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Comment Re:McCarthism (Score 1) 544

I like armchair historians...

Senator Joe McCarthy looked for Soviet Communists in the US State Department only. .

It doesn't matter if it was called McCarthyism, or Pop-Tarts. It was political paranoia and a witch hunt. It was the "Red Scare", along with another little bit of fun called the "Lavender Scare" whenr they managed to make out homosexuals to be as bad as commies. Funny, just like one gay Brit who had a hellava lot to to with us beating old Adolph and his minions. It took regular Americans and turned them into criminals not for their actions, but for not holding the correct political beliefs.

Comment Re:Bollocks (Score 1) 142

The spoofing makes the GPS receiver believe the airport is in 2 locations. One real, the other at the Kremlin. It's like you drew a circle around the airport and then copied and pasted that over the Kremlin.

It shouldn't have any problem finding the real airport unless it flies over the Kremlin and gets confused. The drone will react normally at the real airport and unpredictability at the Kremlin.

Comment Re:Bollocks (Score 1) 142

That wouldn't fly a drone off to the actual airport. It may do several things.

A drone with FCC style restrictions built in my immediately land itself instead of continuing into the protected zone as flying within range of an airport is banned.

It might try to correct its course and head further away from the actual Kremlin trying to find it. Like the robot from the Asimov book that was running in circles trapped between 2 zones.

It's extremely unlikely it could head to the airport from this, and most likely it would head in the opposite direction of the actual airport. If the airport was 20 miles East of the Krelmin, drone wants to blow up the Kremlin so it goes 20 miles West to find it. End result, drone is now 40 miles West of airport and 20 miles from Kremlin.

I think it would more likely get stuck along the radius but each drone could behave differently.

Comment Re:B*llshit (Score 1) 480

Mac or Linux or Solaris users don't have problems a typical Windows user has ...

I've found that the people who know for a fact that Windows is a superior system to Unixy systems do not use anything but Windows, and don't know how to use anything else. Using and maintaining both, its no contest. Windows is brittle, and you have problems you don't have with anything else.

Comment Re:B*llshit (Score 1) 480

How about the Apple Fanbois factor?

Hey! How about the Apple Fanboy factor? Fortunately tht kind of tips your hand.

Well here we go. We employed a division of people to keep the PC's running.

One person to keep the Mac's running. That was me. I also filled in with the PC's for the suits. But even I spent at least 5 times the effort on fixing PC problems as I did Macs

The Windows machines really needed that army of IT people because they had constant problems. You can't deny it even with your silly printer counterexample. You see, your argument falls apart when dealing with someone that has equal experience. This is an estimate, but we had around 1 guy per hundred Macs, and around 1 person for every 20 PC's. Fanbois....teee hee!

Comment Duh! (Score 1) 480

We had an entire division of people tasked with keeping the Windows machines running. Macs? Me.

As well, the Macs tended to last at least 1.5 sometimes 2 times longer before they were obsolete.

So yes, the Windows machines were a little cheaper to buy. But once the upgrades were done, then the new ones were bought, and the never ending strem of IT work requests for the windows machines, it wasn't even close.

Comment Re:We're supposed to be surprised? (Score 1) 99

There are uncooperative employees (although very few in my personal experience), and there are requests that have to be attended to immediately. There's also jobs that require concentration, and aren't really compatible with instant attention to every email. Over my career, I've had more problems from interruptions than from colleagues.

I've had horrific times with interruptions, including what I call Job assignment by being seen in the hallway. Meanwhile the colleague issues tend to sort themselves out pretty quickly. Not everyone needs instant attention, and sure as hell not everyone wants to work in that environment. But it has its rewards. People who need a slower pace get moved to places where their need can be satisfied.

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