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Comment Re:Thanks to (Score 1) 326

I have gotten to the point where I will not read or mod a coward's post. It is pointless to read them because you can't reply and think the coward will every know you did so. I sometime will read a user's reply to a coward but I am getting to the point of not even doing that.

Slashdot has gotten to the point where some stories are just all cowards replying to cowards. If I wanted that I would go to 4chan. Stopping coward posting is the only way to save Slashdot from becoming SlashChan.

Comment Re:Contrary to What Others Say (Score 2) 170

I thought I would use a tablet for everything, but then I found I hardly used it. My 3 screened desktop is just too good at everything. A one app tablet is just a chore to use. switching back and forth constantly. Having everything right there is too easy. The last time my desktop died I didn't even bother getting out the tablet while waiting for the part to arrive.

Comment Re:Screw Frontier (Score 1) 117

I am presently using Frontier DSL. They are slow and I lose my connection many times a day. I am not going to pay cable rates so I am pretty much stuck. At one point they were planning on a 5 Gig a month cap. They dropped that when customers left in droves.

Of course they are trying to stop Google. Where I am moving too they are the only provider. It would be nice to have a the ability to go somewhere else in the future.

Comment Re:Poll Ideas (Score 1) 301

I submitted a pole once. It stayed up for 6 months before being rejected. It was kind of strange since all my story submissions were rejected 30 seconds after they were submitted. I figured I was on a black list. I have long since given up on submitting anything.

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