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Comment Re:Fooled me once (Score 1) 14

I don't think the Hero 4 line had any of the problems I had, but obviously they had some QA misses.

The new cameras are probably OK. My problem isn't so much with the quality of GoPro products as with how they handled the failures I encountered. Instead of admitting to it and helping customers find a solution, they did their damndest to actively sweep it under the rug. The heat from the Hero3 failures was so bad that the CEO was forced to respond at one point. It was a very frustrating thing to read. Instead of addressing the actual problem (it WAS a hardware problem, not software!), he talked about how GoPro users are a tribe, and we need to be patient with customer service, and of course keep buying gopro products because us shills (ahem, i mean customers) are such amazing people with amazing lives to record and share.

I found the letter: http://goprouser.freeforums.or...

Comment Re:Cool, and no 4K content (Score 3, Insightful) 207

The upscaling is pretty impressive. A good 4k upscaler looks significantly better on the same 1080 source. That said, 1080p give a pretty sharp picture in it's won right. I don't think 4k is very noticeable in typical size family room (i.e. viewing from 10-14 ft away) unless you have a 75" or larger TV. Similarly, if you have 42" or smaller TV 720p is probably OK unless you are sitting 6 ft away from it.

Comment Fooled me once (Score 2) 14

I had major issues with the GoPro 3 series when they were released. It was a latent failure that existed in the the silver/white series which had a slower flash memory controller than the black series. I had several microSD cards get corrupted, and tons of destroyed video data from three different cameras (all "silver" models manufactured during first 6 months of the product release).

The company never took responsibility. Never admitted to the hardware problem (friend of a friend works at GoPro and later confirmed they had a flash memory controller problem was fixed with a hardware rev). Support was non-existent. I wasted probably 40 hours of my life messing with firmware, testing, reaching out to gopro, and finally returning the cameras. Luckily I bought my second one at Best Buy (first was from Amazon) so they let me return that failed unit and then it's replacement failure for store credit (it had been months since I'd purchased the first one).

They were also actively gaming the Amazon reviews. I had my review removed twice.

Long story short, I vowed to never buy another gopro product.

Comment A lot of people use generators in Central America (Score 3, Interesting) 226

It is common for rural areas to be disconnected form the grid and many small communities in Central/South America run off generators. I stayed at a surf/yoga camp in 2011 that was run off candles and generators, even though a place to tie into the grid was only a couple miles away.

When I ruminated about how a candle is probably a worse polluter than a 60W light bulb powered by a coal power plant, the crunchy ex-pat owner got pretty upset with me. I goolged it when we got home and sure enough, candles horrible for air pollution compared to light bulbs.

Comment Re:So this is actually happening? (Score 1, Insightful) 155

I suggest you and the UN read up on internet history before making demands about who should control it. Giving up control to a conglomerate made up of nations that have actively censored the web in their countries in the past seems like a far worse option that keeping things the way they are now.

Comment So this is actually happening? (Score 3, Insightful) 155

Just the other day I was talking with an older German lady at a community council meeting. We were discussing about all the global problems we are having right now and she was waxxing poetic about Chinese an Russian hacking activities on the web. I reassured her that as long as DNS is under US government control, we holds the keys as far as global internet abuse and censorship. Welp I guess that's over.

Seriously, we should not have given this up.

Comment Re:Planed obsolescence! (Score 1) 367

Apple has been selling basically the same form factor -- the iPhone 5 for over four years.

Apple's website does not list the iphone 5 as being for sale.

Apple hasn't sold DRM'd music since 2008.

Pretty sure it was 2009, and the only reason Apple dropped fariplay was because it made financial sense due to their dominant market position and the public's rising awareness of how shitty DRM is (especially Apple's implementation of it).

I.e. I think two of your points are moot/wrong and wonder what else in your argument is convoluted.

Comment Re:Rule of thumb: believe the man (Score 1) 410

No kidding. I read a couple stories and they made my head hurt.

"Jacob invited me into the bathtub and I didn't get in but it made me uncorftable even though I was in the bathroom with him, maybe it was because I was so hungover."

"Jacob shamed me in public once."

The sad thing is that these are supposedly the people at the front lines now, fighting against censorship. No wonder we're losing.

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