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Comment Re: Morons are running the USA (Score 3) 648

21 just for materials.
theres also labor.
and the logistics of supporting all that labor (food, housing, water), along 1700 miles of inhospitable land, as well as logistic of getting hte materials there (rough, uneven, inaccessible terrain).

theres also the considerations that if made of concrete, depending on rate of consumption (ie how fast its built), it will consume between 80 and 160% of the entire US supply of cement during construction.

even the steel required for the rebar will consume a significant fraction of the nations steel supply, or china's since trump is so fond of sourcing from them.

Comment Re:Failure of Big Science (Score 1) 457

youre right its not symmetrical.
you are hte one with the extraordinary claim.
therefore the burden of proof is on you.

as for the "plenty of failed predicitons" have at it. name one.
we'll debunk if one by one as you cite sensationalized journalism (ie, not a scientist) or nonexistant claim as you make them.
the overwhelming majority of claims have in fact come true.
and you are full of shit.

Comment Re:Failure of Big Science (Score 1) 457

no, you're hte one spouting bullshit unspported by the mountain of data.
you cite something real.

climate science in favor of AGW has reached the 2+2=4 stage: its so well grounded, so well established, it no longer carries the burder of proof.
proving simple shit over and over for shit trolls is a waste of time.

youre hte one with the claim that flies in the face of the mountain of evidence: you provide the citations.
otherwise fuck off.

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