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Comment Re:OpenVPN port tcp/443 (Score 1) 40

It's actually not all that difficult to spot vpn traffic. Run some DPI and just simply look at the size of the packets being exchanged.

You are talking simple in THEORY, but not in practice. We're talking about sniffing the traffic of a COUNTRY, not a small office. That takes serious hardware and serious money if they don't want to crawl. Sounds like they are ready to turn on some system. But like all things internet, it will only take a short time for people to learn how to get around it.

Comment Siri Stop Navigating (Score 4, Interesting) 119

Of all the possible uses of Siri, "Siri Stop Navigating" when you are trying to pull into a parking lot at your destination and she won't shut up about making a U-turn is about the only use that we've found yet. Voice is great for a minuscule number of real life situations.

Comment What's in a name (Score 1) 122

So Oracle decides to name their next version of Solaris instead of 12. How does a random version numbering change spell demise for Solaris? Not that I think it has much of a future, but this is as silly as security ratings based on number of bugs. This tells us nothing about what features will ship with the next version.

Comment Re:Oracle drove away a lot of Sun's customers (Score 1) 122

You must be a sadomasochist. How can you have a soft spot for anything who's default shell is still ksh? It felt like I was stuck in the 80s every time I had to administer Solaris, AIX, and HP-UX.

Default shell for SunOS was csh. Default shell for Solaris was sh. I don't know what silly sysadmins you've had in the past, but ksh has never been the default shell.

Comment Re:Not an alternative to Linux, an alternative to (Score 0) 277

Macbooks correspond to roughly 7% of the pc market, and yet OSX only corresponds to 3% of the o/s market. Guess what more than half of the Macbooks are running.

In any event, be it 3% or 7%, that's the entire market, not just developers. I don't know what "substantial" means to you but for Microsoft it's a drop in the ocean.

You SERIOUSLY think that over half of all MacBooks are running Linux as their primary OS? Let me guess, a Trump supporter.

Comment Re:Welcome to globalization (Score 0) 495

Funny thing about workers in other countries - they kinda don't want to bust their ass for meager wagers so that Americans can enjoy a standard of living higher than they deserve. The inevitable outcome is an equalization of income, where wages in established nations stagnates while wages in developing countries rises.

Which America will avoid at all costs. How many parallels to Rome. We think we are the center of the universe, when nothing can be further from the truth. It will all come toppling down soon.

Comment Re:Well they didn't ask me... (Score 1) 111

My guess is that Comcast isn't all that much worse than any of the other providers, they just have a larger install base and more subscribers which hate the cable company. That means that more folks hate them, but only because they have more customers to tick off.

Your guess, based on no experience with the company, is WRONG. They are simply the worst company I have ever had to deal with. No one in customer service has any intention to help you, only to get you off the phone. All problems require a "home visit," even if the problem is on their end. And that can't be scheduled for at least a week. Every five minutes on the phone you get another suggestion to upgrade to a more expensive service. We should be able to sue for PTSD just having to deal with them.

Comment Re:What is this about ''for kids'' ? (Score 1) 95

What about social obfuscation? I'm surprised by how many people have no problem sharing information about themselves. It's the narcissistic society we live in. Personally, I have already started creating a fictitious me. My goal is for sites like Facebook to start aggregating my new true history. It will make my day when I go to a job interview and they say, "Our HR department did some research. Were you really an alchemist in Tibet?"

Comment Re:Headline... Headache (Score 1) 95

I think we need to legislate that ALL legal TOS and the like be written in this type of CLEAR and concise and easily understandable verbiage.

The problem is that everyday verbiage does not properly represent the law. I know, I know, it seems to be obfuscated double speak, but really it's a very precise language that lawyers are taught to speak to AVOID misunderstanding.

Comment Personal Favors (Score 1) 218

This law was obviously a personal favor for some rich influential actor or actress. Stupid yes, but pretty harmless. Now when this starts happening in the White House with the new batshit crazy people who will be hanging out there, I don't expect then to have any such compunctions about their laws being harmless.

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