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Comment Re: Add SSN and it is a deal (Score 1) 280

They are the ones that approved selling this info. If they have no issue with selling your and mine SSN, then I have no problem posting theirs. Yeah, not sure that I would want to go after their kids /GKs. While these GOP are pure trash, it was not their kids/GK that did this.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 310

What I'm talking about is different from that trope though. The trope is:

Arc begins ... pointless filler ... arc ends.

What I'm talking about is:

Introduction ... arc begins . arc ends

Filler up front, if you will. But the shows I like are complete stories in that 1 season (in the rare case of a second season, like Ghost in the Shell, it's a disjoint story arc, not a continuation of anything but the characters).

Comment start with blackburn and Flake (Score 3, Informative) 280

This is the rep that is pushing this; Marsha Blackburn.
And here is the Senator pushing this;

Anybody who is represented by these ppl should let them know that the internet is waiting to know all about them AND THEIR FAMILY, including kids and grandkids.

Comment Add SSN and it is a deal (Score 2) 280

Seriously, we need to get the address, family info , and SSN as well.
That will make these GOP rethink what they are doing.

And if at all possible, lets find out what businesses these GOP own and interact with. It could an interesting source of money for them.

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