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Comment Re:Anti-Hillary is not Pro-Trump (Score 1) 867

Why the fuck is this modded insightful. Trump has incited his followers to violence, appeals to neonazis and white supremacists, and has caused holocaust survivors to say "he seems familiar".

Trump and his supporters are a poison in this country, and suggesting Hillary Clinton even comes close to being as evil is delusional.

Comment Verizon Will Bleed Customers (Score 1) 222

Having as much data as you want changes usage patterns. I stream music and movies on my PC, and never would dream of it on my phone with Verizon. The *second* another carrier has the same coverage - Verizon is going to bleed customers who decide "actually I do want to use my phone to stream media". Since Verizon markets streaming media apps - they are feeding the very hunger that will take away customers who want to see those promises delivered on.

Comment Samsung is Not Trustworthy (Score 1) 84

Between how they treat their workers (https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/4yqjvt/samsung_witholding_what_chemicals_are_the_cause/) and their customers (look up the issue with their camera glass on the S7 and how they have responded), Samsung isn't worth trusting. I have an S3 now, no way in hell I'm buying another one of their phones.

Comment Inevitable (Score 1) 140

Programmers like myself like to believe we are exempt from being made as replaceable as possible. We're not. Whether it's Outsourcing, H2B, or crappy projects like this... Greed finds a way. The programmers of today will be the mill workers of tomorrow. I hope society figures out a better economic model by then, because *everything* we've tried up until now seems to fail significant amounts of people.

Comment Re:2 bad choices; Trump may excel (Score 4, Insightful) 993

Trump is a straight up fascist. His threats against entire groups of people, the press... it boggles the imagination he's gotten this far. He's, perhaps appropriately, a loaded game of Russian Roulette. What's even crazier is all the tinfoil Clinton conspiracy theories that have no basis in fact (when there are so many legitimate reasons to not like or vote for her). But she is so very clearly the lesser of two evils (and she even has plenty of reasonable reasons to enthusiastically vote FOR her, crazy I know), it's nuts to see anyone argue otherwise. Next to Bernie she's horrible. Next to Trump she's a saint.

One silver lining, perhaps Johnson and Weld will guide the future of the GOP. The mainstream Republican party has lost it's way, and is imploding. If Mitt Romney endorses them, things could get interesting.

Comment Re:the usual suspects (Score 1) 260

Short term housing and long term housing are indeed in competition for housing units; but based on what do you prefer one to the other? Why is it better to arbitrarily force property owners to allocate more resources to long term housing and fewer to short term housing?

Because otherwise you make having a home impossible for a larger segment of society. How would you feel about making 6 figures and having to move from a nice 2 bedroom into a crappy studio to keep living where you do? The problem with too many armchair politicians is they don't consider the real world impact of policies like this. It means families needing to move and trying to find a job in a new city because they can't afford to live in their homes anymore. It means people getting out of college, and if they are lucky enough to find a job STILL not being able to find housing.

Comment Re:the usual suspects (Score 1) 260

So airbnb demand is going up, and it lets property owners charge far more than long term renters pay, and you somehow think it isn't responsible at all for the housing prices and shortage problem? Not even a bit? That's totally unconvincing. Zoning laws and rent control are part of it, but clearly they need to be updated to state where airbnb locations can happen. Or better yet, let's allow for reasonable airbnb use. Going out of town for a month and want to rent? Using airbnb to meet new people and rent out a spare room? That's all fine. Want to buy 10 properties and treat them like a hotel? No. Use your money elsewhere, or BUY A HOTEL. Zoning laws won't cover this distinction. And I want to be able to keep airbnb and shut down the people abusing the system.

Comment Re:FrAgile (Score 1) 145

I am a software dev of many years too. "Deadlines don't apply". The problem is - over and over - business assumes code is instant. So requirements slip through the cracks. And deadlines remain in place. Would you rather ship a broken product on time, or delay so the developers have what they need? Don't call it agile if you don't want to - but to ignore the reality of software development is bone headed.

Comment Re:those who dont use these sites (Score 1) 189

It's not so cut and dry. When friends and family use the site to organize events, and post photos of you, saying "I just won't use it" isn't practical. If "no one makes you use it" was a sufficient argument or approach to corporate misbehavior we would live in a much nicer world. The reality is when corporations abuse their power - we move to regulate them or as we are able boycott them. (And if a boycott is not realistic, then at the moment turning to public outrage or legal recourse through the courts or the legislature is our best option).

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