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Comment School + my own shtuff (Score 1) 515

I got my degree and went to work, hated the work I was doing and quit the job and spent a year part time tutoring math barely affording rent and every morning I'd spend the day working on software. I worked through several books on game development, c++ development and general development practices. I also did some cs work in computer graphics and some math work in cs at school but those did not help me learn how to write truly functional software.

Comment How about reading code? (Score 1) 122

Will the system recognize when I find a piece of code that's an illegible thousand line file filled with SQL queries and no comments as to their purpose? Can it predict when I've been given a task to modify this code and won't do a good job because it's like shitting on a pile of shit? Or is the idea that it will catch the perpetrator of this dung pile and hold them responsible? What if the person who wrote this turd station was completely comfortable shitting onto a keyboard and into a codebase? Their heart rate never skipped a beat when they crapped out this functioning but illegible and unmaintainable mess for which I am now responsible. Looks like this system only finds those who know they're guilty of committing a sin. Not those who are ignorant or ambivalent.

Comment Make better content then (Score 1) 344

Seriously, what's an even playing field? Being forced to host particular content? Netflix is attempting to make the most money, this means appealing to the most people in order to get more service signups. If european content is what european consumers want; I would imagine the netflix would have taken this into account and adapted to make more money in those markets. Instead, there's a EU decision to force netflix to run this content. This is more a fear of losing their culture rather than a market based decision. Disguising it as evening the playing field is a joke.

Comment Great (Score 1) 87

When working on some of the online courses from Udacity I really found it arduous to listen to and watch the videos they posted. The tone of voice used was also kind of annoying.
Just sitting and reading about the concepts is faster, also actually working on the problems provide more education than just listening. I feel that a lot of the harder concepts in GPU computing could have been covered with a small introduction to Monoids , Semi-groups and Groups and those concepts could be better understood in writing than in video.

In any case, I look forward to this minimalist MOOC future.

Comment Weta (Score 1) 40

A video showing how it "could be" created by weta workshop. Yeah it's going to look nice, weta is a top notch shop, but i'll wait till something real is shown before being impressed.

Comment Teach them mathematical logic first (Score 1) 215

Start with the basics. Teach them the foundational mathematical principles so that they have a command over the base ideas before throwing them into a text editor with a strange new language/syntax. If you want those kids to really learn CS, you need them to understand the math first. I mean, if the goal is to show kids what computers can do with code... then just throw them into the code , but if the goal is for them to understand how they're doing those things... you should start with mathematical logic.

Comment Lazy (Score 3, Insightful) 50

Ace of spades already did a pretty good job. This is just quake with worse everything. The bonus, I guess, is that since it's on a console you can create levels with blocks without having to get your hands dirty with real meshes or textures or any of the other things that make development on the PC difficult. I guess a plus for Xbone players... not so much for anyone else.

Comment Another center for self absorption (Score 2) 62

Assuming this project succeeded; I can only imagine that this would be another center of self absorbed web techs and recent college grads. People aiming to make 'apps' that will 'change the face of X' and 'rethink how we approach Y'. Yet, these 'apps', will offer half baked solutions to problems that were solved before but now require you to login to a site to work with.

I could just be jealous of high pay for awful work though.

Comment Re:"Top Learning Language" ...OR... (Score 5, Insightful) 415

I think they're going for teaching conditionals, loops, classes, functions and structure. You don't need to teach them about memory allocation, pointers and memory alignment in an introductory class. You can save that for an asm and C course. Or better yet, a memory class (which I've not seen).

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