setting up commercial wireless links should know that they have to engineer for worst possible scenarios.

Comment This is worthless. (Score 1) 323

Unless your device is beaconing for networks in your saved networks list (WHICH ONLY HAPPENS for networks that do not transmit their SSID) a client *never* sends out probes, so there is no opportunity to randomize the MAC address.

If your device is listening for WiFi beacons and finds one in your saved network list, it *must* associate with your actual MAC address.

In other words, the teeny tiny percentage of the population with hidden SSIDs in their WiFi network list will benefit from this, nobody else. It would have been a lot better if they had done this with bluetooth.

Comment Re: He also forgot to mention... (Score 5, Insightful) 343

You're missing the fact that Netflix is in all of those data centers. The problem is that Comcast is intentionally degrading their peering in those data centers meet-me rooms in an attempt to get more direct customers.

Furthermore, if you're large enough Netflix will actually supply servers that you can plug into your network to provide the top x percentile of content -- for free.

This is purely a Comcast wants more money and hates video competition issue.

Comment Re:Shannon (Score 1) 116

The not-so-nice thing about the higher frequencies is that they tend to attenuate rapidly when the signal is going through something thicker than air.

Not necessarily a bad thing, since it means that you can have your strong local signals but don't pollute the spectrum in an entire neighborhood. We would have all been a lot better off if baby monitors, cordless phones, etc had all started in the mid GHz range.

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