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Comment Here's what I did... (Score 1) 161

I actually canceled my Netflix streaming account a couple years ago, and went DVD-only. Then about 6 months ago, I realized that I was spending about $3/movie that way. I switched to VidAngel at that time, and have been thrilled with the service. $1 rentals, streamed, and with a full selection of all the latest studio hits. Only drawback is that the first movie cost $20.
And yeah, this is a slashvertisement; if you access via this link, I get a free movie if you sign up. If you don't want to give me a free movie, use this link instead.

Comment Great, an Apple car. (Score 1) 131

What are the chances it will be incompatible with existing roads?

What are the chances that after we build the roads for the Apple cars Apple will change the newest cars to require a road upgrade, and that upgrade will still work with the previous two year models, but will keep the old cars from working on the newest roads?

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 324

The state can make a law requiring you buy their product; a company can not. (In fact, this is what happened with Obamacare.)

The state can forbid competitors; a company can not.

The free market is far more consistent with a political philosophy of individual rights.

Comment Re:Init alternatives (Score 1) 329

In my experience, Slackware is a lot (very noticeably) faster than Fedora on the same HW. I don't know whether it is due to systemd or SELinux or something else entirely, but if you need raw speed, then you seriously should consider going back to basics.

Fedora would have been well served by following Debian's DashAsBinSh project back in the day. Post-kernel boot times might have been cut by up to a half or so, thus dulling the argument for systemd to begin with.

Comment Re:Init alternatives (Score 1) 329

It isn't so much that "old is bad" as that the new is more likely to have been designed with modern paradigms in mind. Despite your dismissal, parallelism in particular is important, especially as Linux has taken a role as the embedded OS of choice for smart devices and cheap laptops.

Linux was succeeding quite well in the non-RTOS embedded space and with cheap hardware long before systemd came around. And an embedded device (aka, an appliance) is precisely where you want the MOST deterministic functioning. You don't just randomly through a bunch of parallelized shit in there and hope systemd all figures it out for you.

The fact remains that the previous init harness was perfectly reasonable. People that needed service management, socket launching, and other functions had options in daemontools, inetd/xinetd, runit, and myriad other tools out there, while rc (on BSD) or the chkconfig-controlled symlinks in rc.d gave structured sanity to the set of deterministic instructions a machine needed at boot.

Systemd's writers forcefully shoved all that aside in favor of a one-size-fits-all strategy that people had to accept whether they liked it or not, and once it was in place, they did everything they could to burn the bridges back to other paradigms.

Comment Re:Based Gentoo (Score 1) 329

yay gentoo! Its very easy to avoid that systemd garbage. I'm not just bandwagoning here, I have to setup RHEL7 for a very large company because they wanted to stay with RedHat. It was hell on wheels. RHEL7.1 was a slight improvement but still not enough to ever consider it again.

I would kill for a systemd-free rebuild of RHEL, but it doesn't seem like there's enough of a push to be able to make it happen with some sort of plausible enterprise ability. It wouldn't be that hard -- basically take RHEL7 and stick RHEL6's initscripts and startup system onto it -- but it wouldn't be "EL7", which is important.

A systemd-free version of Fedora is tricker, if only because LP and friends have succeeded in burning as many bridges as possible within the base install away from any other init paradigm. Good job, guys. I hope you rot.


Google's New Public NTP Servers Provide Smeared Time ( 179

Google says it has built support for the leap second into the time servers that regulate all Google services. An anonymous reader shares a blogpost by Google:No commonly used operating system is able to handle a minute with 61 seconds, and trying to special-case the leap second has caused many problems in the past. Instead of adding a single extra second to the end of the day, we'll run the clocks 0.0014% slower across the ten hours before and ten hours after the leap second, and "smear" the extra second across these twenty hours. For timekeeping purposes, December 31 will seem like any other day. All Google services, including all APIs, will be synchronized on smeared time, as described above. You'll also get smeared time for virtual machines on Compute Engine if you follow our recommended settings. You can use non-Google NTP servers if you don't want your instances to use the leap smear, but don't mix smearing and non-smearing time servers.

Comment Re:paranoia (Score 1) 590

Who's the reality denier?

Email chains not only detail Steven's position but planned movements on insecure server AKA handing information to terrorist.

Here's a breakdown:

Here's the federal FOIA confirmation:

Here's the leaked confirmation:

Here's the documents that show she knew it was going to happen:

I have a special dislike for Clinton - she's a murderer, a liar, a thief and she covers for multiple sexual offenders. My feelings about Trump are very mixed - he doesn't fit with my vision overall but I like the promise of "swamp draining" I just don't like the idea of him replacing what gets weeded out with something else. Sometime you remove something and replace it with nothing and that's the best answer.

Facts are the foundation of a rational opinion. I am not a member of the "feelings" party, nor am I a member of the "bomb them all" party, the two of which the lines tend to blur between. It's obvious you and AC are part of the "for the feelz" groups.

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