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Journal Journal: Infected By The Blog Meme

The first few steps into blogging waters are a little chilly, but the water's fine.

I'm not entirely sure why keeping a Slashdot Journal feels so qualitatively different from keeping a blog, but it does.

And so I engage in shouting out to my peeps :)

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Journal Journal: Everything in Moderation, Including Moderation 1

I've seen a few journal entries around that echo the strange problem that, for some people, has been plaguing the moderation point allocation system. I, too, was one of those who meta-moderated like crazy, and got moderation points like barf from a baby :)

It has been weeks, weeks since I've had any moderation points at all. It was no particular change in behavior on my part. One always wonders what one has done to offend the algorithmic gods - did I make a counter wrap around? If I had only been a better person, would the electronic dice roll favorably for me and my kin? When I left mod points unused, did the Motherboard Witch of the North Bridge think me ungrateful?

Of course, it's unlikely to be stochastic - as a software developer, I often encounter the Ghosts of Malformed Instructions myself, but everything ends up having a reason. I should have managed to slap my forehead completely flat with the flat-palm-against-cranium gesture that accompanies the fruits of such expeditions of exploration.

So what happened, I wonder, to deny some of us the Treasures of Mod Point?


UPDATE: Looks like it's been fixed - yay! I didn't catch a mention of what managed to fix it.

P.S. Yes, Reciprocity, 4 is quite rude. 132 makes an even bolder statement ;)

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Journal Journal: Waving the White Flag

Found out that a couple of things didn't actually compile after all - such small things like the library for randr. A few things simply wouldn't compile because of things they were expecting in the X11 include files (another things that configure missed complaining about, I guess! Doh! :) After continuing to get streams of errors that even Google couldn't help me with, I decided to try Plan B: upgrading with RPMs.

There was a fair bit of fighting over library version compatibility, and I spent hours trying to get all the cascading "aRts requires vorbis, vorbis requires ogg", etc. etc. out of the way, often having to resort to --force --nodeps when backed into a corner.

After all those hours upgrading, and pulling down KDE 3.1.5 packages, I simply couldn't get it going. Try as I might, I ended up playing Whack-A-Mole with ksmserver and dcop. It would complain that one or the other hadn't started or couldn't be started, and starting them manually ended up with them being taken down as soon as the other one was ready to start up. Closest I got to anything working was a dialog box in my actual chosen font complaining about not being able to talk to dcop, with a graphical copy of emacs running. Couldn't get any further. On top of which, I was fed up browsing with the w3m text-mode web browser :)

So, I wussed out with plan C: burn to the ground and re-install. I needed to back things onto my Windows drive, but vfat doesn't preserve the permissions, and it certainly won't take symbolic links. I figured out a way to preserve it, though: use zip -y, which wraps up the symbolic links in zip format. (I sucked back my SETI@Home and a number of other pieces with unzip already; worked like a charm).

I decided to pull down Fedora CORE - well, I wanted a really recent-but-stable distro that was free (no easy access to SuSE on LinuxISO :) and that had at least KDE 3.1. (I have to admit my biases; I really do like KDE over Gnome, ever since KDE 2.1)

Well, between downloading, reformatting, burning CDs and installing, this has taken me less than 15% of the time of my prior futzing around. Fedora with KDE 3.1.4 looks and feels fantastic; the default font looks like the one from Black & White - it's pretty classy-looking.

I still need to recompile my kernel so I get the speed improvements (I can tell the difference; my SETI@Home is running so much slower - *snif*)

Well, I won't be trying to recompile anything with lots of dependencies any time soon, I can guarantee you that :)

*collapses in an exhausted heap*

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Journal Journal: Kontinuing to Kompile

Well, I'm back at it again. The "internal floating point error" trying to compile khtml looks like just a bug in that version of g++. After upgrading (well, after forcibly installing... so many programs depended on the earlier stdlib stuff... even after resolving all the other RPM dependencies. I guess I'll find out whether that choice comes back to bite me) to a relatively new gcc, that module compiled just fine.

It couldn't find things to link to in pretty short order, though. I found a thread on that topic pretty fast (trying to do a ./configure complained about Qt >= 3.2 cannot find library qt-mt... or some such similar - adding the usual --with-qt-dir and even adding the --with-qt-includes, etc. did not help). Well, what was the problem?

Ah, symlink information changed between gcc-2 and gcc-3. So, I need to recompile all dependent libraries (or downgrade to a gcc-2, which I'm not willing to do at this point as I want to avoid yon floating point error and the other extern error). Well, I guess we'll find out any latent bugs in more recent gcc, now, will we not... *sigh*

It was a little awkward to figure out how to get Konstruct to rebuild from scratch, but I figure a make clean in the kde/ and libs/ directory should do it. It's re-getting (doh!) and recompiling things merrily in the background as I write this using w3m, the amazing text browser (can't quite imagine doing this on the command line if Windows screwed up :).

I will tell of my further adventures later :)


Journal Journal: Good college try at getting KDE 3.2 to compile

This documents my first big attempt to upgrade to KDE 3 on my Red Hat 7.3 box (running on an AMD XP2400+).

Normally, I'm pretty impressed at how well things build and install. I've done extensive work in C++ (mostly on OS/2 at the time) and the dependencies, build processes, library incompatibilities and time-to-compile were nightmarish (4 hour builds to get some debug information linked in hurt a lot). With Linux, you can usually ./configure (if even needed), make and make install and you're done. For individual application, anyhow :) Well, for ones about the same age or slightly newer than your distro, anyhow :) (Thinks back to last week's fights with ksetispy that I couldn't get icons working on :) That's pretty freakishly cool.

Wow, trying to upgrade to KDE 3.2 involved a lot of upgrading. This is something that couldn't reasonably be done over plain modem; not a chance :) I could rant about KPackage bugs (GnoRPM saved the day) or go cross-eyed at how upgrading A means upgrading B and C and D and E at the same time (which distribution is it that has these sorts of issues figured out? :), but that was actually the smoothest part of the whole thing.

The extern errors, the config.h trouble for one library and the final g++ internal error six hours later is just spooky. I feel like I took my entire car apart to reupholster the interior and managed to get it almost put back together, but it won't start :)

If I succeed in my exploits (or if I wimp out and get a binary distribution! :), I'll let you know :)

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Journal Journal: Got engaged!

On December 23rd, in an interesting twist, my girlfriend of three years proposed to me.

I said yes :)

She gave me, as an engagement gift, a watermelon tourmaline, which is a gemstone I have loved ever since I had the Golden Guide to Rocks & Minerals as a child. Not only because it's pretty, but because of the wonderfully nerdy properties of pyroelectricity (develops a charge in response to heating) and piezoelectricity (develops a charge in response to pressure/rubbing).

No date set yet; we're going to sort out living arrangements and then see how poor we are, but we're looking at venues that mean something to the both of us. Top contenders are the Calgary Zoo (the conservatory is beautiful, and we've been taking our Master Gardener course there) and the Calgary Science Center (my sweetie is a science teacher, which makes that also appropriate).

Speaking of living arrangements, if anyone has any advice on what hardware (short of another computer) can be set up to let two computers run through a cable broadband connection (yes, we're allowed to do that :), it would be much appreciated!

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