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Comment Re:My job... (Score 1) 352

Because american workers don't have unlimited rights to immigrate to india.
Because the cost of living here is much higher. A person will starve to death on the same salary that would be excellent in india.

Now, IF capitalism were allowed to work and we could buy products from india at the prices indian consumers pay- that would help a lot. But we have artificial laws preventing that.

Flatly ILLEGAL web sites offer the same drugs for sale from india at under 1/4th the cost the same drugs are sold in the U.S.

Microsoft charges U.S. citizens over $1,000 for the same products they give away free to indians.

It's a short term problem. It's going to resolve itself and indians are going to experience tremendous inflation while u.s. workers stagnate until automation wipes them both out.

And then it will be very stark. Some people will have money and the majority of everyone else in the world will have no way to trade their labor for money ,food, lodging. And at that point, the mass market collapses.

Comment Charging points (Score 1) 245

Charging points in Britain require that you have the right card for that charging point and there are several different cards. Each card has a membership fee and given that you would normally charge at home and only use a charging point in an out of normal situation you have no way of knowing in advance which card to get. This is a serious problem.

Comment Re:2 accounts? (Score 1) 143

"That would violate the "real name" policies of services like Facebook and Quora [] — you can lose that "important" account if you do that..." If you think that a Facebook account is "important" you have your priorities wrong in life. I would rather lose an account than publish personal information publicly.

Comment Re:Shocking!!!! (Score 1) 191

Cultures differ. I find the European mindset of desiring the state to provide for their needs to be immature. Maturity, in my opinion, requires a realization that no one has a right to another person's matter how much they claim to "need" it.

I get that: and I look down on people at the outer suburban shopping centre who are mooching off my labour.
But. we already have plenty of overproduction of the basics of life, with tons of automation coming that will displace lower skilled jobs. So were are heading for a more socialist society whether we like it or not, and the USA is behind the 8ball on this paradigm shift.

Comment Re:Shocking!!!! (Score 1) 191

It has always surprised me how little protection a US worker gets. Like your health care system; it sucks compared to the rest of the modern world (unless you are rich)

There seems to be this culture in the US of : There is nothing stopping you from becoming rich and powerful; and if you don't work hard enough, then you don't deserve anything.

Its like a society that got stuck at the selfish adolescent stage if independence, rather than moving to the mature state of interdependence. (ie like the EU, Canada, Australia, NZ), where society realises it need to provide basic health and employment protection services for those that aren't as smart, healthy or motivated as others.

Comment 2 accounts? (Score 1) 143

Far better to have a cutsie account in your real name with only polite BS and a 2nd account in a different name where you can be honest. No politics or opinion on your real name and open an incognito browser before logging in to the real account where you say what you really think. A cut down account is far too dangerous as it would still be the person that the junta in Thailand are looking for for criticising the way they arrest, murder people or sell Rohinghya into slavery. It is not just the US who want to read your Facebook page. Better still, leave Facebook and meet your family.

Comment Re:Witness the Wastelandroid (Score 1) 130

What does "I myself" add which just saying "I" lacks?

I spend a little money on apps but I think the point with Android is you don't have to. I don't know what Apple owners are spending money on but I think it's great you can get a reasonably cheap Android device and can go months/years without having to buy an app; it means the OS and free apps/games are doing the job. Why spend money on stuff you don't need when you can save it for something you can justify? And in case you were wondering, Android is still miles ahead of Apple in terms of market share, so it's not as if people are going to suddenly stop developing for Android (it's always been this way).

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