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Comment Re:Jurisdiction (Score 1) 102

(1) Copyright laws are governed by treaties, extradition and otherwise.

(2, and more importantly) He took $300 in the US. That payment was the "doing business in the US" required for extradition. That's also how those FIFA officials got picked up.

(3) Yes, US companies are usually subject to laws in countries where they have offices or do business. See also, the EU's right to be forgotten/Google; India's net neutrality/FaceBook; The great firewall payments/Apple; Irish Tax laws/All.

Comment Re:My PCP has a "scribe!" (Score 1) 322

Surgery requires making decisions (duh). It also involves a lot of physical manipulations, image recognition, tactile input, difficulty in human review, and other reasons why automation on surgery is likely to far trail behind diagnostics.

Expert systems need humans to do the evaluation, sure. But nurses can do 90%+ of the observations, quantitize them, and feed them into an expert system. And in fact, this article was about how doctors, more and more, are being relegated to this role.

Comment Re:My PCP has a "scribe!" (Score 1) 322

My doctor does have onsite labs, and they do do exactly that. Rarer labs I assume they send out, and I have to comeback.

You're correct that the cost savings of outsourcing labs are really partially costs externalized to patients by forcing them to come back. I imagine that there would be some way to solve for that.

Comment Re:My PCP has a "scribe!" (Score 1) 322

Good. A doctor (not a surgeon) is mostly making technical decisions. Expert systems tend to be better at that kind of thing. I don't see much value in onsite labs (immediacy, I suppose). Why not make it all standardized, auditable, and cheaper by eliminated glorified, failure-prone human symptom lookup tables?

Comment Re:Cut the universal work week (Score 1) 1124

German workers work fewer hours than Americans do. 48 hrs/week (maximum) minus all the mandatory vacation time is still less than the nominal 40 hrs. in the US minus their mandatory vacation.

You're 20 hours is crazy, btw. Most people work far over 40 hours. Unlike Germany, that's not a maximum, it's a standard.

SO, yes. Germany works fewer hours.

Comment Re:Makework (Score 1) 1124

We don't need absolute equality. Maybe you get a 2000 sq ft house, and the non-workers only get 1000 sq ft. Maybe you get vacations somewhere else sometime

Or maybe, you should be discouraged from working. I mean, honestly, it is extra work to generate makework. Yeah, I get it makes you feel better than yourself, but its still a cost to society. I mean, we don't need everyone working, so why should they get punished for not working? Why not pay you whatever the market will bear with no minimum wage.

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