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Comment Re:This happens to dumb cars as well... (Score 1) 102

Toyota, I think the Camry was the worst had only a small number of different key cuts. If you owned all the keys you could get into and drive any car ( pre-chipped keys). I used to save keys from ever car we owned so if we got a free car with missing keys we might already have the right one.

Comment Re:I'd like a HUD that tells me what it says (Score 1) 292

Strange , I have tried left foot fake braking to get tailgaters to back off in situations where I can't get rid of them. They didn't move an inch off my bumper. The only way I have found is too slow way down (construction zone on interstates makes it legal) and then when they back off speed up.

Of course this varies by state I am sure. Someday I will make a bumper sticker in tiny letters saying " If you can read this while driving go back to New Jersey.

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