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Comment Super Early, like 4 or 5 (Score 1) 515

My parents saw my love of Pac Man and video games from when I was 3. They got me a computer ti-99 when I was like 4-5. I would type code from magazines on it even though I didn't know what I was doing. When I was 12, I realized I could make all sorts of games with if then, but I couldn't figure out how to do graphics on the c64. When I was 15, I spent like 8 years trying to make the first mmorpg. The first time I quit was because I didn't have socket code for qbasic though the rest of the game was solid. I recoded it in c++, but Ultima Online came out so I quit since I figured there's only a market for one major mmorpg. Been indie devving since. Also have a degree from Carnegie Mellon. But wouldn't you know it that despite coding for my entire life, and having a degree, I can't seem to get employment. I think it is odd that people say software engineers are in demand. Anyway, thank God for indie devving. I don't need some corporation to believe in my skills. I'll just make high quality software on my own.

Comment Re: Better idea. (Score 1) 352

Yah, I started coding on a ti 99 when I was like 5 years old. We got our code in magazines and just copied it. I would also make print rockets. It wasn't until I was twelve until I learned the power of the if statement, and from there, I've been coding ever since. I don't get why its so hard to land a job though. Everyone says software engineering is in demand, but I can't begin my career and I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University. Its okay, the world of Indie development doesn't require any company to believe in your abilities to publisj product.

Comment Coding is a sprint, software development is a mara (Score 1) 192

Ideally, I only code 2-4 hours a day and then exercise a bunch. The rest in between lets you strategically think about your software's architecture so it is stable across updates. Thinking takes more than a couple minutes if you're doing significant projects, so you might as well go for long walks.

Comment Been saying this since the wii. (Score 1) 74

Nintendo had to go the road of gimmicks to sell gaming systems since they no longer have the horsepower of xbox,pc,playstation. They should take their nintendo ip, and make sequels for pc, android and ipad... What would be super cool is if nintendo helped apple make an official joystick for the ipad... Then we could make games with great controls for mobile.

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