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Comment We cancelled Uverse 2 weeks ago (Score 1) 146

It wasn't over the data cap thing (a host of other issues with their service and billing), but it was a nice coincidence. Also coincidentally, Time Warner Cable is bumping their top tier internet package from 50mbps to 300mbps in our neighborhood this month for the same price (which is cheaper than Uverse's top tier 60mbps service).

Comment Re:My favorite dirty Windows 10 trick (Score 0) 500

Don't knock it before you get used to it. Obivously there is the privacy intrusion etc, and I resisted for a while but now prefer windows 10 over windows 7. Probably my favorite upgrade is the way it handles remote desktop sessions (I do a lot of them for work), especially the window auto-scaling feature.

Comment Collateral Damage (Score 3, Insightful) 126

Like Stuxnet, any attack that the government launches has the potential to affect computers that are not owned by ISIS terrorists (or in Stuxnet's case, Iranian centrifuges).

The more success that Cyber Command has, the more comfortable they will be with with launching cyber bombs. At some point there will be significant collateral damage.

Comment Changed my paradigm (Score 3, Insightful) 132

I no longer consider things like my name, address, social security number, ip address, bank acct number, etc to be "my data." The only things I still consider to be mine are my pictures, films, and music which I back to to external USB drives that I store in a fireproof safe. I leave the bulk of the security of my personal information up to my providers and try to use hard to crack passwords. If there is a leak (I'm sure there will be, if not already) and it affects my livelyhood, I will hold the company that compromised my data responsible. I don't believe that I have any assets that could be attacked that aren't covered by FDIC or identity theft protection, and none (other than title for my house/cars and my 401k/IRA) are worth more than what I can get back in small claims court, so I just don't worry about it.

Comment Re:Not truly the fastest desktop processors releas (Score 1) 29

At a higher frequency, every computation occurs faster. CPU utilization has no bearing on how fast the processor is performing operations until you get to 100% and the queueing starts. What I'm getting at is that a overclock would make your computer faster (likely not percievably however) even if you aren't seeing 100% CPU utilization.

Comment Re:I'm not renewing prime this year... (Score 1) 79

Well it used to say "expidited handling" but they may have dropped that. My problem is that I will make 5 orders over the course of a month and they will arrive in 2 days (awesome!) so I will get an expectation of quick delivery times. Then I will make the mistake of depending on something arriving in 3-4 days, but it will take 6 or 7 (or way more!) and I end up having to go buy the thing somewhere else because I needed it, and then return the one from Amazon. All of this is a pain in my ass. As someone else noted, using USPS on the weekends has boned me a couple times already (one package, a mothers day gift, took 4 months!). Basically I'm cutting back how much stuff i order because I can't depend on Amazon for reliable delivery times, and prime doesn't seem worth it if I'm not ordering as much stuff.

Comment I'm not renewing prime this year... (Score 2, Interesting) 79

Our household spends a lot of money on Amazon, but we are not going to renew Prime this year. I ahve been rodering thing from Amazon since the 90s but my satisfaction level with the company peaked a couple years ago adn has been sliding down since. The reasons we are cancelling are varied:

- Items listed as having Prime often do not arrive for 5-6 business days. This is typical for larger items. It annoys me that Amazon lists tham as prime (to me this means item will arrive 2-3 business days), and their practice of having fine print about extra handling time for some prime items is abrasive. Just don't list it as Prime if it won't be shipped for 3-4 days!
- The streaming video options are weak and I don't like the picture quality
- "Prime day" is a joke
- They raised the annual price of Prime 3x since I signed up
- Items shipped prime from Amazon have shown up obivously used or broken multiple many times over the past year (much more often than before)
- Amazon's support people were really hard to deal with when things in the above bullet point happened
- As far as I can tell "super saver" shipping usually only takes one additional day (and sometimes none) to arrive compared to prime
- I have been finding better prices on many things from retailers like Costco and Walmart compared to what Amazon offers
- Amazon uses a variety of tactics to make the camelcamlcamel plugin not work relably to show price history on an item.

Maybe I will regret the decision and we will sign back up, but we are definitely going to try living without it.

Comment DNS server (Score 1) 620

We used an old 386 Compaq desktoip for a DNS server at my first IT job. That thing was manufactureed in 1991 and we were still using it wen I left the company in 2001... It was funny the day I asked "Hey whats this thing doing here?" and tapped the space bar and my boss freaked out a little. He said something along the lines of 'we really need to upgrade that..."

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