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Comment Re:It was a lot more social (Score 1) 59

The flip side of this is when you just want to play a game. There is a bit of fun in bashing shit, taking its stuff, then being able to bash BIGGER shit and getting BETTER stuff.

People I know set up a game for after work, asked me to play, and I had to sa no. Why? The thought of having to wait 40 minutes between events where we got things done because you always had to wait for whoever felt the need to ROLE PLAY MY WACKY QUIRKS at that exact time, when I just want to buy some fucking rope, would have made it a horribly unpleasant experience.

I've watched them play a couple times. Its amazing how long a combat takes when every die roll is precedeed by a speech about the glory of wherever-you're-from. ugh.

Comment Interesting way to smackdown spammers... (Score 1) 116

I just got this email - spam, like most of them. It has the following body:

0ur Attorneys have discovered a loop-hole in the banking laws. Applying what
we have found, we're successfu1 by totally eliminating creditcarddebt with
out them having to pay another cent, We know that our firm can help you
with this too.

You can contact us at :
1--3 1 3--263--2706

[[plus that common gibberish that tries to make it look like a real letter from someone...]]

Fun way to tie up their phone number? Hit Google Maps and start connecting their phone number to varous businesses thruought the country. Best part? You can call with their number, and then once it connects to THEM, cancel the call once it starts dailing the business.

Yeah. Good times.

I'm also well aware that this method really does nothing and furthers the abuse, but it's sort of interesting.

Journal Journal: Since we al lhate SPAM

I wrote this a while ago, and decided to pop it up here in the tradition of

which I found during this thread:

Its a totally inelegant thing with a bitchload of bugs, im sure, but I used to run it when I was doing 14 hour shifts at work. I;d come home and see that it had sucked up a couple hundres of megs of spammy bandwidth.

Comment Would their own browser improve search results? (Score -1, Troll) 355

Think about it. If everyone's using a google-sactioned browser, the browser could tell google which pages were more popular than others. It'd be a massive violation of privacy but Google Desktop search didn't seem to take privacy that seriously...

If GBrowser updated every time a page was read, google's main business could profit tremendously.

Comment Re:i remember (Score 1) 45

It doesn't list my name and i routinely get calls looking for Mr...... (my last name.) Bethanie, you know why this happens to me!

Ahem. Only *bethanie* knows why this happens to you?

Aren't you forgetting someone?

A certain ... Vulcan perhaps? *raised eyebrow*

User Journal

Journal Journal: This Week's Enterprise - Anomaly (SPOILERS!!!) 13

Warning: SPOILERS! If you haven't watched Enterprise GO NO FURTHER.

Synopsis from
The mission to find the Xindi takes a treacherous turn when Enterprise is crippled by inexplicable, destructive spatial anomalies that distort the laws of physics. With systems down, Osaarian pirates board the ship and and raid it of valuable supplies. The crew captures one of the marauders, and Archer's sense of morality is tested when he interrogates the prisoner.

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Journal Journal: Arrrr! Shiver me timbers, baby! 24

For I am the infamous Dread Pirate Kidd!

ph34r m3 dr34d m4d sk1llz!

Err....ARRRRR... something like that...

Uhhh...take the test.

Post your results here instead of Bethanie or FortKnox's journal 'cause you like me better. I know you do. ;)

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Journal Journal: Weekly Recap(tm) is delayed and is currently in process... 27

But in the meantime, a poll:

Is netiquette dead?

Do you think, in light of the September That Never Ended[*], that netiquette is dead? I recently had an e-mail I sent to someone in private -- containing informatino of a private nature -- posted on a public forum without my permission. Call me an old fart, but in my day, you didn't do that. You asked permission before you forwarded such mails, and certainly before you posted them in a public forum.

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