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Comment Re:... move to a shared, distributed database ... (Score 1) 93

Blockchains solve the double-spend problem. Great, but banks don't typically have that problem in the first place because the currency is not the record.

It could be another strategy for getting to a cashless economy. If the money is digital it can be cut off, confiscated, or pretty much anything the controlling authority decides. The only way it would be allowed to go forward is if there's a way for government to control and track it.


Comment Re:Extrapolation? (Score 1) 149

Goldman Sacs does OK, though. There have been plenty of systems that beat the market over the years, but there are no old systems (well, legal ones). Most people are idiots, of course, but hire enough math PhDs and throw them at a math problem, and you'll make interesting discoveries. That time has largely passed now, because all the pattern detection and so on is itself automated, gaming the pattern detection is automated, gaming the bots that game the pattern detection is automated ... it's trolls all the way down now.

Comment Re: iPhones just one affected component (Score 1) 81

Ironically, 3G coverage can be *better*, or at least be made usable at greater distance with a bigger antenna. 2G-GSM has a timing-imposed hard limit of approximately 25 miles, regardless of signal strength. 3G-GSM is basically CDMA2000-1xRTT data, with wider channels (using VoIP instead of circuit-switching). That's why Australian & Canadian CDMA carriers used to be popular with remote users, and why they were able to switch to UMTS/HSPA("3G") with minimal drama... 2G-GSM was unsuitable for service in distant rural areas, but 3G-GSM was pretty much just like CDMA2000 coverage-wise.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 546

The reality is clear. It sucks to have a mistaken belief about reality that interferes with your daily life, but that doesn't change the reality. Also, realty is rarely what we want it to be, but retreat from reality in the face of that is unhealthy - heck, it's the source of a wide array of mental illnesses.

Comment Re:Best fucking part (Score 2) 546

No. The "funny" part will be if he surrenders to the Brits, who hand him over to the USG rather than Sweden. Thus proving the rape allegations were a farce, a mere pretext to get him arrested and extradited to the United States.

Maybe you missed it the first time: there is no US extradition request for Julian Assange.

Your Assange fanfic could be a little more believable. Keep working on it.

Comment Re:... move to a shared, distributed database ... (Score 1) 93

unless, of course, you manage to get a majority of the people to record it incorrectly... but gee, that's impossible, right?

Nothing's impossible. However, the relevant question would be, is it harder to subvert a blockchain-based system (where you need subvert "a majority of the people") than the current system (where you need to subvert only one person, as long as it is the right person)?

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 0) 546

Assange is the press. Unlike the MSM (which I assume, correct me if I am wrong, you call the "press"), which is nothing short of political democrats wrapped up in faux "Impartiality". The difference is, Wikileaks has a PERFECT record of reporting actual "Facts", while the MSM is still lying to us about "Russian Hacking" the election.

AT BEST, Russia hacked the DNC and Democrats, and they came out looking like the assholes they are. IF that influenced the election, the DNC and Democrats have nobody else to blame but themselves. And guess who is helping cover up the ineptitude of Hillary, the DNC, and the rest? The complicit MSM was also implicated in the massive collaboration to derail Bernie even before Trump got the nomination.

Wikileaks just published everything it had, didn't hold back info, and has a perfect record of not getting anything wrong on things it has "leaked". So, if you want to compare Wikileaks to the "press", I am sure you'll find the MSM press lacking. Unless you're a democrat douchebag bootlicker.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 4, Insightful) 546

Does any of it matter? She wants to be referred to as "she", so unless you have some particular reason to be a asshat towards her why not just do it?

When talking to him directly? Sure, it's only polite to call him "her". Heck, I've been to enough cons - if someone wants to be a Klingon ship captain, sure, I'll play along if they're there and in costume. But they still aren't Klingon, and I'm not going to think of them as Klingon, or refer to them that way in normal conversation.

There's a quote sometimes attributed to Lincoln: "How many legs does a dog have if you call a tail a leg? Four - doesn't matter what you call it, it's not a leg".

My sympathy towards anyone with a mistake belief about reality that interferes with their daily life - psychoses suck. But I'm not going to participate in their reality.

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