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Comment Re:Nothing, nothing happens (Score 1) 198

Must not have tried it on the early ones when UI hadn't been invented yet and the manual was translated from japanese to english via chinese.
The way to set the clock was something like :
Press and hold the channel up and down button simultaneously for 5 seconds, then press the channel down 5 times, then press and hold the CH up and down buttons again for 2 seconds, then use the buttons to select the day, CH up and down again for 2 seconds (hoping that you were close enough not to change the day), then adjust the hour, repeat for minute, then repeat for seconds, and then a final double press for 5 seconds to set it.

And then, after you've achieved this, powercuts were commonplace in those days and people just gave up after a few times, hence the flashing 12:00 in many homes.

Comment Re: Positive (Score 1) 316

In a completely free market, you'd be allowed to have indentured servants too.
Contract law can't override peoples rights. And in a free society, you have a right to do whatever you like as long as it's not restricted by law.
So all you need to do is remove/amend the law that restricts people from repairing their own devices and all the clauses in contracts stopping that won't mean a thing.
Sure, they can encrypt their code up the wazoo, but you'd be free to buy software to replace it or do a live patch. You know, like you can replace the OS of your computer or add/replace a DLL.

Comment Re:Dress for success (Score 1) 169

I remember once reading the advice at interview to dress at the maximum you'd be willing to work in every day. So if you're not willing to work in suit+tie every day then don't.
And it works for every industry. If you're interviewing to be a lumberjack, then you won't wear a suit+tie, but you would at least wear the jeans that don't have the grease stains on them.

And the only job I've worked at that insisted on suit+tie every day I didn't last at. I simply can't concentrate with a noose around my neck.

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