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Comment If this is the case, beward companies. (Score 0) 106

Ebay will be called an auction place and have to abide by rules in every town.
Paypal will be called a bank and have to obey laws.
Every tech company figures they're semi avoiding laws at least cuz it is new. The motto in tech ask for forgiveness, not ask for permission. If you limit yourself, you might not ever have a good idea to make billions. I've had many ideas that turned into multimillion or multibillion dollar companies, but I didn't do them myself because I didn't have a crew to do them with. It doesn't bother me, but just reassuring that my ideas are good.

Comment I guess I'm an outlier (Score 1) 167

In all my years developing apps, I only had one live bug and it was basically due to uploading the wrong version to production. Some of my apps are over 50k lines of code! Yet, I can't find anyone hiring a software engineer. Its rough to know your stuff, and hr to not be able to tell you know how to code properly.

Comment Do older programmers even need help? (Score 5, Insightful) 435

Most programmers I know can pick up a new tech in about two weeks and be average at it automatically then gain mastery of it over time. There's no need to have a tutorial because there are plenty out there already.
Personally, I do so much hands on coding and software engineering that I forget the terminology they used in college. I know how to do the stuff, but I forget the definitions they used. Its kinda embarassing in an interview to not know what they're talking about because I forgot the word they use for something super basic. There's webpages for this too. Not to discourage you, but older programmers can train themselves in just a few days if they want to.
Its not like older programmers today haven't been exposed to OO or something game changing. I'd even imagine older coders can pick up new techs faster than kids out of college just because of a lifetime of experience.

Comment This is a long time coming. (Score 1) 231

Only probs is that while everyone knew about solar roofs, one jerk patented it insuring no one would make them. Basically at this point, anything is better than regular shingles even if it doesn't make electricity. If you can find a legal way of doing solar roofs, that saves the customer every 35 years they need to replace.

Comment Whats so wrong with piracy? (Score 0) 112

I don't see anything wrong with piracy. I feel the Internet should be a giant library of information not controlled by IP hoarders. New stuff can be made on passion, crowdfunded, or other alternative money making approaches. I even wrote a book about God which God approved of by answering a prayer via instant message Read about a miracle And the first article in the book says piracy is okay!

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