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Comment Re: Flash another ROM (Score 1) 119

Yes, it was the Verizon variant. It initially shipped with an unlocked bootloader, but an early update locked it for good. When I got mine it was already locked.
It was especially annoying to me because not only had I run custom ROMs, I had made my own ROMs with every one of my previous smartphones going back to my T-Mobile Wing running Windows Mobile 6.1.
It was half a phone to me.

Comment Re: Flash another ROM (Score 1) 119

Sorry, I guess I should have been more specific. There are a few variants of the S4. I'm taking about the Verizon version. It originally shipped with an unlocked bootloader when it first came out. Samsung then updated it with a locked bootloader and it has never been cracked. By the time I got mine it had already been patched with the locked bootloader.

Comment Re:He is an idiot... (Score 3, Informative) 305

You are underestimating the complete and utter cowardice, apathy, incompetence and spinelessness of the Democrats.

As a newly elected member of my local Democratic Central Committee, I can attest to this. We took over from a bunch of geriatrics who seemed to be in it for the social gatherings and photo-ops with elected leaders, so maybe we can move the ball forward a bit. Or maybe not. It's tough sledding when the leaders at the top are basically Rockefeller Republicans.

Comment Re:Wind resistance doesn't care (Score 1) 273

It would absolutely have to have a radiator. Given the data we now have on EVs in the wild, it's apparent that thermal management is the most important aspect of Lithium Ion battery longevity. GM, Tesla and BMW all who use liquid cooling for their batteries have fantastic records so far when it comes to battery degradation (or lack thereof) while makers who have opted for air-cooling like Nissan have shown less than stellar records.

Comment Re:Let's be clear here (Score 1) 422

Republicans who support it do so for three reasons, 1) a firm belief that God is on their side (stated, probably not truly believed) 2) They are being paid off in the form of campaign contributions (at least) by companies that do not want to have to follow rules. 3) a stupid belief that the earth is sooooooooo big that humans can't really have an effect on it.

Number 2 is the "reason." One and three are rationalizations aimed at distracting the people from the reason.

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