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Comment Re:This may be somewhat accurate .... (Score 2) 135

Once you start taking an interest in dishonest play in a computer game and experience the thrill of successfully beating the system to do it -- you're exhibiting the same characteristics the common criminal does (enjoys the challenge of outsmarting the system for personal gain).

I would argue that those are the characteristics of any successful businessman.

Comment Human Language (Score 1) 305

The "dolphin language?" So what is the "human language." There isn't one. There is no species language. A language, as we understand it with mammals, is developed over generations, and taught from parent to child. So were these wild caught animals? From what pod? How big is that pod? These are the interesting questions.

Comment Re:Sheep are among us (Score 3, Informative) 156

High school students are told that Pavlov taught dogs how to drool with a bell, because it sounds nice. In reality Pavlov drilled holes into dogs' stomachs and stuck a catheter in there through their abdominal walls, and measured the pH and enzyme content of gastric secretions when he rang the bell. Needless to say the dogs died after the experiment.

It can be exhilarating to know that common knowledge is wrong, and you know the truth, but in thin case, you are the one who is wrong. Pavlov did research on the digestive system, which used catheters as you described. However, when it came to his conditioning research, drooling was the quantitative result that was recorded. And he did use a bell, as well as other stimuli.

Comment Re:It's a ridiculous JOKE (Score 1) 128

The whole "Hyperloop" thing is a ridiculous joke that will never, EVER be built.

Such statements are usually wrong. It will be build some time in the future, on some planet where the environment is so bad that air travel is an even worse option. It's basically another example a solution looking for a problem.

Comment Re:well well well (Score 2) 769

What the email actually say are normal intra party politics, back stabbing and intrigue. They have not found corruption, extortion or even racist jokes being forwarded. In fact for an email dump it is pretty innocuous.

Doesn't matter. People have already made up their own fantasy world around this, and no one is ever going to get them to change their minds. Facts are meaningless when you make your decisions based on emotion. Hate and fear being the easiest ways to control those emotions, and people.

Comment Vomit (Score 1) 406

Many people don't remember the 90's when the news was full of whatever vomit spewed from this man's mouth. When he cashed in his all his political favors for the millions of dollars that he was given by big corporations after serving in office, I thought we had heard the last of him. Makes sense that the worse of the worse would come crawling out of the woodwork. Thanks Trump.

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