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Comment Re:Lovely...with no pressing issues... (Score 1) 130

Most of those people don't have the skills for those positions, let alone any experience in the areas that they're assigned to.

They rarely do... I'd say Finance is the only one where the minister usually has a solid background and skillset for the job.

The politicians generally are there to handle the politics, PR, take the flack for the bureaucrats who do the day-to-day stuff, and be an interface between Cabinet and the appointed deputy ministers who take care of keeping a department running. Even at the DM level there's rarely a department-specific skillset... they get shuffled around so much that their primary skill is in running departments. It's not until you get down to the ADM level that I'd even think to make assumptions about specialisation.

Comment Re:Lovely...with no pressing issues... (Score 4, Insightful) 130

And with no pressing issues in Canada, all is safe.

I won't argue that this hour of code stuff isn't a frivolous waste of time, but I do have to say that Trudeau has a couple hundred thousand employees plus an entire Cabinet of supposedly competent politicians who's collective job is to sort that stuff out and generally keep things running.

If the PM is so critical that all that it all falls apart should he divert his attention elsewhere for a few hours, then we're fucked.

Comment Re:Right (Score 2) 71

If they want revenue they should really get with the times and...

The music industry doesn't "get with the times". They'll be dragged into the times kicking and screaming, but not before they shit all over the bed and generally make everyone's lives as miserable as possible.

Comment Re: Those who something, something (Score 1) 588

In every way, your statement is equally correct with Christianity and Christian substituted for Islam and Muslim.

Heck, the statement is pretty much correct with "multiculturalism" and "Canadian" substituted for Islam and Muslim, or "democracy" and "American". It's basically just a tautology; cultures want to spread.

The trick is being successful. I've seen nothing to indicate that Islam spreads "successfully". A little education and money seems to mellow out Muslims pretty quickly.

Comment Re:A pity, but not a surprise (Score 2) 95

After all, what sort of person goes on Amazon to write a review for an item they haven't even purchased there? In the past 15 years, I can say that the few times I've done so, it was to rant about something.

Every once in a while I run across something I bought years ago from elsewhere and bang out a quick review. Usually I'm looking for something related like a part or extension and the original pops up.

My motivation for doing so is that I actually like the thing, found that it's lasted for a while, and feel the urge to spread the love.

I've noticed other people doing this too, and quite frankly I consider these sorts of reviews from experienced owners to be a shitload more convincing than someone who's pulled the thing out of the box and played around with it for a few minutes.

Comment Re:Overall Result (Score 1) 95

The overall result is that instead of 20 fake reviews from a single account, there are now 20 fake reviews spread over four different accounts.

At some point, the review system notices that these accounts review 5 items/month, but never actually buy anything... Then the next generation of fake account owners has to ensure that each fake account occasionally buys something, but then they have to get it shipped to the fake address since having fake accounts tied to their home/business address might raise flags.

More likely they'll going to have to hack the verified buyer mechanism somehow...

Comment Re:overpriced. (Score 1) 101

$50 for a chip in bad package is too much


$50 for a first run chip, which they're billing as a collectable.

Looking at the other tiers that have the dev board, the per-chip price ranges from $3 and $10. Which still seems a bit high (I think the STM32's are around $1 each), but it's nothing like $50.

Comment Re:Trump is requesting an amendment (Score 1) 361

Trump says "Everyone knows that Harley riders rev their jackhammer-sounding engines not because they are assholes, but because of the safety factor it gives them on the dangerous streets."

Oh. Wow. Here I was thinking it was because they stall if they idle for more than a dozen seconds...

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