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Comment Re:sheeple (Score 1) 338

Only sheeple will vote no. They do not see the military-indystrial-financial complex as it is. They do not see the 'country' as it is. The country is run b y the complex. Not by /true/ patriots. And I am looking in from the outside so I /can/ know.

First rule of sheeple: If you're convinced that everyone else is blind and you're the only person who really understands what's going on, you're a sheeple yourself. From a different flock, perhaps, but with similar delusions.

Comment Re:But can it handle DOS attacks? (Score 1) 126

Aw, c'mon, you're not being nearly cynical enough. This is actually an NSA/KGB/TLA/Illuminati honeypot -- they fund this, market it, see who buys one, then they know who to watch in the future. If they can sneak some actual backdoors into it, so much the better, but even if they don't, it's served its purpose.

Comment Re: Not a nice way to die (Score 1) 429

It gets a little better, though -- any species with resources to cross interstellar distances probably has better things to do than gratuitously turn a small-but-biologically active planet into (yet another) molten hellworld.

If the aliens are stopping by to refuel, they'll probably head to Jupiter or some other larger planet with more raw materials.

If they're here as scientists, collectors, or tourists, they'll probably want to leave Earth more or less as it is (modulo some sample collecting), since it wouldn't make much sense to destroy the things they came to look at.

If they're here for the delicious human-steaks they heard about on the Intergalactic Home Shopping Channel, they're doing it wrong -- rather than traveling light years to round people up, it's much quicker and cheaper to just download the recipe and assemble the ideal human-steak locally in their in-home matter assemblers.

If they're here for other inscrutable alien reasons, they may not bother with Earth at all, or even notice that there is anything unusual or interesting about it.

Comment Re:That's Swell (Score 1) 429

Do they also have a solution to the problem of all those dead rats decomposing under Chicago that they're going to have in a couple of months?

I didn't do anything crazy like RTFA, but according to the summary they are just going to leave them there and ignore them.

Comment Re:Will the renters be COMPELLED to rent? (Score 1) 314

Fortunately, AirBnB does not have the government's power and monopoly. Whatever they do is doomed to failure.

What AirBnB could do (in principle, at least; dunno if this would be practical) is partially anonymize their customers so that it was difficult or impossible to determine an applicant's race from his application. Then property owners would be unable to make decisions based on prejudice, since the data necessary to do so would not be available to them.

Comment Re:Publicity Stunt (Score 4, Insightful) 105

And what will they do when every single drone is destroyed or stolen? Quietly pretend the service never existed.

The same thing Domino's does when their pizza deliverymen are destroyed or stolen -- call the police and have the perpetrators arrested.

Except this time they'll have video records and GPS tracking data to make it easier to find the perpetrators.

Comment Re:A vehicle travelling at thousands of mph .... (Score 1) 125

Continuously falling forward, only to stop yourself at the last possible moment from landing on your faceby placing a foot into exactly the right spot to counterbalance your ridiculously top-heavy and unstable vertical stance?

Thanks, but I'll stick to sitting in my chair and eating Cheetos.

Comment Re:Most likely explanation (Score 3, Informative) 248

3) a test in space is likely to be a short mission with release and capture over a few meters of flight, if that. This is not sufficient to rule out outgassing.

I have discovered a little-known practice called "reading the article" that can help clarify what is proposed:

Fetta intends the satellite to stay on station for at least six months, rather than the six weeks that would be typical for a satellite this size at a altitude of 150 miles. The longer it stays in orbit, the more the satellite will show that it must be producing thrust without propellant.

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