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Comment Re:Nothing new (Score 1) 247

Even the summary disproves your statement, nevermind the article. But let's say there's nothing new. So what? An article "companies that say they are bringing you the lowest price are still being deceptive" would be newsworthy anyway. It might be the first article someone less jaded than you reads and realizes what is going on. Or perhaps an effort to regulate deception might start (or perhaps in response to such an effort it might show regulators the companies being targeted are flaunting the new laws). And so on. "Nothing new" might as well reference this stale, boring slashdot comment on a news story declaring it to be non news.

Comment Re:It's not $70/mo (Score 1) 67

This should be modded up even higher. When I see a price from Verizon (or really any internet carrier, RCN is especially notorious for this) I don't trust it. That leads to lack of trust in the company. So then why move to their service when they will bump up the price, tack on random fees, charge me to rent hardware I could buy for cheaper... and the list goes on.

Comment Re:But is Wayland better? (Score 1) 227

On top of that they're doing the #1 thing you're not supposed to do in development: completely rewriting a working system.

Common misconception. You shouldn't completely rewrite a working system if there isn't a need. But what if there's something that working system doesn't provide you need to succeed, or an associated cost that's a deal killer? The FOSS world (and the proprietary world) are both filled with successful examples of people rewriting working systems. Starting from scratch isn't always a bad move.

Comment Spend Money (Score 1) 313

Hire better, more senior people. Hire more staff if you are understaffed. Because if you have enough developers, and they are seasoned, then together you'll come up with a process that works for YOUR company and YOUR team. Or - be like too many companies in a race to the bottom of underpaying, understaffing, and then complaining when it doesn't work out. Or worse - thinking some process or tool will save the day. It won't, and if it did - you wouldn't deserve it.

Comment My Mind Changed (Score 2) 477

Commenting to remove my mod points. I did some reading about Gorean subculture (including Larry's blog post about his experience). Let's clear some things up:
  1. The controversy here specifically is about Gorean beliefs/culture, not the BDSM orientation (using some of Larry's terminology here).
  2. Larry's articulation of his beliefs/culture are nuanced and a credit to him. They made me take a fresh look.
  3. There are some members of the Gorean community who write anti-women screeds. But that's no different then members (sometimes prominent) of major religions. That shouldn't damn the whole sub-culture.

After reading Larry's blog post (and I recommend reading the whole thing) - I've come away realizing Drupal is in the wrong here, and the community is absolutely right to stand up for him. This isn't a man publicly arguing women are less than men. It's a man who is into BDSM and who enjoys a master slave relationship within the context of his romantic/sex life in a way that is wonderfully aware of active consent. That's fine. Some men and women enjoy being dominated, others enjoy dominating. Some like that to mix with how they live life - and that's also fine.

What isn't fine is ignoring the Gorean side of this or failing to see the problems with that culture - just as we need to see the problems with any culture (for example Judeo/Christrian/Muslim culture and how they view apostates, women, and non-believers). I believe we can be critical without blaming everyone in those cultures or destroying those cultures. It's fine to disagree and debate.

Drupal should reinstate this guy (since that seems to be what he wants. Though personally I'd argue he should join a programming community that better respects diversity and values people more.

Lastly I'll add this. It is worth considering that viewing women as less then men can be harmful, even deadly. It leads to treating people as mere objects, restricting their human rights, etc. Look at women in Saudi Arabia for instance. But I'm far more worried about that threat coming from conservative fundamentalist religions than from a sex subculture inspired by novels.

Comment Re:They never learn (Score 1) 99

This is news, and the "this is not news this is expected" crowd is brain dead. Yes it's news when a software company replaces a useful product (that they may have built marketing on) with a less useful product as a tie in for another service. It's worth criticizing google for this as much as it is pointing it out.

Comment For a Project or a Career? (Score 1) 245

For a specific project - look at the ecosystem of libraries and tools, and what you want to accomplish. One project might be easier in java, another in scala.

For a career - look at jobs in your area. Are more people hiring for java or scala? You can learn both of course. Rust is also worth looking into.

But scala is just a language. You don't need to be "math genius" to use one language over another.

Comment Re:Which is lazier and more entitled? (Score 0) 245

Racists are broadcasting their stupidity, hatefulness, and fear to the world. "College Student" here is almost certainly a stand in for "liberal" or "sjw" or "young people". These kinds of comments, made as an AC of course, show how out of touch some people are. And how evil. Keep broadcasting how vile you are - you are pushing more and more people away from your awful nonsense and your trash culture.

Comment Exciting! (Score 3, Insightful) 39

Efforts to get at the root cause of allergies are exciting, and pose the possibility of treatment with fewer or no side effects (an improvement), more effective treatment (and improvement) or even a cure (massive improvement). Yet most of the comments are inane observations about how "fragile" humans are(so should we just stop researching diseases and disorders then?), "now what?" (there will be more research and hopefully practical results!), or about the massive expense, or another tiresome variation of how "this isn't news or doesn't belong on slashdot". Slashdot's community used to be insightful and fun. Now you're more likely to see knowledgeable comments and wit over on reddit. Slashdot seems to have become a refuge for aging techies with a naive libertarian view of the world, an irrational hatred of "sjw's", and a general cynicism. What a waste of what was once a fun place to get news for nerds and read comments that ADDED to the news.

Comment Ironic (Score 2) 23

All that money on marketing and they are releasing a phone with no home button, a dedicated button for an assistant that works for about 10 apps, an "edgeless" screen that will make it easier to activate apps by mistake, and an irreplaceable battery that now has to power a larger screen. Oh yeah, and a camera that didn't get an upgrade despite being inferior to Pixel.

Can't wait to see what Pixel 2 looks like.

Comment Enough of this Naive Missing the Point (Score 4, Insightful) 316

  • "So, if you're a TV writer, why not negotiate a contract which takes into account the new reality of streaming and shorter seasons?" -> The strike is one means of doing so - but TV writers are not like star actors - the studios call the shots. Not everyone works in an industry where it's easy to negotiate if circumstances grow less favorable. And please shut up with the inevitable "why not change professions?". Not everyone wants to, and not everyone should have to. But even if they did - fine. How about all the people upset with their jobs change to yours? Oh what's that? The massive influx of competition is having a negative impact on your salary, work hours, and ability to get a job? Maybe YOU should change professions.
  • "with all the alternative content available, does anyone care...? Would the writer's strike have any serious impact on your life?" -> What is WRONG with you? There is a huge difference between the endless "reaction" videos on youtube and a film like "The Departed" or "Moana". If we want quality entertainment and art - then we have to ensure the people making it can make a living doing it. Which means we just need to be supportive when they say "the studios are making more money and we aren't, and now I need a part time job to support my family, this has to change". Instead of saying "well fine I guess I don't care about tv, movies, or whatever as long as I can watch another youtube star rant about a video game he hates" and sounding like an utter moron.
  • "What is this television you speak of? I watch Netflix". IDIOT. The article is about writers who work for Netflix - and they aren't making enough to make ends meet. You want Stranger Things season 2? The Defenders? Then maybe support the writers who make those shows possible.

What is wrong with Slashdot?!

Comment I work for a good company (Score 1) 548

  • It's normal to work these kind of hours.
  • Management knows what they are doing.
  • It's normal for the company to fire people frequently and without warning.
  • Working long hours then going home and working on open source my company uses for free is normal and a good idea.
  • My stock options are going to be worth a lot of money someday
  • I'll never have to worry about office politics
  • It's okay if the pay is lower and the hours are longer if my company has a great culture

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