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Comment Re: I know it's crazy but... (Score 1) 342

Your contention is (a) all communication with a potential employer is applicant driven, (b) there's never time sensitive response and/or libraries are open 24/7, (c) there is a public library a reasonable distance from every American, (d) there are in fact sufficient computers to meet demand at every library, and (e) somehow maintaining a building for said purpose, with hardware and connection, is cheaper than simply forcing companies to not make much/any money off some connections?

I'd question each of those assumptions in turn.

Comment Re: I know it's crazy but... (Score 2) 342

Seriously. I grew up on welfare, in Appalachia, and dropped out of high school. If I can succeed, anybody who sobers up can

And were born in the... 60's? Maybe a bit earlier. Fact is, social mobility has gone down over time.

. Do you really need an extra bedroom, cell phone, broadband and soda pop?

no, yes, yes, no

I think it's obvious that soda is a luxury, that a phone is required for 911/social connections/job hunting and that broadband is required for online education/social connections/job hunting.

Comment Re:And it might be illegal (Score 1) 319

One thing that got lost in all the wailing and moaning is that protecting privacy is the purview of the FTC, not the FCC

The FTC used to do this to the ISPs and still does this concerning acceptable web-tracking on the site side. Once ISPs were classified as common carriers, they moved under the FCC's juristictions. Hence, there was a need for a new regulation to govern ISPs.

Comment Re:I know it's crazy but... (Score 0) 342

you know, no matter how much we try to change it, the fact is that poor people get less stuff.

For some things, sure. Poor people definitely get fewer Ferraris and lobsters. But poor people definitely get the same public education. I don't see why broadband would not fall into the second category. Especially since broadband can mean edx and youtube based educational videos instead of porn.

Comment Re:Is it just branding or is it a real patent issu (Score 1) 261

In the consumer space, this reminds me of businesses like Dollar Shave Club or similar. If you buy fancy razors and razor blades from Gillette or Schick or whatever, you'll pay insane prices even in bulk for an extremely basic consumer good.

For what it's worth, the Gillette Shave Club offers a cheaper product than the Dollar Shave Club, trying to undercut them (until they sue them out of business). Same subscription service though.

Comment Re:"Shows Why We Can't Have Nice Things For Cheap" (Score 1) 261

t also wouldn't surprise me if the markup on golf balls was stratospheric

I'm sure it is. If my business if selling overpriced things to people willing to pay a 3x increase for a 2% improvement, I'm going to rigorously defend my legal rights over that 2% improvement. What's more, I don't know why that's controversial. I'd also be willing to spend a lot to generate that 2% increase.

Comment Re: but you arent a traditional CA (Score 1) 250

It is NOT the purpose of a cert to say that phishme.com is or is not a safe place to go. The onus of that remains upon you

I get that, but browser makers use iconography that suggests that it is a safe place to go. It's not the average user's fault that the giant green lock makes them think "safe" not "no MITM attack".

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