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Comment Re:Pretty sure I read this story last decade. (Score 1) 294

You might have read up on this if anything that contradicted your position didn't send you into convulsions trigglypuff.

From the article:

"But it's not just happening in far-away places like Bangladesh or the Maldives. It's happening right here in the US.

On Tangier Island, Virginia, in the southern Chesapeake Bay, residents are facing the inundation of a place some local families have called home since the 1600s."

Comment Re:Pretty sure I read this story last decade. (Score 1) 294

That's an island off the Mississippi Delta. They have been coming and going since before homo sapiens was a species.

Tangiers Island is in the Chesapeake Bay, on the Virginia side, nowhere near the Mississippi Delta.

The article talks about two places being drowned by climate change, which you would know if actually reading an article wasn't your kryptonite.

Comment The entire paradigm is backwards (Score 1) 240

I want a watch which is my phone and data connection. I want to see basic comm functionality I can use - bluetooth for audio if need be - all the time. I want a mini- or regular sized tablet I can carry with my when I think I'll need to interact with the data - but I want to be instant. When I pull up my tablet (whether it be a 5" Android or Apple handset, or a Surface Pro or iPad Pro), I want the low power BT to kickstart the connection and then ramp up to max LTE speeds (or at least hit the 25Mbps BT 4 spec) without me ever having to manually connect; and roll to wifi gracefully (where available) for data while maintaining the data link with the watch for notification and content sync.

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