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Comment Surface, Windows, Edge performance cheat (Score 0) 260

Microsoft makes both Surface and Windows, so they simply put in an optimized video playback pathway that only Edge knows how to use. It is easy to game when you control both the hardware and the OS. Safari on Mac OS X has an advantage in playing HTML5 videos over all other browsers on Mac OS X. Chrome, not surprisingly, works the best on a Chromebook.

Linux as an OS is about as impartial as you can get in terms of the playing field when doing browser performance comparisons, so if Microsoft ever releases Edge for Linux, then we can have a fair comparison.

Comment User mode memory mapped network stack (Score 1) 341

The real reason is much more nuanced than language differences between C++ and Java. The Seastar network architecture bypasses kernel TCP/IP stack entirely, but instead implements user mode TCP/IP stack using dpdk, which allows user mode to poll network card's packet buffer directly over memory mapped I/O. The user mode stack runs on single core only, but you could run multiple instances on multiple cores. It can scale linearly because there is very little shared state across cores.

C++ with custom network stack vs. Java with traditional network stack is not an apples-to-apples comparison. In theory, you could implement a Java based custom network stack over dpdk as well to make the comparison more fair.

Comment SSL certs for .onion is oxymoron (Score 2) 37

The .onion domain is more geared towards websites run as hidden service so they cannot be identified. If you already use TOR, you can browse regular or hidden service websites anonymously already. The .onion domain protects the hidden service websites from being discovered. For example, SilkRoad ran as a hidden service which made it harder to trace who ran it (but it was eventually discovered by other social engineering means).

That makes SSL for .onion useless. SSL is for authenticating the operator's identity of the website. Why would a website simultaneously choose to be identified and not identified at the same time? That's oxymoron.

Comment Perspective of the last 4 months (Score 1) 364

To be fair, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index still shows that the value is on par with March earlier this year, after losing 1/3 of value. How did they gain 1/3 just in 3 months is a bit beyond belief, but looks like the bubble merely corrected itself quickly. Hopefully this crash will also correct the bubble in the US housing market where foreign capital comes in as investors to compete with the local working people who just wanted a home for themselves.

I've been analyzing the housing market in my neighborhood because my old landlord just sold my unit to an investor who asks for the rent increase from $1900 to $2500. I realized that at the price the investors are offering, they can make only 2.5% APY, rarely 3% APY, at market rent, if they put down by cash which is rare. Most investors still need to borrow from the bank at 3.75% APR, so they lose money. In my new landlord's case, the rent increase is the amount he needed in order to make up for the loss. The foreign investors give the impression they bring in cash because they can't get a US mortgage, so they have to get mortgage from their home country. It's not as rosy (or gleam) as people think, depending on your perspective. I've now seen units on the market ripe for under asking.

Comment Re:Don't go into networking (Score 1) 227

I think you're intentionally conflating networking with something else (which you failed to specify exactly what is "much more"), just to show the world what a smart alec you are. But we are talking about a very specific profession, so please kindly stay on topic. The fact the OP mentioned CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) should give you a clue. Get a clue, pal!

Comment Don't go into networking (Score 1) 227

Don't go into networking unless you're the principal architect. I know a company that outsourced network engineering to the Philippines. They're willing to stay up late at night their time to accommodate for the normal business hour here. On the other hand, you do need some low level tech to do the manual labor of connecting cables and building racks of equipments, but they are not well paid. You need to be the brain that makes the master plan and ensures that outsourced network engineers work well with the local techs.

Apparently this arrangement makes sense because Cisco IOS user interface is so poorly designed so that it requires a lot of training to use. I think the poor design actually inspired a whole job market, it's sad.

Comment You must be disillusioned (Score 1) 649

When ISIS executes prisoners for committing crime against their institution, they are acting on their own self-interest. When the jury declares death sentence on Dzhokhar, they are acting on my interest. I could be a potential victim and am indirectly related to some actual victims, but we otherwise have no authority to declare or execute the death sentence on the perpetrator. The evidence who'd done it was pretty clear from day one, and nothing so far has raised the red flag of him possibly being a scapegoat of some conspiracy plot. Yes, the authority upped the ante on the security theater as the result of the bombing, but even the actors themselves sympathize with the audience about it. Boston is a place where you can find an outdoor concert in the Boston Common where a rapper shouts out "fuck the police" over the amplified sound system, and the police standing there told me with a grin that they have the permission to do that.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Why My Next Phone Will Be An iPhone

tl;dr: It's almost impossible to get an Android phone repaired without parting with the phone for an extended period of time. iPhone repair services are much better.

Comment Re:I used to (Score 3, Interesting) 190

I tried, but the open source projects I contributed to simply won't take my code. I gave them patches and/or commits according to whatever garden variety version control they fancy. I followed their code style and released copyright. The pull request passes continuous integration in green, no flying colors. Never heard back a word. A few months or years later, someone else gets fed up and forked the project. This kept happening to the projects I try to contribute to.

Donating money always works. Nobody ever refused my money.

Comment physical switch (Score 1) 324

Even so, having a physical switch is already helpful. I don't need to worry about the firmware malware if I don't ever have the intention to flip the switch. I only need to take measures to secure the computer against the malware if I plan to flash the firmware. A physical switch is a very powerful countermeasure to thwart remote attackers. U2F tokens also use it to secure two-factor authentication.

Comment Re:phone data usage (Score 1) 237

Obviously you condone double standard whereupon it is okay for someone to fake a screenshot and wrongfully accuse a telecom company of lying, and I who pointed out inconsistency in his dubious evidence have the burden of proof. What kind of wicked creature you are? All I am alleging is that he could have faked his evidence, and I have probably cause to believe that. He is the one who has to show the full evidence and defend it.

I see you are having fun trolling other users in this topic. Here is my favorite Monty Python quote for you and get off my lawn.

I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty-headed animal food trough wiper! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

Comment Re:phone data usage (Score 1) 237

He can say anything about what the picture means as he wants. Some of his figures are pretty, but I'm pretty sure it's not a figure produced by the T-Mobile website. I'm a T-Mobile user, and their site only produces the usage over three billing cycles, Dec, Jan and Feb. I think his "Data Usage By Month Ending" figure is fabricated. The pink color is slightly different from the website's magenta color. Who is the dishonest one here?

I think you have problem understanding what "prove" means.

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