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Comment Re:Free time (Score 2) 243

I'm an old millenial (we used to be called gen Y), but technically still a millenial.

The biggest flaw I see in my cohorts is that they try to take on the entire world's problems and blame their personal issues on the rest of the world. The internet makes us so connected that people instantly try to relate themselves into movements and jump to conclusions about a complex problems that really have no bearing on them whatsoever. I think Han Solo said it best... Delusions of grandeur. And when it comes to reflection on where they are today, where they want to be in the future, and the inevitable disappointment; the blame game starts, It might be with their parents, or the school/teachers. or the banks, or the government, etc. There is always some institution to blame for their shitty low income life. It's never their own fault.

Student loan debt is a problem. Maybe you should have chosen a different degree or a less expensive university, as the number of jobs for people with liberal arts degrees doesn't match up the the number of people graduating each year. Similarly, banks charge high fees. But you can always put your money in a credit union.

These are the kind of things I deal with too, but I have found that I deal a lot better with them (i.e. they get resolved sooner) once I take the onus upon myself, instead of blaming everyone from my grandparents to Obama for my lot in life. There was a graduation speech a couple years back where the speaker talked about one subject... "You are not special." I think more people aged 18-34 should listen to that speech and take the lesson to heart before trying to blame their problems on institutions.

Comment Re:"Unreasonable" amount of disposable income? (Score 1) 729

Yeah I think it was worth about double what I paid for it. It had been sitting for ten years under and ez-up canopy out in a field. The tires were rotted, drivers side window and steering wheel were missing, It's got a couple minor dents and the pan is rusted through under the battery but otherwise it's in pretty good shape. I replaced the coil, rebuilt the carb, changed the oil, plugs/wires, and all the fuel lines. Got the window and steering wheel replaced then put some gas in it and started right up...

The issue I'm having now is that I can't get the rear axle nuts off to do the brakes. They were installed with 207 ft/pd of force and have 10+ years of rust built up. Every time I hit em with the breaker bar that car acts like it's going to rock off the jack stands. I'm going to take it to a mechanic soon to see if they can get them off on a hydraulic lift. The rear brakes are so far out of whack that the e brake won't engage and the adjusters are rusted in place...

Comment Re:"Unreasonable" amount of disposable income? (Score 1) 729

1967 VW Beetle. It's in decent shape, could be a daily driver but I have the Haggerty classic car insurance that only allows for 500 miles/year so it doesn't get driven much (and it's been on jack stands the last 6 months). It might worth more than that, I paid $1500 ~3 years ago and put about $1500 into it since then.

Comment Re:"Unreasonable" amount of disposable income? (Score 1) 729

Car obsessed country... No kidding. I'm a car guy and I live in California. My wife has a good job (as do I), and combined we are top 3% median household income or something...

We have 4 vehicles (a $3k classic car, a $6k truck, a $4k suv, and a $2k motorcycle), combined resale value of all our vehicles combined is about $15,000. I work with several car guys that manage their stable of vehicles very similarly to me (one guy has a new leaf because he actually make money on owning it due to electricity rates and his huge power bill).

We have friends that make 30% of the income we have that drive around in $35,000 cars; making $500/month payments when you include insurance. And they talk about their ridiculous cars like they are a necessary burden. It's absolutely insane. The silver lining is that stupid people like that are the reason that used cars are so cheap and plentiful.

Comment FireTv + kodi (Score 1) 226

I saw another person mention this setup. I've run WDTV, mythtv, several windows media boxes, xbmc, and other I can't remember how many others since the late 90s.

FireTV + Kodi blows them all out of the water. I also have the Logitech Harmony Hub + the cheap remote and they work great together. By far the snappiest UI, and easiest to use of any media box I've had previously. Very flexible because it's kodi (I typically either use a streaming service (prime/netflix) or play media off a SMB share on my network), and it's super easy to setup. We cancelled Directv a couple months ago and haven't looked back.

Comment Re:Let Me Tell You About Neilsen (Score 1) 188

I hear you. I agreed to let them monitor our activity but during the initial setup over the phone they started bemoaning about streaming video to my chromebook and trying to say that I can't play video files form my personal library over my network via kodi (vs streaming from the web), so I said forget about it. You'd have to be really hard up for money and not tech savvy at all to work inside their monitoring program successfully.

Comment Re:The denialists need to be dealt with somehow. (Score 1) 331

The problem is overpopulation not "denialists"

Say we stop making carbon dioxide for industrial and transportation needs (not going to happen but lets hypothesize). Sweet. Well, the global population is still going ~double over the next 50 years. By 2250 there will likely be over ~20 billion people on this planet. At that point human beings will have to stop breathing to keep CO^2 levels from rising. What will we do then?

There will be a time when humans start to die off due to overpopulation. Whether it's CO^2, pollution, starvation, etc. It's going to happen, and most likely the poor will be the ones that suffer. My children may even live long enough to see it start happening. Our generation could be the last one where we can spend everything we make in our lifetime, and not have to worry about the survival of our young because we didn't leave them a large endowment.

Comment He needs to work if he wants to make money (Score 1) 428

I don't see why musicians deserve any money if they aren't practicing their craft. When I write an automation script for my employer, I don't expect to get a check every time it gets run. I expect to go write new code, fix new problems, and get paid for working on that stuff. Likewise, an musician should get paid for practicing their craft and they should have to continue working if they want to continue to get paid. There is a thing called "live concerts" where this practice takes place, and the more people that appreciate your art via services like youtube, the more people that will come to your "live concerts" and pay you to work at your art.

All those royalties have gone to Reznor's head. Like Lars and the other RIAA nobles, now Trent thinks he is actual royalty and he is mad that the peasants aren't compelled to pay every tax he dreams up.

Comment News for Nerds? (Score 3, Insightful) 301

This is the kind of stuff that belongs on tmz. The saddest part (other than it making it to /.) is that a bunch of other renowned journalists praised the original article about trump's hairpiece.

"drawing praise from staffers at the Times, the Wall Street Journal, and The Atlantic; and at least three winners of the Pulitzer Prize."


Comment Re:Recession is really a depression (Score 1) 607

Actually no. Your stats are bullshit. This is what commodities traders pay for beef stock

The price of beef has tripled in the last 10 years. Better yet, just go to the grocery store and look at the prices. You can't find tri tip for less than $4.99 lb anymore. It was regularly $2.99 lb a couple years ago (which is supported in the link I provided).

Parent is absolutely correct. The official indices that gauge inflation keep changing what they count, resulting in bad statistics like the ones you linked. There is a big economic problem in this country and it is actively being swept under the rug.

Comment Re:Netflix in 4k (Score 1) 507

Last time I checked,, lossless 4K streaming with a modern codec ( requires ~720 Mbps of throughput. So yeah.. you aren't gonna see much real 4k streaming for a long time. In my experience, pretty much all the "1080p" or "hd" streams (youtube, netflix, prime, etc) and cable/satellite video services use compression that hurts PQ and are comparable to sub-720p lossless quality (otherwise they'd be sucking up ~12 Mbps of throughput). Put on a dark movie and watch for the macro blocking, it's definitely there and it definitely looks like shit.

Thanks to marketing types, the words "4k" and "1080p" don't actually mean anything when it comes to picture quality anymore. You have to say "lossless" first, and then watch all the non-engineers roll their eyes and act like you are being a pedantic asshole.

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