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Journal Journal: spell checkers - get rid of them

Spell checkers are one of the worst things to happen to communication.
Why? No - not because I advocate a country/world full of people who can't spell worth a damn - but because TOO many people use them as their final check before publishing.

Way too many times have I read articles like the following - articles with GLARING grammatical errors (but not spelling errors) that even a simple proofreading would have caught immediately.

And now - I present to you - the article about the kidnapped Filipino Truck - from the AP!

Kidnappers say hostage is still alive

By Associated Press, 7/12/2004 12:21

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) Insurgents holding kidnapped a Filipino truck said they had taken their hostage to the place where he will be killed if the Philippines fails to meet the militants' demands by 3 p.m. Monday, Al-Jazeera television reported.

The Philippines government had said Monday that the kidnappers extended the deadline for killing Angelo dela Cruz until 3 p.m. EDT Tuesday.

But in a videotape and statement broadcast by Al-Jazeera, the group holding dela Cruz said they were only extending the deadline for 24 hours, until 3 p.m. Monday. The reason for the disparity in the deadlines was unclear.

The group last promised to kill dela Cruz by Sunday if the Philippines did not agree to pull its small peacekeeping force out of Iraq by July 20, one month earlier than planned.

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Journal Journal: Teddy Bear Ride 2004

For those folks who can think only of Hollywood stereotypes when someone mentions the words "Bikers" and "Motorcyle Clubs"s.

I give you Teddy Bear Ride 2004

The pictures toward the end explain why we do it.

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Journal Journal: Pledge Of Allegiance

...One Nation, Indivisible, With Liberty....

The way it was meant to be.

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Journal Journal: The Passion Of Chrfist 2

This article,
is all happy-happy-joy-joy about this new Mel Gibson movie - such sappy comments like:

We don't (or didn't for many years) talk about how utterly horrible and inhumane Roman scourging and crucifixion really were. Do the research and you'll find out. Better yet, see the movie. From what I've seen and heard, Gibson's interpretation of the ordeal is very true to what really took place.


I truly wonder what this author would have to say if Mel Gibson came out with a movie about how the Christians conducted their Crusades - in full graphic detail - and then again, a movie on how the Spanish destroyed the Inca's and the Aztec civilization and instituted their own religions.

What gives one society the right to simply move in - destroy an entire religious belief system that is JUST as valid as your own religion (which is not saying much)???!

Wake up people - you've had wool pulled over your eyes now for 2000 years!

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Journal Journal: religion - are you a sheep?

As a born again religious skeptic, one who has shrugged off a catholic upbringing, I have to ponder why others are not doing the same.

Why is it people do not realize that not only are they acting like sheep - but they are being treated as sheep too! Even the bible chuckles with hints - "be a shepherd of men" Hint - this is implying the followers are sheep!

From a young age, people are indoctrinated into this particular religion - which is a fancy way of saying they are brainwashed.

Speaking of brainwashing - here is another clue from the church for you - baptism of infants. Pouring water on the head. Can't be much more symbolic than that - can it?

Who needs an army to back up your dictates, when you can simply say "do this or you will go to hell and burn for all eternity" - and your listeners cower in fear - since they have been taught this behaviour since birth.

And finally, my biggest rant of all, if this religion is so darned wonderful, best thing since sliced bread, then WHY don't they (the culture) simply allow the children to make up their own minds at age 18 whether they want to pursue this as a religion or not?

Why do the parents not present their children with choices of the equally "valid" religions and allow the child to choose for his or her self?

Having a religion forced on you at birth is no different than having pre-arranged marriages.
Of course some pre-arranged marriages might be fine and dandy, but I'd be willing to bet that deep down, given a choice to pick your own direction in life, most people would excercise it.
And it wouldn't be up the ol' sheep ramp Baaaaah!


Journal Journal: The problem with American Society

The problem with American Society, can be summarized in two simple words, words that are uttered by the smallest child and the most arrogant grownup.
These two words explain the person who insists on cutting everyone else off in a line of traffic, or charges ahead during christmas shopping season to grab the sole remaining "must buy" item of that year.
The next time someone cuts you off in traffic and charges ahead, only to have you catch up at the next traffic like, take pity on them, for the only two words they understand are:

Me First

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Journal Journal: Renaissance Fayre Time!

It is the season for Ren Faires in Ohio, we have visited the Great Lakes Medieval Faire twice this summer, and took some pictures.

In two weeks, it will be Labour Day, which means it is time for BayCrafters in Bay Village Ohio, which we have been going to for over 16 years now.
Gotta few pictures from there also.

If you have never been to a RenFaire, they are a lot of fun, especially if you go in garb.

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