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Comment Re:Lesser evil (Score -1) 1004

Trump will kick progressive *zzwhole without blojobbing Ryan and Cruz. Bytch-Hillary ... kracker mafia ...  and her drooling femi-nazi / Bantu / *edeep* /globalist-pimping poodles are the greatest threat to the American republic.  Put them down ASAP by any means including the vote  along with the sand.nigger Kenyon slut what brung 'em. 

Comment Russki hacker is republics backer (Score -1) 692

Woo Hoo a Russki hacker fucks bytch-Hillary  and her progressive poodles butt-wise. How truth hurts progressives hehehe;  how fun. Not that femnazi-sluts worth-a-fuck of any kind, but we republican fascists enjoy the enemies current pain.  For the real screamers gotta wait until after THEDONALD  smashes iron bootheel thru the face of Obamas Bantu neoliths and Hillarys' pow(d)er-hoes. 

Comment Facebook = globalist rawlsdian pimp (Score -1) 270

Of-course globalist slut-boss Zuckerberg  gonna  block info not favourable to  poodle bytch-Hillary.

Straight white northern Euro Aryan ass-kickers are no pals of Jewboi globalists like Bezos and Brin and  Pritzker and Zuck.  Or of the  ebonics/cracker-mafia like Clinton. Such elite-sluts figure big-media control = total voter control. Thank the white Christian  yeomanry,  traitorous American globalist elites are in for a nasty surprise ... and maybe Yggdrasil willing some painful lesson afterwards in (re)publican payback. 

Comment Re:jobs decrease but people need money (Score -1) 1140

No. The world is  not fair; no creature  is entitled; alpha-1s do not share victims;  world's not a  human resource, but a vipers nest of creatures looking to humans as FOOD ! Your basic is my spastic; an ugly bitch is untouchable. Income is what I can do and you cannot. You are guaranteed to die younger than anyone else. Fuck off.   

Comment Re:YOU HAVE TO GO BACK (Score -1) 278

Muzzi-wogs are special USD-inspected PRIME azzwholes ... every Suni/Saudi a savage Semite pervos .....  France asked for them and France is getting the butchery it deserves. But, here, in the USA dealing with sand.nigger Obama.husians insanity  republican patriots may well  butcher-out every Muzzi-wog and their race-traitor white pander-pals and Bantu neoliths. Yep that's a cheap price ---  slaughtering couple-a-million savages --- to maintain  the straight white Christian culture of Euclid, Aristotle,  Archimedes, Livy, St. Thomas, Erasmus, Gauss, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Feynman & THEDONALD.   If you're some globalist camel-fucker or neo-Stalinist who thinks they can drive me from my own streets, I'll see you there palsy ... but remember where-ever you are ... I'll be behind you ... 

Comment Re:Potential for abuse (Score -1) 106

Of-course ... in a well-maintained free-republican mono-culture  ... using straight-white-Christian morals for example ....  vigilante justice  against perps is the norm ...  formal-law and courts covers a tiny portion of the most horrific and complex human behavior ... **common(s) law**  and the posse cover the rest. Yes -- accusations not robustly addresses in person get you (socially) crucified. Now true, in a  damnable Semitic, neo-Stalinist tyranny behavior ( law ) is imposed externally, by arbitrary diktates of the governing power ... Law precedes common social behavior rather than devolving from it ...  to see such classic Semite behavior GOTO ISIS/ISIK_land for ALLAHs modern example. 

Comment Brits iron heel smashes globalist pussy (Score -1) 621

Out means out ... Brits  just taught the USA a lesson in excellent mean-spirited anti-globalist process ... smash those   globalist bastards  ( vis anti- Euro-pussy union ) and keep smashing! Now  --- by electing THEDONALD -- to repeat the trashing against Obama.husain pimp and kraker-mafia bitch Hillary.  Send her back whoring the globalist WallStreet blojob. Rigid tariffs benefit  USA workers ... use-it-here / make-it-here with all citizen labor!

Comment Ain't even started ... whites discharging power (Score -1) 983

Protected by POTUS sand.nigger Obama and a vipers nest of WICO race-traitors,  stupid, violent and lazy  Bantu want to go wilding against their betters. Feckin-A pad're any student-of-history will tell you it's a long time coming ...   American whites tire serving parasite, savage Bantu.   Seventy-five million armed white-men  have a chore. And when the butchery finishes an historian will feel no surprise if not one nigger left breathing in North America.

Comment Ha ha use King Tuts airplane (Score -1) 298

Of-course ya die  peon sucka ... to  cheaply use tecknos meant for the uber-wealthy. Did Pharaoh have a personal jet with Ra-babes stewing ? If so, you'll never see it peon --- you get the quick-and-dirty quad-flamingo model or get nothing ... and consider yo'self lucky. That  rude trade-off between safety and slickness ... or ride a fuckin-A  ISIS.controlled camel from Thebes to Istanbul.

Comment get what you deserve (Score -1) 1010

So grasshopper ... you wanted the  Oxbridged Arkansaw mafia and Bantu Rawlsians running the USA ... well snowflakes you got 'em .. and all the perfidious consequences like a corrupted FBI. Mobocracy & female hormones in action ... not  the jealous liberties of a robust (re)publican yeomanry.  Dammn you *zzwhole. This for free: I'd just as soon see you + slut gestapo in-the-streets about those choices. Keep on drooling, bitches causes  history makes funny choices.

Comment Concrete boots and social monopolies (Score -1) 173

Students of history observe negative feedback issues. Where a few rapacious landlords  end  up  swimming with concrete boots all sorts of proprietary rent-seeker  arrangements cease to be pimped. Is this a universal proposition?  Does greed out-weight fear in rent-seekers febrile brains? A man of experience knows that only experience can answer that question.

Comment vigilance .. vigilante ... ass*uck (Score -1) 150

Wonder how many BigCo execs would need to roll over Niagara Falls in plywood barrels before every state passed a PRO you-buy-it-you-fix-it law ? Call that DIRECT ACTION against mercantile oppressors. State and national legislatures are all bought-and-sold by Bilderberg fatKats, and Gub'nors/POTUS are  bitch-poodles for billionaires Soros/Brin/Cook/Nadella/Gates/Prince Saud etcetc... : No issue of right/wrong ... better/worse just that of power to rule.  Which reasonably places the (re)publican burden-of-leadership directly on the yeomanry.  I believe in matters of power  .... should you insist on the polis of a western man  ... act or get f*cked is the rule.  And if Sulla, Mary-of-Geuse and Jefferson have not taught you the liberties and  practical requirements of self-rule, then Sinn Fein, the VietMin and ISIL ought to have caught your attention.

Comment free trade *zzfuck (Score -1) 79

You wanted free trade, globalist pimping bitches? You  gotta buy that cheap-stuff, every firmware/software tool back-doored and monitored ....  got the clue,  now get the blues with an un-lubricated  slant baseball bat. Chrisake hard to tell if pink-Bernie shlubs or Libertoon prancer$ are more  consciously wicked.   

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