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Comment Re:Oh murrrrder! (Score 1) 82

"Troll" Such puerile little crybabies with mod points...

I think that a lot of people with mod points are just searching pages for the word "fake" then modding the post down.

I've made obvious jokes with the word fake in it that get modded as troll. And fustakrakich's post was obviously in that middle ground between a joke and insightful, and it gets the same treatment.

Perhaps the moderators would be better used to mod down the anal sex haiku and the endless screwed your mother quips.

But then - that's none of my business.

Comment Re:What is your problem? (Score 1) 240

Just because they're allowed to do that, doesn't mean it's not censorship.

Yeah, its censorship. There is a difference between censorship of fake news or calls to arms to fight (insert target here) or censoring kiddie porn, with suppressing an otherwise legal POV. And its probably not a good idea to pull ye olde slippery slope argument.

Who was it that said, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."?

SpongeBob SquarePants if I recall correctly. Too bad Evelyn B. Hall wasn't allowed to prove her boast. Are you of similar mind? Would you commit suicide or kill someone to allow me to say "I have a lovely bunch of coconuts" if someone tried to stop me?

This whole subject gets bandied about like a litmus test, with a digital free speech versus the vile censors, where if you dare to say that there are any cases where a person is not allowed to say whatever they want to say, we've just fallen down the slope to 1984. Stop that - just stop it.

There is a world of difference between suppressing news to a country and forcing NASA to provide a safe space for Moon landing deniers.

Our schools unfortunately no longer teach critical thinking, instead they go for coddling precious snowflakes. So much so that those precious snowflakes can't handle the truth, much less find it for themselves.

Wow, best non-sequitur ever. So what you are saying is that propaganda or censorshipp never existed until the rise of the self esteem movement? There has been a terrible outcome to that bit of silliness, but no, the problems of censorship are kind of hard to pin on the snowflakes and their well intentioned but stupid teachers and the stupid idea that self esteem could be instilled rather than achieved.

And who controls the school system in the US?

Whoever wants to control it. If a politically inclined group, say, the social conservatives wanted to control the education system, their best bet is to have as many social conservatives become teachers and administrators.

Comment Re:and tomorrow (Score 1, Insightful) 240

So we are back to personal responsibility and vigilance, instead of trusting a free content host not to enforce its terms of service?

Yawn. It's not censorship, you're playing in their yard, and you are free to start a competitor if it seems like they overstep.

This. Your right to free speech ends at my property line. You cannot come into my house and force me to listen to your speech. The censorship zealots have strange ideas about what "free speech" even means.

It doesn't mean that you are allowed so say whatever you want to say, but others are not allowed to react.

It doesn't mean that you are allowed to threaten death or injury to people.

It doesn't mean that you can take over a venue as your own - imagine Sport's Illustrated being forced by some fringe group to fill their pages with jihadist yammering, or political crap.

It doesn't mean that you must be provided with a vehicle for your speech.

It only means that the government cannot arrest you for expressing yourself in a civil manner. That is all.

I had to open a Facebook page as part of a project I am working on. And there is a problem. Outside of my groups, which are protected realms catering to specific things, its an unholy mess. A tragedy of the commons where you see two opposite articles beside each other, and neither true. Often both claiming censorship - oddly enough, you can see both lies, claiming that their lie is being suppressed.

So while yes, its all possible to block content. As I noted in an earlier post about the tragedy of the commons and the destruction of Usenet, eventually people just drift away because the bullshit to content ratio is simply not worth the effort. Which kills the goose.

Meanwhile I have a thriving little technical community, where people don't have to deal with politics, or religion. People are free to express themselves any way they want to. Just not in the group, where the rules are well known.

Comment Re: No, ABMers. No. For the last time. NO. (Score 1) 180

Fuck, you're annoying.

Fuckin-A right I'm annoying!

The same can be said about each other, but your lack of seeing that makes you a tool.

Same thing makes you rather limited, but hey, thanks for letting me know I'm annoying, because I was only half trying so far. when I'm hitting on all cylinders, I make Torvalds look like Mother Theresa, and that's just how I like it. Ciao, my chachalaca.

Comment Re:"people largely irrelevant" (Score 1) 511

Interest rates are still near 0,

If it isn't ruining investment for the middle class purposely, its serving the same function.

and unless I'm wrong Trump is about to print a whole load more money to fund his infrastructure plans.

I'm curious about his weird obsession with pissing off the Chinese. Our two countries are in a codependent relationship now, with China needing us to buy their stuff, and the US needing China not to call their debt. Who the hell knows? Guess we'll fall off that cliff when we get to it.

We didn't avoid catastrophe with the bailouts, we delayed it. I really doubt the US keeps it's position as the world's reserve currency after the next crash.

Well, China wants to replace the dollar with the yen for international trading. Interesting times lie ahead.

Comment Re:"people largely irrelevant" (Score 1) 511

Sorry, but those sucking estates dry are busy dealing with FOMO living the YOLO life to plan for the future. Tomorrow is irrelevant.

i gotta agree, but just like the people in my generatino that thought that the future was a Mad Max world, and lived to regret their not planning for the future, these kids will find out one day that they grow too soon old, and too late smart.

Comment Re:Init alternatives (Score 1) 321

As well, the people who want to whine about systmed want to be able to whine about systemd. There are other distros before this one that were free of systemd. They didn't stop the whining. Because the whining, the line in the sand, and the declared target was systemd.

Ah. lookks like I hit a real nerve with someone calling my post flamebait.

Risk losing yur mod point dear moderator, and tell me exactly why simply noting that people complaining about systemd might make themselves much happier by using any of the fine systemd free distros out there. t's not a requirement to use systemd Linux on your computer.

Comment Re:"people largely irrelevant" (Score 1) 511

This is a race to the bottom where stopping it is in the interest of everyone involved.

Imagine if you will, the coming brain drain. As there are less and less opportunies for the best and brightest, many will leave. Considering the present hatred towards science, there will be a short time of wild applause for the loss. is very interesting, as it speaks to a coming brain drain, as foreign born students in the US opt out of staying here and go back to their own countries to work their careers. Interesting in that these are not regular Americans! So where are the smart Americans going?

Here: The finance sector.

Well, that's kinda nice now isn't it? Smart kid. Goes and gets get holed up in a cubicle at Goldman Sachs, and creates and innovates. ..... nothing.

I forsee the day where a bright young US student interested in science or technology relocates to China or India, while the US tries to make money selling our hats to each other. Meanwhile an increasingly poor and uneducated public cheers the loss of the liberal egghead with his bible and common sense defying ideas. Yeah, I know - it's New Republic. Bigthink has an article as well . Its a little older but still good food for thought.

Comment Re:"people largely irrelevant" (Score 1) 511

Every value in any economy is derived from a combination of resources and human labour.

We are at the edge of a new "revolution", like the industrial revolution, and agricultural revolution. The information revolution is also tied in here.

The issues are that labor is becoming unnecessary for survival. Its been edging that way for years, but is picking up speed.

And even in fields that we can't imagine ever being fully unmanned, we are seeing less and less people needed to do the stuff.

It's hard to imagine how this will work out. I do know however, if we attempt to go back to the 1940's, we better figure out some way to take the rest of the world back with us.

In a recent election, one of the promises made was to give unemployed coal miners their jobs back. This can only be achieved by forcing out automation in th ecoal fields, and forcing the use of coal upon industry. And the first one isn't going to happen, because the cost of automation replaces the cost of a lot of miners. Its the same with so many unskilled jobs - I'm a little loathe to call mining unskilled, but if we go back to the early 20th century version of mining it sure will be less skills needed.

The idea that enough new jobs will be created to replace all of the people who lose their jobs to automation is not realistic either. And if we force the old paradigm other countries will be happy to take our place, as we introduce old inefficiencies

This is real, this is happening. What we do with the situation will tell us a lot about our survival in the future. Will we decide that people are redundant, and need exterminated to reduce the surplus population? Will we try to make a population soft landing? Will we make work voluntary, and allow the more talented people to make more of their own choices about labor?

It is interesting times ahead of us. Perhaps we shall survive, perhaps we will thrive. Wil we decide to bomb ourselves back to the stone age? One thing is for certain, we can't have large population of idle young unemployed people.

Comment Re:No, ABMers. No. For the last time. NO. (Score 1) 180

If you have trouble with Linux, it isn't Linux's fault.

Go reply to all the countless Linux forum support threads telling them that they idiots and Linux just works. LOL.

Well, first off, I seldom call people idiots. But having helped a lot of people, the problems are generally either from trying to impose Windows on Linux, especially at install.

Why I've used the forums myself on occasion. That isn't even at issue because there are help forums for everything. That's how we find bugs, that's how we learn details.Few of us were born knowing how to do this stuff. But if you cannot produce aworking Linux install from a Live distro, it's probably because you didn't follow the directions. Big issues are trying to install while not on the internet, not allowing the install to update while installing, and killing the install when getting warnings - warnings are seldom a problem. A few years back, some people got confused about the different partitions and sizes needed, but that could be an issue that caused problems at one time.

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