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Comment Re:C strikes again (Score 1) 73

and ASM

Would the ASM have been bug-free?

Would any other language, with ANY amount of safe-guards been physically incapable of producing an off-by-one in it's output code?


This is quite literally "Ragel took a definition, and then compiled it to bad machine code". Whether that was via an intermediary language or not, that's possible with ANY compiler for ANY language. If Java had a bug in it that resulted in incorrect machine code being generated for the "safe" Java code it was asked to execute, the same would have happened.

Bad, buggy compiler. The fact that it used an intermediate language which you disagree with is neither here nor there (and Ragel could output asm direct, so it wasn't "C-specific"). No different to a JVM-compiler bug.

Comment Re: Mod parent down (or up as per bias) (Score 1) 189

Registering as a Democrat, running as a Democrat, and being nominated as a Democrat does make you a Democrat. Calling her "decidedly 'right'" does not make her so. Denying plain facts makes both of you look childish, as does blatantly mischaracterizing what I said. There's a huge difference between silencing someone and moderating them. You do come across as a bitter Bernie supporter who ought to be dismissed and modded down by the grown-ups at the table.

Comment Re: Mod parent down (or up as per bias) (Score 1) 189

Name one mainstream 1970s Republican who advocated for gay marriage, transsexual bathrooms, or any of Hillary's distinguishing social positions. Name one who supported free trade with China, open borders, hugely increased capital gains taxes, cap and trade for emissions, single-payer health care or any of Hillary's other specific economic proposals.

You should be delighted that instead of a 1970s Republican, we elected a 1980s/1990s Democrat.

Comment Re:Why is Amazon/Alexa even saving recordings? (Score 1) 110

From a debugging perspective, it's probably much easier to unit test and fine-tune the algorithms based on the raw speech as then at least the human developer can listen to the audio and compare it to the produced output.

And, of course, in my experience, once such debug capabilities are turned on, there's no impetus later in the cycle to turn them off. I'm just as guilty in that regard as anyone else I know, sometimes probably worse as I end up turning on even more debug information later in the cycle than we had at the beginning.

Comment Re:Are people still using that? (Score 1) 135

No, you seem to not get it. The "real" women are American, and hence are overwhelmingly obese. The trannies aren't.

If you guys find obesity attractive, then more power to you, but obesity is extremely unhealthy so from an evolutionary biology viewpoint, it's perfectly normal for a man to not be attracted to obese women.

Comment Re:Are people still using that? (Score 2) 135

When I was using Tinder (up until a few months ago), I did notice a LOT of trans-girls (men dressing and acting like women). There used to be hookers, but those seem to have disappeared; perhaps Tinder got a lot better at dealing with that problem. But for the 25+ ages, and esp. the 30+ people, it's all real people AFAICT. But there are a lot of trannies, at least in my metro area, though they all seem to be between 25 and 30. The sad thing, however, is that the trannies are, on average, a lot prettier than the real women. American women these days really look awful.

Comment Re:Artificial Gravity (Score 1) 154

Applying force in space is much more difficult because of the lack of free energy given to help you fight it via friction. It's that energy that any "artificial gravity" would have to supply constantly to let you do anything (e.g. walk across a room).

Stopping your own mass quickly is dead easy - you just hit something. It'll be like a fall (no 9.8m/s/s to fight) in slow motion for a frail old man. It all cancels out. If you're going fast, you're dead anyway. Because you have NO way to stop no matter how strong your arms are.

The problem is that you have to find something that will stop you, that's not going to move significantly in the other direction, that you won't damage, that won't damage you, and that won't be moving too fast relative to you (big spinning, large-mass to generate gravity are spinning against you quite fast on a 50-50 basis!)

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