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Submission + - Finnish ISP announces 5 terabyte DVR service (

nlitement writes: Saunalahti, a Finnish telecommunications subsidiary of Elisa Oyj, has announced a (Finnish) novel DVR content storage service that offers up to 5 terabytes of space per user, named SaunaVisio. The service is bundled with a dedicated DVR unit which is connected to the Internet. The service is not tied to the ISP's Internet service, although Saunalahti claims a minimal required download speed of 8 MBit/s as the content will be streamed through the Internet for the user to watch. The DVR unit itself will include HDTV support and will come with an HDMI cable. The monthly fee is 14.95€ ($19.95) for the remote storage service and the rental of the DVR unit. The unit will not upload data to Saunalahti's servers as the recording of the user's choice will be done by the servers and stored on the user's account for the DVR to download. Because of this, it'll be possible for the user to program virtually any amount of simultaneous reocrdings, and remotely through the Internet or WAP. The service will not be available until July, but preorders can already be made.

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