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Comment Re:In other words, Moore's law will continue (Score 3, Insightful) 125

Google it, you'll get that it has to do with number of transistors, not complexity.

Read Moore's papers.

The AC is strictly incorrect in stating that it has "nothing to do with the number of transistors on a chip". It has something to do with that. However, they did state what Moore said accurately, unlike whatever source Google took you to.

Comment Re:So much for the singularity (Score 1) 125

In any case, everyone has known Moore's law has been failing to keep up for a few years.

Transistor counts technically "failed to keep up" around the 1992-1997 era, but increased at a higher rate than predicted by Moore's Law (1975 version) between 2005 and 2012. Moore's Law is an observation about long-term trends. You can't tell anything from "a few years".

Having said that, you're right about Kurzweil.

Comment Re:You've got to appreciate the irony... (Score 3, Insightful) 77

A far more likely reason is that sometimes it's possible to recover a deleted email and sometimes it is not. By analogy, think of the circumstances under which it is possible to recover a deleted file on disk.

Yahoo's policy says it can't recover deleted emails because if it said anything else, someone with an expensive lawyer would interpret that as a guarantee.

Comment Re:Headphone Jack is Pretty Crappy (Score 2) 511

how much more "capability" can you add in such a little space? That's enough for what, maybe 5% more battery time?

Not even. The last number I saw was about 2% for an iPhone. Compared to something like 20% through making the entire phone either 1mm or 2mm thicker.

Apple being Apple, it wouldn't surprise me if they remove the headphone jack, increase the thickness of the phone a smidgen, and claim the "innovative" decision to remove the jack led to a 10% increase in battery size.

Comment Re:It's about the battery backpack, stupid. (Score 1) 56

I can live with a thicker phone, but using ride share services as often as I do, I can't function without my phone these days.

Keep an eye out for the Moto Z Play if you're interest in a less-than-flagship phone. The X Play has a 3650 mAh (or so) battery plus a fast charge, and I regularly get two full days out of it; I can't imagine what I'd have to do to run the battery down in less than a day.

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