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Comment Re:Piracy happens because of the high costs (Score 1) 284

This is also the main reason behind auto theft. People should offer their cars for sale at all times and reduce the cost of their cars to a point low enough to discourage theft. Instead, we have lengthy (and costly!) prosecutions of car thieves. When will auto-havers ever learn? Probably not soon.

Comment Re:No Denial Here But What Are the Reasons? (Score 1) 1255

Except for all those aptitude tests showing that males are just better at spatial reasoning and higher math then women. Granting that the distributions overlap all you have to do is assume Engineers come from the tails of the distribution and you will naturally have male dominated fields.

Is this supposed to be a specimen of masculine excellence in mathematical reasoning?

Comment Re:Well if that's true... (Score 1) 1255

If men needed a culture of approval and acceptance and someone to remind them whenever possible that they are wanted and welcome, and then and only then could they program if they wanted to, then they'd be just like women.

Whether men do need a culture of approval we'll never know, because they get that approval frequently...from other men.

Comment Car with a front but no rear. (Score 1) 256

Normally, all cars are diaxles. But these guys have created a stretch limo so long and stretchy that when a few dozen of them are wrapped around one another in a parking lot, and the front of one is sticking out, it looks like it's a free-standing monoaxle.

If there are independent monoaxle vehicles, then gasoline is a homogeneous liquid. Otherwise, according to Maxwell's equations, it's a bunch of tiny pebbles.

Comment Re:isn't this obvious? (Score 2, Insightful) 220

You should listen to what people here are telling you about your misinterpretation of the situation (even the ones who seem to you to be being jerks about it). You might learn something.

Here's a similar mind-bender: someone can like you and want to try moving ahead into some intimate contact, and your reaction to that can turn them right off. Being really uptight about the thing, showing that you're ready to be "hurt" if things don't go as you want, demanding explanations--all these sorts of actions on your part can change someone's mind about you. If you're not aware of how those actions can do that, it can seem to you that you've been led down the garden path and then rejected "inconsistently" or "cruelly."

I don't presume that the woman you mention was not stringing you along, but even if she was, you are responsible for letting yourself be "hurt" by her. It's funny how little in human interactions can properly described as one person doing something to another; it takes two to do the dysfunctional tango.

I wish you better luck next time you like someone. Better than luck, though, is knowledge and honesty with oneself. Hard stuff, but it makes life better all around.

(P.S. Looking for explanations for your situation in speculation about genetic dispositions toward cruelty is not a step in the right direction.)

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