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Comment Re:Dictionary attack? (Score 1) 43

"By all appearances, Apple's assertion that this is a collection of information obtained from other sources, rather than an actual iCloud leak, appears to be true"

"Most of the people admitted to reusing the password on other major sites, though a few claimed they hadn't."

I re use passwords too. There ain't no one who doesn't. That some had unique passwords is significant, yet you gloss over that. You can think that some users are lying, but i'll bet its for real. I re use passwords, but for very important services they are of course unique. Having remote whipe on a phone seems to fall in that category, so I am inclined to believe that some are telling the truth.

If even one is, it means that somewhere got compromised. Maybe they only have a few hundred accounts, but still, they probably do have the ability to do what they say they can do, and most users should change their passwords in any case.

can't be too careful...

Comment Re:Hahahahaha (Score 1) 127

I can't stand when the movie ticket says the movie starts at 8:00 and they don't even start the "reel" until 8:20. I don't mind watching "on-reel" previews, but the slide show with Jim-Bob's used Jalopies and Local Yokel Coffee should stop at 8:00 and the "reel" needs to play.

(yes, I know it's not really reels anymore)

Comment Re:Hahahahaha (Score 1) 127

I'm in Houston. I do know of one theater (if it's still there) in Texas City that's rather old where I could get tickets for about $6 in the middle of a weekday while everyone else was at work, otherwise they were about $9 which was still cheaper than everything else. $3.50 isn't going to happen around here on anything that's not about to come out on DVD in a week or two anyways. The Texas City theater was old enough to have non-reclining old-fashioned narrow chairs, older sound systems, etc. My parents tagged along to that one when I took my daughter to see a cartoon one time and they said they never wanted to go back to that one, they would rather spend the money. I worked overnight a lot when Texas City was in range so it was one of my preferred places to go in the summer because I could watch a movie in the morning then get home in time for my noon bedtime, or shortly after. Generally I would go to the dollar theater that was about a half mile away from my apartment and watch whatever was showing that seemed interesting, but in both cases only in the summer. I found out from working the night shift a lot that theaters tend to open earlier in the summer and near holidays than they do during a normal work week.

I have observer that normal rules of supply and demand don't apply to movie theaters. The newer and more advanced a theater is the more they can charge for a ticket, and they're likely to get it. The older but still nice ones can charge a bit less and stay full. Really old theaters -especially the kind that are in shopping centers - must be renovated into either a dollar cinema or a restaurant theater to stay in business. I don't know of any that currently fit the description of old and open that are still operating in their original build-out or purpose.

Another observation I've made - the population density has more to do with ticket pricing and theater quality than anything.

Comment Re:Hahahahaha (Score 2) 127

I personally follow your logic. I am much more likely to buy a BluRay later on and be happier because I get to keep it for about the same price or less than the rental. In fact a significant part of my movie collection is from the bargain table where they sell the former Redbox rentals and the like, I rarely pay normal retail for anything.

A house full of kids and family is a different thing. I consider what I described as an event, not a habit or one-off viewing. I can buy disks for my own thing as a habit and would by default rather use something in my own library. If however it's a kids birthday and I they want a movie party it's cheaper to do it the way the article describes than it is to rent the theater, or buy a bunch of tickets. When it comes to a kids birthday party all the kids probably already watched what's in my video library, possibly on other one off occasions at my place. In short I consider it completely different than a pay-per-view that you seem to be comparing it to. If I did it at this price once a year it would be surprising, but I would like the option to exist. In fact I wouldn't be against a sliding scale, even $100 during the premier week, $50 the next week etc... If it were for an event it would still be cheaper than buying a bunch of tickets or renting out a birthday/event room, and the kids can watch it in their pajamas and not worry about noise levels the way they wouldn't in a theater anyways.

Consider this a favor to movie goers that I keep this bunch out of the theater.

Comment Re:Hahahahaha (Score 5, Insightful) 127

If they make it soon enough after the initial release it would totally be worth it.

$30 is ~ what you would pay for two tickets during non-prime hours, without the popcorn, soda, and goobers. If this were a family movie I could have my wife and kids plus whatever relatives and friends (especially their kids) in front of a current in theater movie with all the popcorn my hot-air popper can make and all the 3-liter soda and candy they can handle during that time period for less than the cost of three tickets.

The biggest problem I see is the spills directly affect furniture I own and I don't get the public performance benefit which counters my wife's pause button abuse issue.

Comment Re:This is bullcrap (Score 1) 517

They get a saw and cut your nice expensive safe open.

And then everyone whines and complains because Apple (or the encrypted device manufacturer) has the knowledge of how to use a saw to cut this type of nice, expensive safe open.

Frankly, I think using the physical device analogy is good though. If the hard-coded decryption key is etched into silicon and only readable by physical access and some very expensive equipment then having an unlock brings us to almost exactly the same point: legal custody (whether of the safe or the device) means that eventually the authorities will be able to get into it with a warrant and/or subpoena.

The Military

The US Army Finally Gets The World's Largest Laser Weapon System (bizjournals.com) 130

It's been successfully tested on trucks, as well as UAVs and small rockets, according to a video from Lockheed Martin, which is now shipping the first 60kW-class "beam combined" fiber laser for use by the U.S. Army. An anonymous reader quotes the Puget Sound Business Journal: Lockheed successfully developed and tested the 58 kW laser beam earlier this year, setting a world record for this type of laser. The company is now preparing to ship the laser system to the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command in Huntsville, Alabama [according to Robert Afzal, senior fellow for Lockheed's Laser and Sensor Systems in Bothell]. "We have shown that a powerful directed energy laser is now sufficiently light-weight, low volume and reliable enough to be deployed on tactical vehicles for defensive applications on land, at sea and in the air..." Laser weapons, which complement traditional kinetic weapons in the battlefield, will one day protect against threats such as "swarms of drones" or a flurry of rockets and mortars, Lockheed said.

West African Village Weighs Using Genetically Modified Mosquitoes In Malaria Fight (scientificamerican.com) 112

New submitter omaha393 writes: A public engagement campaign is underway in the hopes of convincing Burkina Faso residents to allow the release of genetically modified mosquitoes to combat deadly mosquito-borne pathogens. GM mosquitoes rely on a technology called "gene drives." Different gene drives offer different solutions, typically leading to subsequent broods being sterile, predominantly male, resistant to infection or nonviable due to toxic traits. Researchers in this case are only in the preliminary stages of releasing sterile males but hope to begin wider releases of GM mosquitoes in about 6 years.

Burkina Faso is not the only country to pursue GM mosquitoes in efforts to prevent disease. Brazil has become a testing ground for wide release, and last fall voters in Florida Keys approved measures to begin releasing GM mosquitoes to fight the spread of Zika. Both the WHO and the U.S. FDA have approved the technique, but skeptics are critical of the method.

Comment Re:Mission Critical? (Score 1) 89

No, things haven't changed much. The DS and 3DS also have very easy methods of piracy, and that didn't stop either of them from absolutely dominating the handheld market.

I'm pretty sure GP's "piracy dooms systems to obscurity" meme is borne of the oversimplified copypasta about the failure of the Dreamcast.

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