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Comment HTML5 can't replace Flash in all cases, right? (Score 1) 468

Obviously, the biggest use of Flash on the web is embedded video, but this is hardly the only use, and those are seldom mentioned in the HTML5 v. Flash discussions. With Scribd converting to HTML5, the field seems to be opening up (though their use of Flash always struck me as being an anti-copying measure more than anything else).

So far as I know, HTML5 isn't suitable for things like graphical configurators or 3D models (allowing the user to rotate them) -- or is it? There's QTVR for 3D stuff, but it's always seemed clunky to me. And I haven't seen anything but Flash used for configurators. Are there actually reasonable alternatives to Flash for this sort of thing?

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 513

In thirty years of driving through school zones in my city I haven't seen one kid use them. They're all bused or driven in, judging by the traffic crunch before and after school. All school zones do is piss off drivers who don't have kids just trying to get to work/whatever. These are four and six lane roadways that have to slow down to 20 mph from a normal 50 mph, talk about wasted gas and brake material. Never mind the rest of us paid for the cost of expanding the road and putting in the school zones. I know, lets make the parents pay for the zones and every other child protection piece of shit they want and let them face the anger of the working public. How about putting the schools away from the main streets instead of right next door. And remove the bastard who dreamed school zones up.
    By the way, any parent neglectful enough to let kids play near heavily used roadways deserves to lose them. Call it "passive eugenics". -- George Carlin.

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