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Comment Re:Russian VPN != "Works for Russia" (Score 1) 574

"affect our elections" is a phrase that has many meanings, and I see Democrats here and elsewhere relying on the broadness of that phrase to muddy the conversation. A foreign actor can "affect an election" through bribery, blackmail, intimidation, and other tactics. A foreign actor can also "affect an election" by exposing the anti-democratic behaviors of trusted officials. The former describes actions that impose influence upon a process and trespass upon national sovereignty, the latter does not. Thus, casting a foreign actor as "affecting an election" has no meaning unless his actions are further qualified.

As an example, if Reporters Without Borders were to release evidence that showed anti-democratic behavior among Iranian public officials in the lead up to elections, they would also be "affecting an election" by the broad definition of that phrase, but hardly anyone would accuse RWoB of imposing themselves upon Iran, or trespassing upon their national sovereignty. In fact, I'd surmise MOST people would celebrate RWoB for having exposed such corruption.

Comment Re:Why do libertarians support him? (Score 1) 281

A lot of self-styled libertarians aren't really libertarians philosophically. They just despise the two establishment parties, and the LP happened to be the biggest alternative for a "fuck you" vote. Now that Trump has become the biggest "fuck you" vote, they flock to him. Sanders is other "fuck you" vote, which is why you have the seemingly incomprehensible scenario of significant number of people who are willing to cast their vote for the polar opposite if the other fails.

Comment Re:I'm far older than most of you on /. (Score 1) 281

The Constitution enumerates certain things the government is not allowed to do. It recognized that people are imbued with their rights from the moment they're born. If he's a Jesus freak and wants to interpret that as "god-given", then he's more legally correct than those who say rights are given by the government.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 357

That "free press" given to Trump isn't because they favor him. Rather, it's because they are very enthusiastic to publicize any potential flaw they can find. Of course, they are oblivious to the fact that large swaths of the public see the media as part of the establishment, and that their disproportionate pursuit of Trump's every flaw will only confirm his anti-establishment credentials. The press may realize too late, much like the GOP, that the only way they could have brought down Trump was to acknowledge that they themselves are near universally despised, and to embrace him with their toxicity.

Comment Re:NPR is much better than you think (Score 1) 639

I used to think so, but the recent direction of their reporting -- finding every petty negative story on Trump (golf game and taco bowls wtf), avoiding negative stories on Clinton (HVF/DNC funding expose by Politico), and wholesale dismissal of Sanders (incessantly implying he should quit in the interview last week) -- has turned me extremely cynical.

Comment Don't mistake SJW for Liberalism (Score 1) 438

Trek was very much liberal, but that didn't make it SJW. It confronted hypocrisies and injustices across the galaxy and within the Federation by measuring them against principles, and there's great internal conflict when people are placed in situations that force them to break those principles.

SJWism, on the other hand, is no friend of principles -- treating people equally is subordinate to making people feel equal.
Let's hope Trek keeps its liberal roots alive by steering particularly clear of SJWism.

Comment Quadrennial Reminder That Your Vote Is Worthless (Score 1) 470

The winner-takes-all format of the Electoral College means that if you live outside of the 10-12 swing states, your state's representation in the Presidential election has already been decided. You don't have the power to flip 100K to 2M votes required to turn a solid blue state red or a solid red state blue.

If you're not in a swing state, you're better off giving that vote to a 3rd party candidate, and help him/her get more exposure.

Comment Re:I swear... (Score 1) 449

Wait, I thought gender segregated bathrooms/dressing rooms came about because of conservative hangups and insistence on modesty, which is why advocacy for gender neutral bathrooms/dressing rooms is a progressive issue.

Now you're saying gender segregated bathrooms/dressing rooms are actually progressive?

Comment If your info is out there, it's out there (Score 4, Insightful) 370

There is only prevention
Besides the obvious tip of not using the same password:
- Never use the same username
- Never register on any website using the same email address you use to receive bills and bank statements
- Never use 3rd party authentication (facebook, twitter, google+) to log in to other sites, much less multiple sites

Comment Re:Actually... (Score 1) 193

The wrongfulness of his being handcuffed should not be reason for us to lionize him or create myths about him. We can condemn what we factually know (arrest, handcuffs) without jumping to conclusions about the rest (teachers were racist, he's a genius kid, etc)

The evidence right now actually points to a prank meant get a rise out of teachers, which didn't work (since most ignored it until it started to make noise in class), but which did result in him being referred to the principal for being uncooperative and having police question his motives. We can condemn how the police reacted without the rest of the myth.

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