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Comment Re:That's 129.2F if you're interested. (Score 1) 355

Not even that. Ghana uses metric.

(You probably meant Myanmar, aka Burma. And they're in the process of adopting metric.)

And that's without even considering the fact that the US doesn't use "Imperial" measurements anyway. It uses "US Customary", which is mostly based on pre-imperial measurements. Fluid measures particularly are different, which makes the old saying "a pint's a pound the world around" a lie...

Comment Re:You can keep Windows 7, did ask for short lease (Score 1) 230

South Australia planned to replace this software after something else was available, so they chose to lease a short term solution. Now they changed their mind and wish they had bought a regular software license instead.

As somebody else has since pointed out up above, you've got that almost exactly wrong...

Comment Re:Will that push Google to do the same? (Score 1) 84

Econ 101 might lead you think those fees should approach the overhead costs and wouldn't be higher than 5% - but out in the real world, shops selling "access to the customers" (i.e. consignment stores) typically charge anywhere between 20%~50%, with better-performing shops tending towards the higher end of that.

Comment And Palin's job is done ... (Score 2) 634

... and done well. She's got you all nicely polarised and arguing about an irrelevance in black and white terms.

Now you're all wound up and ready to go forth and argue with your family, friends, and workmates in similarly polarised terms.

The purpose is to shift the window away from rational & considerate discussion to polarised arguing. She's won.

Comment Re:OK (Score 4, Insightful) 66

Oh, they've had a few (Secunia's down for me at the moment, but there's a reasonably up-to-date list here), so they're not perfect - but yes, they seem on the whole to have their act together.

Sure, they're not as configurable as a cheap Linksys (although they can be pushed to do anything you'd reasonably* expect a home/SOHO router to do), you can't shoehorn Linux onto them, and the lack of a CLI or web interface (a OSX / Win only config utility) is shitty - but they're solid, robust, & pretty secure devices which are almost perfect for the average home or SOHO user.

Oh, and the AC who said "Cannot configure them via a wired port, only wireless (wtf?)" is either a troll or an idiot...

(* running a server, packet inspection, or doing heavily customised routing is not a reasonable expectation for a home/SOHO router - that sort of thing belongs on a separate machine that doesn't have one testicle dangling out on the WAN...)

Comment Re:bye (Score 1) 531

Also on the top right of a new tab is a settings 'cog' where you can choose "Enhanced", "Classic" or "Blank" so you can easily turn this off.

Yes, but the questions people are asking themselves are these: why would I want to use a broswer that keeps doing this kind of shit? Particularly when they have a demonstrated history of removing from display the option to undo that shit, all in the name of 'simplification' and 'a cleaner UI'?

They're not new questions - they come up each time FF decides to 'improve' some aspect of their 'user experience', rather than actually improve their browser.

I, for one, have gotten sick of repeatedly asking myself those questions and am sitting back on an older ESR version. I doubt I'll ever install FF again, and am happy to wait another couple of years for somebody like PaleMoon to get their Mac version reasonably stable, up-to-date, and working.

Comment Re:how about we go back to the old days? (Score 2) 244

I think you meant this:
"Labels lend money to artists to pay the labels for recording their music, then the artists pay the labels to pay the radio stations to play their music, pay the labels to market their album to convince you to buy their $10 collection of songs, and pay the labels to pay the royalty services to collect money from the radio stations (who have been paid by the artists out of the money paid to the labels to pay the radio station to play them) to pay the labels.

The artists then pay the labels to pay them - and what's left is called 'profit'."

Comment Re:Great news! (Score 3, Insightful) 125

It won't actually happen, because our economy is roaring along thanks to the mining boom, and the powers-that-be want to slow it down a bit and rake in some of the dough while the going's good.

Errr, yeah, OK. Checked mineral commodity prices lately?

It's slowing down quite nicely by itself thank you, and no thanks to any (non-existant) government attempts to slow it down. Besides which the Aus govt is still wedded to the completely dickheaded means of manipulating the economy by controlling housing availbility & prices - anything else is a bit too complicated for the "Clever Country"*...

(* Where "clever" means "I negative geared out my arsehole & now have slightly more money than I started with"...)

Comment Re:So what about other drones (Score 1) 99

If Amazon drones can communicate with each other and hopefully perform collision avoidance, how will they do the same with drones from the random Drones'R'Us startup companies that will be popping up all over the place in the next X years?


The whole point of Amazon's current guff about drone deliveries is (a) P.R., and (b) grabbing patents to cover all aspects of drone delivery technology.

Because of (b) there simply won't be any "random Drones'R'Us startup companies" to interfere. At least, not ones that aren't licencing / using Amazon's patented communications & collision avoidance technologies...

Comment Re:Google Streams (Score 1) 359

The YouTube thing was never about getting people on to G+, it was about cleaning up YouTube. Anonymous accounts lead to every video's comments being filled with abuse.

Didn't work. If anything, YouTube comments are filled with even more poisonous shitty abuse from assorted pseudonymous fuckwits than ever before.


Yeah, I see it works just as well here...

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