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Comment Re: then go somewhere else (Score 1) 467

We could treat Uber like a real job, where they have to pay $X / hour and depreciation on the car, etc. We could insist that someone who was going to Uber fulltime get things like matching social security, predictable shifts, and so on. We could require that Uber follow the labor laws of the countries they operate in.

Comment Re:then go somewhere else (Score 1) 467

People who own a car, are not desperate. People who possess a car can certainly be. Possessing a car is not a sign of non-desperation anymore. They will finance anyone, with no money down. You'll maintain negative equity for 5-odd-years, and likely have it repo'd before that 5-year period is up (in which case, no problem, they'll sell it to the next guy). But car loans are the new subprime mortgage.

Plus, Uber and Lyft will finance your car for you! Heck, your payment on your Lyft car depends on the hours you work.

Comment Re:And the point is? (Score 1) 467

then close off another rung on the upward-mobility ladder

Are you saying Uber, et al are rungs on the ladder? Because they're not. Real rungs on the ladder are things like "education" and "not going into debt forever cause you got sick at 19"

Or, more precisely, that auto plant worker was really working his way up a ladder. But Uber et al explicitly do not allow for advancement.

Comment Re:then go somewhere else (Score 5, Insightful) 467

If fiverr, or the others, don't work for you then go somewhere else.

I'm not aware of people saying "gee, I really don't want that nine-to-five job, I want to be an uberer/fiverr/lyfter". They* are taking those jobs because they don't have anywhere else to go

*I fully expect a few "disproving anecdotes", the best kind of science. But its overwhelmingly true.

Further, things like fiverr, lyft, and Uber aren't meant to be a primary source of income.

Ah, the great "meaning" argument. Whether they were intended as full-time work originally or not, they most certainly have morphed into that. And I don't really care about motivation as much as impact. And Uber/Lyft with their car leases, definitely are trying to make you think of it as a full-time job.

If you want to be an independent full time then you need to setup your own legal entity and charge your own rates and build your own brand.

Which isn't at all the message Fixerr/Uber/Lyft are putting out there.

Comment Re:Or just let President Trump fix this regulation (Score 2) 101

. But there's no reason why purely diagnostic technology shouldn't be on the shelves as soon as it can be manufactured and shipped.

Can I introduce you to Theranos. They are a major reason that in 2012, the regulations were changed and diagnostic devices were required to get FDA approval. That is, one giant scam caused a regulation to come down and need to be imposed over everyone. I don't know how you missed it as it got a lot of coverage on Slashdot.

Comment Re:why should i care?` (Score 1) 554

Just because the government helps fund them, doesn't mean they aren't a profit-oriented organization.

First, even most non-government colleges are non-profit. Second, Berkeley ceased being private owned in 1869 and the state owns the college. The vast majority of the board is appointed by the governor (the rest seem to come from students/faculty/alumni).

Comment Re:why should i care?` (Score 1) 554

The paywall is yet to be implemented, but the dean did talk about protecting the lectures from "pirates". If that doesn't imply "this will be monetized", I have no idea what would.

they are a business and it would be irresponsible for them to throw away money like that.

They are not a business -- they are a governmental entity.

FWIW, a business would probably have not been held to such standards when giving content away. Governments obviously have a stronger requirement of fairness

Comment Re:why should i care?` (Score 1) 554

If your only financially viable options are

I don't see why it's so unviable to annotate the videos. Universities still have slave labor (read: grad students), so it seems perfectly doable. Oh, but the dean did say that this was a good excuse to put them behind a paywall to generate revenue. Maybe that lack of revenue is what you meant?

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