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Comment Re:Finally... (Score 1) 505

Personally, I have never found Firefox to be that much of a memory hog. Sure, I do eventually start having problems with it climbing up to half a gig and slowing down, but I have 4gb of memory, and I leave it running for weeks at a time on my machine without closing it. When it acts up I just close it and restart it and I am good to go. I also often find myself with 20+ tabs open.

Comment Re:It's not the eye color screening that bugs me (Score 1) 847

I think the next stage in human evolution is human driven evolution. We are reached a point where we will soon be able to do a better job than natural evolution and I believe that is our destiny. If I were to choose to procreate, I would like to be able to design my kid from the ground up and make them into a superhuman. Wait, isn't this just a natural conclusion to what all good parents want? Their kids to be the best, brightest, and most successful?

Comment Re:It's not the eye color screening that bugs me (Score 1) 847

I am absolutely one of those people. I hate the idea that everyone has the "right" to procreate. That would be true if their brood were kept away from actual people, but unfortunately they aren't they are "yanked up" in a ridiculous manner, and then set upon the rest of us. And the prison systems are full of them. As long as we continue to allow morons that shouldn't be licensed to drive to procreate, our society will continue to breed reality tv watching idiots.

As for who will take care of me later? When I am too old to take care of myself, I will die. And that will be the end of me. Few will remember me, and fewer will care. That is fine with me.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 109

"Cultured reading material." Bores me to tears. I would rather read something fun, like John Scalzi's stuff. Oh and Alastair Reynolds. Stephen Baxter, Peter Hamilton, Steven Kent (a newcomer, wrote the military sci-fi books about the clone, Wayson Harris). Yea, give me some sci-fi over that old stuff any day. :)

Hardware Hacking

Coating a Motherboard In Thermal Resin? 272

Bat Country writes "I've had an idea in the back of my head for some time (and I'm surely not the only one) that it would be a worthwhile project to coat a motherboard in thermally conductive electrically insulating resin — complete with all of its various components — for the purpose of immersion, shock resistance, whatever. I'm curious to find out if anyone's undertaken a similar project or if it's known to be a shockingly bad idea (due to shrinkage during the curing process) already. Thoughts?" If you've done anything similar (even an experiment that failed), how did you go about it?

Don't Share That Law! It's Copyrighted 481

Nathan Halverson writes "California claims copyright to its laws, and warns people not to share them. And that's not sitting right with Internet gadfly, and open-access hero, Carl Malamud. He has spent the last couple months scanning tens of thousands of pages containing city, county and state laws — think building codes, banking laws, etc. Malamud wants California to sue him, which is almost a given if the state wants to continue claiming copyright. He thinks a federal court will rule in his favor: It is illegal to copyright the law since people are required to know it. Malamud helped force the SEC to put corporate filings online in 1994, and did the same with the patent office. He got the Smithsonian to loosen its claim of copyright, CSPAN to stop forbidding people from sharing its videos, and most recently Oregon to quit claiming copyright on state laws." Malamud's talk at Google ("All the Government's Information") is also well worth watching.

Ghostbusters Is First Film Released On USB Key 448

arcticstoat writes "Are you the USB keymaster? You could be soon if you pick up PNY's new 2GB USB flashdrive, which comes pre-loaded with Ghostbusters. A spokesperson for PNY explained that it comes with a form of DRM that prevents you from copying the movie. 'They have DRM protection,' explained the spokesperson, 'so customers can download the movie onto their laptop or PC if they wish, but they have to have the USB drive plugged in to watch the movie, as the DRM is locked in the USB drive.' The music industry has been playing around with USB flash drives for a few years now, but it hasn't been a massive success yet; will USB movies fare any better?"

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