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Comment Butcher-off these power-mad fanatics before .... (Score -1) 87

... they aggregate power sufficient to obscure  damning Godels curse on non-human understanding. Think about it. Had you the money and power , to force the impossible into the necessary , does pure everymans self-interest require you to be put down ASAP ?

Comment So OR likes Niggerland/Muzzi-Wo values do they ... (Score -1) 637

Not a gamr myself so fuckem!  Still ..... mebby OcRi_devs can move to Togaland or Raqqa .... belly-up lib.comz for a super dose of EBOLA and throat/clit cutting foolery !  Like that Bantu/A-Rab neolith culture?? That's the meme of the post-modern American progressive (EDEPs really) , Niggerizing the American paradise and tolerating  degenerate and corruptive Semite politics vis' Syria/Iraq/Turkey/Chicago/Detroit/Charlotte. Sand Nigger Obama will lead you on progressive fools, while the yeomanry ...  Lock N' Load palsy. 

Comment So vig is a product (Score -1) 108

Your word toonboi - - PRODUCT. Tony and Vito would certainly agree, that a cut of my earnings belongs to them.  But the FBI had to put  amateurs outa business before Wall Street $$$-sluts found another libertarian virtue. Most  classical historians opinion ... shoot a couple cutpurses - - pussy rich-fucks - - betcha the on-time-pay is free real quick !

Comment SJWS crap (Score -1) 39

That anything should explicitly promote equality .... drooling SJW crap or self-interested power-grab.  Democracy neither implies nor requires equality ... of which none in any aspect of human behavior has ever existed ... nor will it ever.  Ram an iron bootheel down Chomsky and Alinskys throat!  The more  efficient & robust republican (constitutional) form of governance literally DEMANDS inequality  - - that is reflects reality - - and discipline. Less able  citizens function by good judgement  , that virtue  pushing  ahead  and above those more able. Choke on it  SJW bytch. 

Comment A dozen or so (Score -1) 618

Just hypothetical ... mind.  Kinda like Federal judges Niggerizing American education and  white citizens took the buttfuck. . Should not even be a masters-level thesis to demonstrate that if a dozen or so UCal admin$ were **outsourced** promptly, no further outsourcing would be contemplated. Similar to Alinski teaching: if you don't have-the-gun ... negotiate. If you have the gun use it early and often. How many FatKat or DemoRat  gestapo poodles will take-a-bullet for "the man" ?   Got a number - -  cause that number determines whether such action constitutes terrorism or republican revolution, winner take all. 

Comment Re:It is about central planning. (Score -1) 531

Central election fixing? Sand-nigger Obama.nation and his Soros-funded thought-crime neo-Stalinist poodles are all for it.  Some beg to differ and would rather trash  'progressive' hoodlums, and bangerboiz. REM// bitch, wherever and whenever you are ... I'm behind you.

1) soap box
2) ballot box
3) Jury box
4) ... you need a postcard palsy?

Comment Abram = drooling warmest poodle (Score -1) 709

I call 180 year  environmental behavior  **weather** ,not climate.
May I repeat ... what repeats or counter-repeats over 180 years fits the ilk of weather ( like yesterdays rainstorm).  Say 1800 years measures something closer to  fundamental gradients in the earths physical chemistry and 18,000 years measures physio-chem, 180,000 biochem and 18,000,000 geochem.  Delta-functions in sun and earth-core actions may be considered "externalities" ... as a worker unemployed by Obama.slut globalist trade policy is considered  external to an elitist  economic system. 

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