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Comment Re:Cut the bullshit, facebook. (Score 1) 196

Do what I did ( if you still can) Block everyone from posting to your wall, timeline or what ever they call it this week. If someone wants to chat with you they will have to message you. If you want to talk to send them your email, and then talk with out having to worry about your conversation ending up in a Facebook ad. Use the connections of Facebook provides without really using it.
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Journal Journal: I decided to submit a story again

I found what I thought was great story. I submitted it and what a change in the process now. Instead of it getting rejected in 30 seconds it has been on the fire hose for over a month. It quickly turned orange ( I still don't know what that means ) and stayed there. I guess the story is dead in the water.

I'm sure it will get deleted so here is the story for the 2 people who accidentally ended up here.

Comment Re: So the tax returns aren't public? (Score 1) 231

No one believes a pseudo anonymous coward! Post with your real name and address if you want to have an intelligent discussion.

(I have to assume that is your name)

You are missing the point. When you reply to a coward and they reply back, you have no idea if it is the original coward or a different coward. This makes having an intelligent discussion with cowards impossible. There could be 10 replies all by different cowards. The original coward may never even know you replied because all cowards share the same email account.

The only solution I have found to this problem is to never read or reply to cowards. Problem solved.

Submission + - SPAM: Bulk of melted fuel in Fukushima no. 2 reactor at bottom of pressure vessel

AmiMoJo writes: Most of the melted nuclear fuel inside the No. 2 reactor at the disaster-hit Fukushima No. 1 power plant is likely located at the bottom of its pressure vessel, plant operator TEPCO has revealed. According to a study that used a cosmic ray imaging system, an estimated 130 tons of the so-called fuel debris remains at the bottom of the vessel. A decision on how to remove fuel from the reactors is due by 2017. Reactors 2 and 3 are expected to be flooded with water to make the process easier, but reactor 1 will have to be done dry, which is much more difficult and unprecedented.

Submission + - Star Trek fan films may not be dead after all.

pjbgravely writes: I found this article that explains CBS's real reason for the Start Trek fan film crack down. They say they are trying to stop huge money making productions full of ex Trek actors( Renegades probably) and they will ignore any small productions now and in the future.

Quoted from the article "Van Citters stressed that the guidelines were not designed to quash fan films... “That’s not what we’re trying to do here,” Responding to compiled fan questions, Van Citters explained that CBS won’t be going after pre-existing Star Trek fan films which don’t adhere to the new guidelines, nor will it be actively reviewing and policing new ones for compliance.

The question is, can they be trusted not to sue any group making a fan film after the new rules came out?

Submission + - SpaceX releases video of full 2:30 burn of a used Falcon 9 (

Peter Hudson writes: SpaceX has so far launched and landed five different Falcon 9 rocket boosters since December 2015, but has not yet reused any of them. Today SpaceX released video of a full two minute and thirty second burn on a used Falcon 9 stage. This is the first time that SpaceX has conducted a burn on a used stage for the full duration of a Falcon 9 first stage boost.

Submission + - Martian gullies not formed by water flow

An anonymous reader writes: Spectroscopy of many of the gullies on Mars strongly suggests that water had nothing to do with their formation, even though these gullies resemble closely similar gullies on Earth that were carved by flowing water..

Color coding in light blue corresponds to surface composition of unaltered mafic material, of volcanic origin. Mafic material from the crater rim is carved and transported downslope along the gully channels. No hydrated minerals are observed within the gullies, in the data from CRISM, indicating limited interaction or no interaction of the mafic material with liquid water. These findings and related observations at about 100 other gully sites on Mars suggest that a mechanism not requiring liquid water may be responsible for carving these gullies on Mars. (Gullies on Mars are a different type of feature than seasonal dark streaks called recurring slope lineae or RSL; water in the form of hydrated salt has been identified at RSL sites.) [emphasis mine]

In other words, these gullies were formed by flowing lava, not water. Considering Mars’s lower gravity, one third that of Earth’s, we should not be surprised if lava is capable of doing things there that it is not generally capable of doing on Earth. In fact, we should remind ourselves constantly that Mars is an alien planet, and that conditions there are different enough to make any predictions based on our knowledge of Earth very unreliable.

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