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Comment I would believe it. (Score 3, Insightful) 186

I'm quite left of center and the hate for Hillary among my group is probably as bad as the Trump fan hate for Hillary, and people have been complaining about posts disappearing.

Editing content makes you responsible for the content itself, as you are exerting control over it.

I believe practices like this are ridiculously dumb.

Especially since I consider "hate speech" a great idiot filter. It allows me to keep my friends list trimmed. Just like a Confederate flag is, or Trump signs in the yard. But that's my own choosing. I don't want Facebook choosing for me.

Yeah, I know, if it's free you are the product. The problem is that the telnet chat that everyone used has been abandoned (even though it's still up after all these years).


Comment Re:Sorry - whose car is this? (Score 2) 301

All the major auto manufacturers have abused the DMCA when it comes to their computers, and I vehemently oppose that (but good luck finding a car that doesn't apply to)...

But this? This moves us into a whole different ballpark of abuse.

Fourth'ing the GGGP - I had fully planned to buy a Tesla as my next car (probably five-ish years from now). If this policy stands, despite having no intention of ever actually renting my car out, fuck Tesla.

Comment Re:Because Windows Sucks (Score 5, Insightful) 258

>Windows may suck, but they own the hardware driver market,

Linux supports more hardware than Windows supports at one time. Linux even supports that pre-XP scanner that you had to throw out because Microsoft changed the driver model and the manufacturer said "well, the customers will just have to buy new ones."

>driver installation on linux vs windows

It's laughably easier on Linux. Indeed, there aren't these "driver disks" or ridiculously large "driver packs" with bloatware, Flash, Adobe Reader, and Ask toolbars and other totally unrelated junk.

>no games

Funny, Steam has plenty of games.

>but my (obscure game)

Ah, the last refuge of the Windows shill - windows is a game launcher.

>wider universe of valuable things

I find that the software available from the repos is surprisingly good /and/ is not laden with "appeal to the lowest denominator" graphics nonsense (virus scanners on Windows with animations to demonstrate to the user that it's "doing something" as a particularly egregious example). This nonsense is rife throughout the "windows universe of valuable things."

>daily use tasks Linux is better

Indeed. And less common tasks too.


Comment Why? (Score 1) 39

blindingly fast peak download speeds of around 5Gbps.

And why, exactly, would I want that? So I can hit my monthly data cap in a mere 16 seconds?

Oh, but the carriers will increase caps accordingly? Bullshit. My cap went from "nonexistent" before 3G, to "10GB EVDO throttled down to unlimited 1xRTT" with 3G, to "10GB +$10/GB" with 4G. I don't see the carriers as likely to give up easy money just because new tech means we can rack up overage charges even faster.

Comment Re:Good luck (Score 1) 356

lets also not forget the private security guards trying to intimidate the protestors with dogs, and then pushing the dogs into the protestors, forcing the animals into close proximity until the dogs began biting some of the protestors.

too afraid to touch anyone themselves, they force an animal to do it, and even the animal was initially resisting it until its because stressed enough to lash out.

Comment Re:"Gay Culture" is blind devotion then? (Score 1) 615

Here’s What Mike Pence Said on LGBT Issues Over the Years

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, Donald Trump’s running mate, attracted national attention last year when he signed a religious freedom law that members of the LGBT community said could worsen discrimination against them.

After criticism from the business community, Pence signed an amendment to the law intended to protect gays and lesbians.

But it was not his first brush with criticism from the LGBT community. A self-described “Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order,” the former member of Congress was a prominent conservative figure in battles over marriage equality and equal rights in the last decade.

Here are some of the statements and positions Pence had has related to LGBT issues:

He said gay couples signaled ‘societal collapse’

In 2006, as head of the Republican Study Committee, a group of the 100 most-conservative House members, Pence rose in support of a constitutional amendment that would have defined marriage as between a man and a woman. Citing a Harvard researcher, Pence said in his speech, “societal collapse was always brought about following an advent of the deterioration of marriage and family.” Pence also called being gay a choice and said keeping gays from marrying was not discrimination, but an enforcement of “God’s idea.”

He opposed a law that would prohibit discrimination against LGBT people in the workplace

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act would have banned discrimination against people based on sexual orientation. Pence voted against that law in 2007 and later said the law “wages war on freedom and religion in the workplace.”

More than 20 years after the bill was first introduced, the Senate approved the proposal in 2013, but the bill failed in the House.

He opposed the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Pence favored the longtime military policy of not letting soldiers openly identify as gay. In 2010, Pence told CNN he did not want to see the military become “a backdrop for social experimentation.” The policy ended in 2011.

He rejected the Obama administration directive on transgender bathrooms

In May, the federal government directed school districts to allow students to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. The directive came as criticism crescendoed around a North Carolina law that would have restricted the use of bathrooms.

Along with many other conservatives, Pence opposed Obama’s directive and said it was a state issue. “The federal government has not business getting involved in issues of this nature,” Pence said.

You're welcome.

Comment Re:"Gay Culture" is blind devotion then? (Score 2, Informative) 615

Is Trump racist? YES!


A short and very incomplete list of completely racist things Trump has said or done:
-"theres one of my blacks"
-"mexico is sending us rapists"
-"laziness is a trait in blacks"
-"the judge is a Mexican"
-"they don’t look like Indians to me... They don’t look like Indians to Indians.”
-supports stop-and-frisk, as practiced by the NYPD (ie, unconstitutional and racially discriminatory), and wants it expanded nationwide, claiming it worked, contrary to all evidence
-Obama's birth certificate
-condoned the abuse and even beatings of multiple Black Lives Matter protesters and other minorities at his campaign rallies
-regularly engages in anti-Semitism
-treats his minority supporters as literal tokens
-treats minorities and racial groups as monolithic stereotypes
-thinks all African americans live in the inner city, are poor, without work, receiving welfare, and uneducated
-saying 88% of white murders are committed by black folks
-repeating statements from white supremacists multiple occasions
-making blatant dog whistles to the alt-right, white supremacist crowd
-not condemning or distancing from white supremacists campaigning for him, including David Duke
-encouraged mob justice against the Central Park 5, and continues to insist they are guilty years after its proven otherwise, including spending 85k$ on full page ads in the paper advocating for their execution
-being sued by the federal government on multiple occasions for not renting to minorities

Hell, even when he claims to be trying to reach out, he's doing so in white communities and actually only repeating racist myths and stereotypes that are meant to appeal to white voters and make them feel better about voting for such overt racist.

His father was a racist who went to KKK rallies. His sons are racist, and kep appearing on white supremacist radio programs..."accidentally". Once may be an accident. Twice, you need to fire your booking agent. four times and counting? its no longer accidental or someone else's fault.
Donald Trump IS racist, regardless of the efforts of the ignorant to ignore it or explain it away.

Comment Re:Wag. The. Dog. (Score 1) 491

This is why I trust the content of the emails:

Every argument against them is an ad-hominem attack against Assange and the Russians. Not against the content, mind you, /only/ against Assange and the Russians. And the spin in the press (NYT) against the emails is that they have recipes for "creamy risotto" in them - minimizing the content of everything else.

Every article, every statement attacking Assange is a mere smoke bomb to obscure the actual content of the emails, which have stunning correlation to reality.

That's why I trust the emails. I don't have to trust Assange or anyone with all this bullshit being flung by TPTB and their lackeys in the NYT.

I am a lifelong Democrat. No longer. Not after this election season. And no "BUT TRUMP" is going to get me to pull the lever for Hills. The "I'm sick and tired of the status quo" straw that broke the camel's back is now we are directly attacking Yemen at the Saudis' behest.

Fuck 'em.

Yes. I mad.


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