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Comment Re:Failure of Big Science (Score 1) 457

youre right its not symmetrical.
you are hte one with the extraordinary claim.
therefore the burden of proof is on you.

as for the "plenty of failed predicitons" have at it. name one.
we'll debunk if one by one as you cite sensationalized journalism (ie, not a scientist) or nonexistant claim as you make them.
the overwhelming majority of claims have in fact come true.
and you are full of shit.

Comment Re:Failure of Big Science (Score 1) 457

no, you're hte one spouting bullshit unspported by the mountain of data.
you cite something real.

climate science in favor of AGW has reached the 2+2=4 stage: its so well grounded, so well established, it no longer carries the burder of proof.
proving simple shit over and over for shit trolls is a waste of time.

youre hte one with the claim that flies in the face of the mountain of evidence: you provide the citations.
otherwise fuck off.

Comment Re:Failure of Big Science (Score 1) 457

the science is settled.
your inability to grasp it doesnt change that.
nor did anything you stated prove or disprove anything.
and if youre going to link to hoover you might as well link to national enquirer, it has about the same level of scientific accuracy.
probably slightly higher.

Comment Re:Americans Against Scary Dams (Score 1) 457

its an earthen damn.
erosion is its enemy.

if the level every got so high that the outflow from the spillway was insufficient the emergency spillway, even though it would erode, was located such that it would be controlled and less impactful than if the dam face itself went.
but that why its for emergencies ONLY.
further the erosion of hte emergency spillway would be timed so that the level of the lake would be lowered before the erosion of hte emergency spillway became its own hazard.

it does NOT create another emergency by design.
this emergency came about from a lack of maintenance, where the emergency spillway has been allowed to erode by other means, and not been repaired.
so that NOW if it were used it could potentially be undercut before the lake levels reach safe levels, causing further erosion and a rapdily deteriorating situation.

again, i say it clearly: the emergency spillway DOES NOT create another emergency by design.

the problem stems from a lack of maintenance and repair.

Comment Re:Desert (Score 1) 457

no, flood control does not mean the opposite.

storm water control involves "retention ponds", places that store the water and release it at a slower rate than it would flow if it was uncontrolled.

reservoirs also frequently serve as giant retention ponds, slowing down the flow from rain events.
but just like any other retention pond they have a maximum mitigation ability.

and this particular rain event pushed the dam beyond its abilities.
hence the attempts to release water.
the problem came from the unexpected erosion of hte spillway, which halted the water release.
the dam then continued to fill, and began to flow over the spillway anyway, further eating into it.
for an earthen dam overtopping or erosion are --BAD-- things (overtopping leads to erosion of the dam face itself).

this particular rain even would have still led to flooding of the local area.
the "worse flooding", ie, the problem being faced now, is only if the dam itself fails due to the erosion. its a possible outcome, but not something that has occurred yet. nor is it a certianty

Comment Re:trying (Score 1) 489

Hell, I know people that commute 1.5 hours each way every single day!

I call those people idiots.

as for moving, moving is expensive.

its a buyers market so sellers have to pay closing costs thats easily 10-20k depending on your market.
renters have to terminate leases, often with a penalty.

then in the new place you need a downpayment on top of your various lending and mortgage application fees.
or a crap load of deposits if renting.

then more deposits to start up new services and utilities.

plus gas, moving truck, and motels along the way.

and all that is even is you CAN move.
people have kids or parents to take care of.
divorced or joint custody adds another wrinkle.

Comment Re:A more basic question (Score 5, Informative) 720

there is no overpopulation problem.
there is a logistics problem, the moving of basic needs, goods, and services from person to person.
there is a difference between the two.

there is plenty of food even at current production levels. the problem is getting what we have where its needed; since we rely primarily on a free market system, and the world poverty stricken arent much of a viable market...they get to suffer the consequences of a market failure. meanwhile much of our own excess goes to waste.

there is plenty of space for people to live with room left over.

the rest is quality of life: electricity, medicine, education. each of which is solvable.

Comment Re:Escalation of Terms to Justify Censorship (Score -1, Flamebait) 340

Milo is a Limbaugh/Colter type bigot: whether really believes the racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted bullshit he spews, we dont know.
but we do know racist bigoted bags of shit are out there cheering him on cause they agree with what he's saying.

you know they type, people who think fighting racist is racist, that tolerance requires tolerating bigots, and mocking people for calling out bigotry by moveing hte goalposts and totally ignore that the thing that just got called out was in fact bigoted.

you know.
guys like you.

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