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Comment Re:Only time will tell (Score 1) 709

We're all in. Only took one player to make the call (the industrialized west); now we see the cards.

We develop magic technology that can fix all this or we die.

I'm betting on the magic technology. You can go vote yourself into a economic depression, but given the current rates of information gathering, we will have the solutions shortly. In may ways, we have one staring us in the face - widespread adoption of nuclear power - but we're too stupid to implement it.

The great filter is the 10,000 or so odd nuclear warheads in the ground right now. It always has been and always will be. Those warheads will fly long before the planet warms up to extinct us.

Comment 99.9999% of apps are garbage (Score 1) 278

I predict an uptick in clean apps that provide functionality people need. Likely leveraging or completely open source.

I tried to get some programs for my work-issued Blackberry and was shocked by the garbage.

I also predict an uptick in third-party collections of apps and reviews; there's lots of analogs to what happened with shareware back in the olden days.

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