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Journal Journal: I figured out how to solve the great post by coward problem

If logged in users copied great posts by cowards and put them as a reply, Karma can be given to that person and the post can become top level. I let lots of mod points expire because I will not mod up a coward. I assume that most cowards post as such because their user name is known and they are too lazy to make a new one or are just lazy. I do not want to promote laziness.

It would also be great if on April 1st no coward posting would be allowed.

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Journal Journal: Cowards, please stop posting good stuff. 1

No mater how good someone posts, I will not up-mod a coward. There are so many of them now and almost none of them have a valid reason for posting anonymously.

Please Slashdot add a new down-mode called "coward" which can be used to say good post, I would have up-moded you if you didn't post as coward.
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Journal Journal: troll

I got my first double troll mod, I must be doing something right.

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Journal Journal: Hearing test

Re:Where are the 'real' reviews of peripherals (Score:2)
by pjbgravely (751384) writes: on 11-22-10 10:43 PM (#34313694)
Did you ever think it might be your sound card?
I've always been able to hear high pitches no one else could, like the whine of a CRT high voltage.
Now I fail all those high frequency tests and I have been wondering if it is my real tech audio that crashes when ever there is high CPU usage.
With this story I will add a sound card and will have to retest.
-- I thought it was about time to change my sig. Too bad I have nothing on my mind.

Re:Where are the 'real' reviews of peripherals (Score:2) by Rockoon (1252108) writes: on 11-23-10 09:50 AM (#34317476) You simply got older. -- "We believe that Internet Explorer is a really good browser" - Steve Jobs, 1997

I posted the above a while ago and I finally disabled the dieing realtek sound chip on my MB, and installed an SB Live 24bit PCI card.

I did a bunch of hearing test and although my hearing is reduced at above 16kHZ I can still hear up to 22kHz.
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Journal Journal: Submitting stories

I have submitted a few stories here, and they have always been rejected. Most get axed in 15 min but one made it a whole 1/2 hour. So far none of them have been dupes. The last 2 stories I was going to submit ended up on the front page so maybe I am learning what the editors like.

Anyway, I decided to submit a poll too see how fast that got rejected. So far the poll I submitted on Sunday January 22, @05:20PM is still pending, almost 4 months. Maybe they will actually use it, but it probably got lost somewhere.
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Journal Journal: Me, Myself, and I

This is who I am. First I suffer from Cluster headaches, a rare illness with no known cause and cure. If you would like to know more, check out my gallery on the subject. I am a hacker at heart but not quite there. I am a Linux user, I love being able to do what you want with my computer. I am unemployed with no prospects in my line of work. Change is coming soon. If I stay on-line I will try to update this when my life finally takes a turn. I am a bad speller and I didn't want to spell check this. I am a photographer but don't have a good camera. I also have and use Gravely tractors, the old cast iron two wheelers. I love them because they are made to last forever.

That's all for now,


PS I lied, I did do a spell check

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