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Comment Re:I don't agree that these are "conservative" vie (Score 1) 235

but they have also ruled that many of the protections of the constitution do extend to all people subject to the authority of the US government, regardless of citizenship or status.

those decisions you list are in the nature of carve-outs from that larger perspective.

no they cant vote, but they get due process.
no they cant own a gun, but they do enjoy free speech.

Comment Re:Snowden also did something illegal (Score 1) 344

you mean the next fake video from james ive been paid by Donald trump okeefe?
the same okeefe whose every video has been proven to be faked or deliberately deceptively edited?

also, if incite you to commit violence by simply wearing a shirt and saying nothing, then you're still the only person guilty of anything.
this is like blaming rape victims for what they wore, and just as wrong.

Comment Re:sorry my phone is off (Score 1) 400

interesting intersection of precedent and new technology, where the new technology calls into question the validity of the precedent.
ultimately the precedent has value, and continues to do so (ie, fingerprinting or identifying a person).
but this new application is clearly a step too far.
but how to legally justify a contradiction to the precedent without upending it?

Comment Re:Hold down power button and ... (Score 1) 400

its because trump doesn't represent anything remotely American.
its a rare case of bipartisanship.
its true that the democratic leadership is losing middle America, when the working man used to be their base.

its yet another switch up among the parties.
Nixon completed the racial switch.
now we are seeing the education/wage switch.

and this is likely to be much farther reaching, because the truth is most economic opportunity, especially of the type we tell kids will be possible with better education, isn't in middle America. its in the cities, most of which are located on the coasts (though California is a bit of a special case; its geography naturally leading to a near perfect mix; reason why its got the worlds 6th largest economy). and that only helps drive and permanently set the increasing partisan divide which is as much a divide between economic class as it is party. personally I hate that development too, as id much rather live in rural America than a city. but there's no where for me to work there.

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