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Comment Re:Attack on the Free Market (Score 1) 203

This is an attempt by the government to defy the principle of supply and demand. It will fail because people will find a way. You have people complaining that tickets are too expensive and others complaining that tickets sell out too fast. You can't fix both problems in a free market.

Well it's good then that we don't live in a libertarian fantasy land, and that there is still at least a nod to social equality.

Comment Re:How is this different from arbitrage on the NYS (Score 1) 203

I think we should look ahead to the day when anyone trying to game a stock market is taken outside, stripped naked, and their testicles are plugged into a car battery, but that's just me.

That would be everyone. The days of farmers buying futures to protect their crops are in the past.

Comment Taxonomy (Score 1) 61

By today's taxonomy, birds ARE dinosaurs, not descendants of dinosaurs. But that would make the story less sensational. Besides, people need to hold onto their incorrect schooling that says that all dinosaurs were just huge lizards, even though the two have little to do with each other.

Comment Lies (Score 1) 600

One thing that people keep forgetting is that Trump did not really mean anything he said during the campaign, and doesn't mean anything that he says now. Please quit thinking that he'll actually do any of these things. Once he takes office, there will be a constant parade of powerful republicans setting his policies and agendas, while he gets to appear on TV and distract from what they are really doing. He DOES NOT CARE about America or Americans or actually doing anything good as president. He only care about the attention.

Comment Re:I"m a liberal socialist (Score 3, Insightful) 805

If you and others like you dismiss him as a bigot you'll get more nasty surprises at the ballot box as folks like me give up on liberal socialism that feels like lip service and turn to guys like Trump to protect our jobs.

You think Trump and the Republican legislature are going to do anything other than royally FUCK the middle class in the next 4 years? You are truly deluded. I dare you to come back here when his term is over and admit how wrong you were.

Comment Hippies (Score 1) 227

It's a satire of the hippy movement. That is, the author is making fun of anyone who could find any deep meaning in the ridiculous views and obvious Christlike suffering of the protagonist. The smile at the end? Ah, I guess some people don't get it. Heinlein was laughing all the way to the grave with this one.

Comment The War Starts (Score 0) 345

This is going to be four years of all out war, as the few rational states left in the union use every legal means at their disposal to try to keep the insanity in check. Personally, I don't think there's any hope for this country, but I know I'll survive since I'm in California, and all my friends are either in Illinois or New York. The rest of the country can choke on their idiocy.

Comment Re:And you think Hillary would be any different? (Score 4, Interesting) 1066

She exported fracking the world as Secretary of State. She waged war on Libya and Syria to keep the supply of energy moving. She was going to continue in the fine tradition of Obama - who was a bigger oil man than Bush and Cheney combined.

That's the problem with all the whining and bitching from Dems and the media, before the election, now, and after Trump takes the oath of office - every criticism you can make of Trump applies to Hillary Clinton, as much if not more so. The only "difference" here is that Hillary would utter the occasional platitude that we need to do something about climate change, while continuing to drill for more and more oil, and mine for more and more coal.

Excuse me, but the story isn't about Hillary. She has NOTHING to do with this decision. You should stop trying to avoid the issues.

If things keep going this way, I'm all for the UN coming in and setting up a new provisional government. This insanity has to come to an end some way.

Comment Re:I'm no where near as smart as most of you.. (Score 2) 711

I get the no fuel and I get the very little force but I can't imagine the implications for it.

A slow, steady thrust. In the vacuum of space, there's no thrust wasted to keep you at speed, like flying in the atmosphere. Over time, even a tiny thrust can build you up to phenomenal speeds. Just make sure you turn your engine around and start to slow down at the halfway point of your journey.

Comment Re: That's easy. And it doesn't violate the 3rd pr (Score 1) 711

Here's the thing people that don't really understand the physics don't get. Mass is energy energy is mass. If you're throwing photons out the back that you are creating then you are ejecting mass While a photon rocket is efficient in terms of mass it's actually terrible in terms of the energy required to accelerate something.

Argh. More people who think they understand physics without ever having studied it.

Light does NOT have mass. But it does have momentum. And that momentum is what can be used to produce force.

But how can it have momentum without having mass? To understand that, STUDY PHYSICS. I mean the hard mathy stuff, not the hand wavey stuff.

Comment Re:In the Apple Store... (Score 1, Insightful) 212

The computers look good when displayed in the Apple Store and in advertising because they don't have any dongles plugged into them. So they appeal to Jony Ive's sense of elegant design. It's only when you buy one and need to use it in the real world, interfacing to the gear you have, that Jony's sleek lightweight machine is encumbered with dongles and the like, because having a star designer in control of everything seems to mean function now comes second to form. Do the engineers get a look in?

The thing you are missing is that YOU may need those dongles, but the average user will not. My wife, a professional writer, has an older MacBook Pro. She does not use an external monitor or hard drive. She has no USB devices plugged into it. When she needs to transfer files, drop box works perfectly well.

People can complain all they want, but the fact is that most users just need a simple laptop, and this new design is quite good.

Comment Old Rage Is New Again (Score 1, Insightful) 299

For everyone in froth mode, google the following: SCSI, USB, Optical Drive, BlueTooth Keyboard, Firewire, Ethernet, Mouse, Graphical Interface, etc. etc. From the arguments that function keys are better for word processing because a mouse take a hand off the keyboard, to where's the PS/2 port since no one sells USB keyboards, Apple has ALWAYS been the first (big player) to adopt new technology. And people ALWAYS spend a year complaining, until Dell etc. follow suit and becomes common place.

So rage away, but look back in a year and see if it was really worth it.

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